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Ambassador Natsuko Akayama [ADMIN NPC]

Name Natsuko Sereniti Akayama [ADMIN NPC]

Position Joint Fleet Command Member

Rank Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian Suspected
Age 1172

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Character Background

Personal History Born to an influential family in Toyama, Japan in approximately 1569, Natsuko was meant to be the perfect daughter, she was the second born child and the second eldest of 5. Her parents arranged a marriage with the son of another wealthy family, but before they could marry, war struck through the provinces of Japan. In 1587, Her family were caught in the crossfire and slaughtered. Her mother and sisters were raped as was she and they all were stabbed multiple times. Hours later, Natsuko opened her eyes and found the carnage of her family’s bodies. Panicked she ran for her fiancée’s house but found the same carnage there. Sickened she returned to her family house and packed her belongings. Knowing that the soldiers could return at any moment she left her home, taking her belongings and family treasures. They included, her father’s swords, her mother’s Kimono’s, the family’s money and jewelry. She hitched two of the family’s horses to a cart and loaded it. She left her family acres that night, fleeing in the midst of war and terror. She made her way to a small temple where she appealed for sanctuary. The temple guardians gave it and she lived there for many years.

It was during this time that, her lack of aging came to the fore. The guardians noted that she never aged. And thought she was a demon. Again, she fled in the night. She wondered if she would ever be left alone. She fled to the Tateyama mountains to the highest peak where there was a monastery of Buddhist priests. Since ancient times in Japan, mountains have been regarded as places where the gods lived, and even just 100 years ago, ordinary people still feared to venture very far into the mountains. Only those mountains which had been climbed and consecrated by early Buddhist priests were open for devout ascetics as pilgrimages. Tateyama Mountains in Toyama Prefecture, one of the Three Sacred Mountains in Japan along with Mt. Fuji (on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures) and Mt. Hakusan (Ishikawa Prefecture), comprise of steep 3,000-meter-class peaks soaring with dignity. Among them are Mt. Oyama, where a shrine was built in the 8th century on summit, and Mt. Tsurugidake (meaning "sword mountain") which, named after its sword-like sharp points, is popular with serious rock-climber in the modern world.

It would be later discovered that she was not a normal human. She was immortal. One could kill her but she would revive 3 hours later. SO PLEASE NO PUTTING HER IN COFFINS. She confessed everything to the head priest who realized that the young woman before him was no demon, but blessed by the gods. They took it on themselves to train her in the way of Kendo and samurai. She trained for nearly 100 years, toning her body and mind into the art of Kendo. She gained the title Samurai in 1678 but continued to train. In 1756, she left the monastery and returned to Toyama Prefecture. She brought her old family holdings and set up home there. She became a recluse for many years, hiring only those she trusted to be her contact with the outside world. As her home was far from the center of the city, she lived peacefully, occasionally leaving, faking her death and then staying away for 20 years or so. When world war 2 happened she was witness to the carnage in her country of origin. Angry at the callousness of the people in control of Japan, she went to university and studied politics in Tokyo. Pleased with her new found knowledge she set herself up as a political consultant and began to subtly mold the future of Japan. When the peoples of Earth began to explore the space, she was intrigued and went to Vulcan to study their culture. There she dabbled in sciences, history and interstellar politics.

For many years she traveled through the newly founded federation and worked with the people of it. With her education in Politics and Battle strategy she was always finding work. In 2353, she joined starfleet. She went to the academy but was given credit for her past and she only spent two years there. She graduated in 2355 and was sent to the USS Melbourne as a Diplomatic officer.

She took with her, her family sword, the sword collection, all of her family treasures. She still had her family home and she goes there every year on leave. After the Melbourne she was transferred to the USS Galaxy and then to the USS Cairo. When she got to the Cairo she was promoted to full Lieutenant and given the position of chief of Diplomatic Affairs. But the USS Cairo was not her cup-of tea and after a year there she was transferred to Starbase One as a plain diplomatic affairs officer. For two years she worked there, and then in 2370 she was transferred to the USS Harriman where she was Chief Diplomatic Affairs officer for 2 years. In 2372, President Jaresh-Inyo asked her to be his chief Diplomatic Aide for the duration of his presidency. He promoted her to Envoy and she was also a senior advisor to him during the four years.

After her four years as a presidential advisor, Natsuko was offered a job as professor in Diplomacy at Starfleet Academy. She took it and spent the next four years teaching. In 2380 she took an LOA for a year before returning to teaching for another three. In 2384, she was offered the Chief Federation Diplomat post on Freedom Station.

She moved from that station in 2386 and took a sabbatical for 4 years trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She spent four years on Earth relaxing and spending time working with diplomats at the Academy, but as an advisor not as a lecturer.

Then she resigned her commission and became a Civilian Advisor to the Academy officially.

After nearly five years, she was offered the role of Civilian Administrator on Langley Station.

Medical and Psychological Information