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Lieutenant Nicholas Reece [Reece]

Name Nicholas Reece [Reece]

Position Infiltration Specialist

Second Position Academy Instructor - Intelligence Instructor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "A weak mind is the first loser."
Species Human
Age 32
Cabin Assignment Deck 20 -25 K-O

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 9"
Weight 295 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Cobalt blue
Physical Description Like his twin brother, Kyle, Nicolas is a walking wall, using his size as his first weapon against his enemies. Unlike his brother, however, he keeps his hair a little longer and is clean shaven.

He does carry numerous scars on his body, recieved while he was a captured prisoner of the ***CLASSIFIED***, while assisting the local resistance in gaining their freedom.


Spouse (In a committed relationship with Cassia Cavendish)
Children NA
Father Jackson Charles
Mother Emma Rose
Brother(s) Kyle (twin)

Liam (younger)
Sister(s) Alexandria (youngest)
Other Family William Charles (paternal grandfather)

Captain K'Tox (adopted Reman uncle)

Captain James Hurin (adopted cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Personality:
He is constantly watching those around him, listening to both what is and is not said. He is typically quiet until he gets to know someone.

He is deathly quiet. He feels that in a confrontation, the first one to utter a sound, usually loses. He will remain on the outside and continue to collect as much information that he can before engaging.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Doggedly persistent in the pursuit of his duties.
+Seems to have an indefatigable spirit
+Highly intelligent

-Finds it difficult to trust others
Ambitions When he first joined Starfleet, and later was brought into the Intelligence field, he didn't put much stock in planning for the future. Instead, he decided to live his life one day at a time, and remain in Starfleet until he is no longer wanted or needed.

Now, following several years in service, along with several dangerous undercover missions and recently being demoted, he has started to feel that he would like to find someone to start a family with.

The one person that he could picture doing so with, is Cassia Cavendish. During the first three years of their relationship, he started to see that she was the one for him. Unfortunately, he was pulled away from her side by operational orders.

Now, three years later, he is back by her side and has decided to never leave it again
Hobbies & Interests Reading, drawing, gathering Intel on everyone and everything.

He enjoys cooking, orbital skydiving, swimming and relaxing with family.

Character Background

Personal History His parents met while stationed at the Starfleet shipyards orbiting Luna. His father was a shuttle engineer and his mother was a nurse. After the couple wed, they left Starfleet and returned to his father's ancestral family home located on Long Island, Earth.

Once there, his father became a teacher and his mother started working at a local hospital. Soon after, Nicolas and his twin brother, Kyle, was born. Over the next three years, his other brother, Liam, and sister, Alexandria, were born as well.

Growing up, he experienced both happiness and love. His parents were loving, kind and attentive. He and his twin brother were inseperable. Where ever one went, the other was right behind.

Nicolas excelled in academics. While he could hold his own with his twin in physical prowess, he always seemed more comfortable with bookwork. In high school, he quickly became captain of the debate team. He won numerous scholastic awards and was even offered admittance into Oxford. Surprisingly, he declined the offer to join Starfleet.

During his first two years at the Academy, he constantly scored off the charts in his classes. Because of this, Starfleet Intelligence took notice of this up and coming cadet.

*CLASSIFIED!!* (His junior and senior years have been classified.)

Upon graduation, he was given orders to report to the USS Elysium and begin his duties as her new Infiltration Specialist.

After being on the Elysium for nearly two years, Nicholas recueved orders to participate in Operation Thunder, where he ***CLASSIFIED***ALL INFORMATION DETAILING OPERATION THUNDER HAS BEEN DESIGNATED CLASSIFIED. ONLY THOSE WITH DOUBLE BLACK ALPHA ONE ARE AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS IT. ***CLASSIFIED***

Following his debrief at SFHQ, Nicholas was assigned to the USS Ragnarök, as her new Chief Intelligence Officer. Shortly after arriving, he met a young woman, Lieutenant Cassia Cavendish, the Rök's Chief Flight Control Officer.

There was an immediate attraction between the two, however, Nicholas took his time, deciding to court Miss Cavendish properly.

