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Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris

Name Gallia Diane Norris

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Might be time for percussive maintenance.
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5-6
Weight 135
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Gallia is an attractive human female of moderate build. She wears her red hair short and tends to dress in a cute tomboyish style when off duty. She has no tattoos of yet though she's designed and done many for friends. She's never without her favorite earrings; latinum studs with Klingon rubies inlaid.


Spouse Lt. Kara Hoffman, fiancee
Children Tayalas Norris-2 (Adopted)
Father Lt. Cdr. Charles Norris-deceased
Mother Anna Lyn Norris-deceased
Brother(s) Charles Sarek Norris- XO/CSO USS McKinley (Adopted Vulcan)
Sister(s) Dolana Norris- Marine Platoon CO (Adopted Andorian, Deceased)

Vaylana Norris- CMO USS McKinley (Sister in Law)
Other Family Many cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gallia is a fun woman with a dry sense of humor, her way of dealing with stress. She's recently had to become the mother to her niece, Tayalas, after her sister Dolana was murdered in front of her, but she's risen to the occasion nicely, proving to be a responsible mother. She's always looking to make friends, though she was a bit unlucky in love prior to coming aboard Elysium where she met and became engaged to a fellow Scot and fellow Engineer, Kara Jayce Hoffman.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Dedication to Duty, Family
+Sharp Mind (175 IQ)
+Very Adaptive

-Doesn't deal well with stress
-Panicky mother
-A little too blunt sometimes
Ambitions Gallia's main goal is the be a Chief Engineer somewhere and maybe follow her mother and father's footsteps and become a shipyard engineer and designer.
Hobbies & Interests Art
Medieval Combat, particularly Scottish
Mixed Martial Arts-She has 4 black belts

Character Background

Personal History Born to a pair of Starfleet engineering officers, Gallia is the youngest and only child of the pair, who believed themselves unable to reproduce on their own. As such she grew up with an adopted Vulcan brother and Andorian sister with whom she was very close. Her parents were killed in an accident at the Utopia Planetia fleetyards when Gallia was away at the Academy and she lost her sister earlier this year, becoming mother to her infant niece in the process. Having lost most of her family in the space of two years, Gallia still made it through the Academy, on time and in the top twenty percent of her class, walking at graduation with Tayalas on her hip.
Service Record This will be her first assignment out of the Academy, she's as green as green can be.
Languages Standard, Vulcan, Andorian

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Very healthy, if thin.
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review A little stressed out, but overall stable.