Over the next three years, the couple dated exclusively, their relationship growing stronger and more intimate as time went on.

Unfortunately, the mission took him from their bed late one night in May of 2395. He wasn't allowed to even tell Cassia that he was reassigned. He did leave her a single rose, her favorite flower and a note stating he would always love her, on his pillow. He was then beamed away to take part in Operation Humanities.


Three years later, he was rescued by the USS Hood, a Galaxy Class Starship that was patrolling the ***CLASSIFIED*** System.

After seeing his deteriorated condition, the Hood's CO laid in a course directly for Earth, to get Nicholas back to Starfleet Medical as soon as possible. However, during the trip back, the Hood was intercepted by a ship operated by Starfleet Intelligence.

An agent beamed over and immediately pulled Nicholas out of Sickbay and into an interrogation room, down in the brig. The agent then began to interview and debrief Lieutenant Commander Reece.

During the debriefing, Nicholas was asked several questions that he refused to answer. When pressed, he said to do so would endanger the civilians of ***CLASSIFIED***.

The conversation grew heated and, in the end, Nicholas punched the agent, knocking him out cold. Later, after the agent regained his senses, he had Nicholas demoted to Lieutenant and put on a shuttle headed to the farthest listening post in the Federation, there to spend the rest of his career.

Thankfully, word got to Nicholas's family quickly and, while his demotion couldn't be overturned, he was rerouted to the nearest starship, which happened to be the USS Elysium. While there, he would have his injuries treated and he would report to the Intel Chief there, to preform whatever duties he/she decided to give him. In addition, as the Elysium had an Academy annex, he would teach a class on the Intelligence field to the cadets that were being trained there.

Little did he know, just how much awaited him aboard that ship.

Service Record 2385-2386: Freshman, Starfleet Academy

2386-2387: Sophomore, Starfleet Academy

2387-2389: *CLASSIFIED*

3 January 2390 - 24 December 2391: Assigned to USS Elysium as new Infiltration Specialist


7 April 2392 - 21 May 2395: Assigned, USS Ragnarök, Infiltration Specialist/Chief Intelligence Officer


26 August 2397 - 9 October 2397: Debrief at SFHQ, San Francisco, Earth. Demoted to Lieutenant

10 October 2397 - PRESENT: Assigned, USS Elysium, Infiltration specialist.
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon (High and Common), Breen, Nasican, Orion (Common), Pakled, some Ferengi and Bajoran
Academy Graduation Year 2389

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review While I am unable to ascertain the exact origin of his severe injuries, due to HQ's seemingly endless love for classifying things, I can say that Mister Reece has seemingly been through the Nine Levels of Hades.

He has burns to nearly fifty percent of his body, ranging from 1st to 3rd degree, there is evidence that he was whipped severely and repeatedly, possibly branded with what looks like the heated tip of a knife blade. There are several cuts that appeared to have been done with an actual bladed scalpel, but done with the singular purpose of causing him pain. There is also evidence, on his chest, arms and wrists, that he was tied down, possibly hung by his wrists at some point.

Internally, and here I find it amazing that he has survived his ordeal, whatever it was, there is evidence of electrocution, multiple broken and poorly healed bones, organ damage, internal lacerations, along with evidence that at one point, for a prolonged period, he was starved and severely dehydrated.

It is my professional opinion that, should Mister Reece decide to return to active duty, he will require months, if not years of reconstruction surgeries and rehabilitation. The fact that he walked into and out of my office, after seeing the extent of his injuries...well...I'll just say that I don't know how he did it.

Lt Cmdr Davina Forrestal
USS Hood
Allergies/Health Issues No known allergies. As for health issues, he will require constant medical attention, for possibly the next few years, to recover as much as posd8ble, from his injuries
Counseling Review After speaking briefly with Mister Reece, It is my honest medical opinion that he is suffering from severe PTSD. Though, from what event, he refuses to say, claiming the entire event has been deemed classified by Starfleet Intelligence.

Going forward, I strongly advise that Mister Reece seek more counseling.