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Lieutenant JG Elijah Carmichael

Name Elijah 'Eli' Carmichael

Position Chief Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "Thanks for visiting sick bay, please come again soon!"
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 10"
Weight 75 Kgs
Hair Color Peacock (Blue and Green Highlights)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Eli possesses a captivating appearance that effortlessly draws attention. His well-defined jawline adds a touch of strength and determination to his overall countenance. His eyes, a mesmerizing almond shape, are accentuated by bushy eyebrows that lend a hint of mystery. At times, his long, wavy fringe gently drapes over his eyes, giving him an intriguing allure.

In his youthful complexion, not a single wrinkle mars his face, exuding an air of youthfulness and vitality. Yet, a subtle 5 O'clock shadow adds a dash of rugged charm to his otherwise pristine look. And when he smiles, his face lights up with the presence of charming dimples, further enhancing his fresh and lively expression.

His straight nose gracefully sits above a cupid's bow, and two thin lines gently traverse toward the curves of his full lips. A teardrop-shaped bottom lip line adds a touch of uniqueness to his handsome features. All of these elements come together harmoniously on his naturally tanned complexion, radiating warmth and confidence.

Eli's posture is a reflection of his well-educated and assured demeanor. His rounded shoulders stand back with pride, conveying a sense of self-assuredness. When donning his uniform, his gait exudes an air of pride and discipline, reminiscent of a military stance. However, he effortlessly transitions to a more relaxed and natural stride, showing his adaptability and ease.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Elijah Senior
Mother Everest
Brother(s) Angelo & Donatello

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eli comes from a family with a rich legacy of studying medicine, a heritage that has instilled in him a profound appreciation for knowledge and a commitment to serving others. Despite his well-educated background, Eli remains humble and never takes his upbringing for granted. Instead, he embraces his profession with a sincere desire to make a difference in people's lives.

Kind-hearted and empathic by nature, Eli possesses the ability to see the best in others, especially during their most challenging moments. He extends genuine care and understanding, offering a comforting presence that brings solace to those in need.

One of Eli's most admirable qualities is his inquisitive nature. He is not content with mere surface-level understanding; he actively seeks out knowledge, asking probing questions not only for his own growth but also to encourage those around him to introspect and broaden their perspectives. His intention is never to annoy or belittle others; rather, he strives to inspire critical thinking and help people grasp the implications of their actions for the greater good.

Although he dedicates himself to helping others achieve their aspirations, Eli sometimes neglects his own needs and ambitions. His selflessness and willingness to put others first are commendable, but it's important for him to remember that his dreams and goals are equally deserving of attention and pursuit.

In his altruistic endeavors, Eli embodies the true essence of a compassionate medical professional. Through his dedication, open-mindedness, and caring spirit, he leaves a positive impact on the lives of those he encounters, making him a beacon of hope and inspiration in the medical community.
Strengths & Weaknesses Eli's strengths lie in his medical expertise and exceptional interpersonal skills. As a medical professional, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that he compassionately applies to his work.

One of Eli's standout strengths is his natural ability to engage with strangers effortlessly. His empathetic nature enables him to connect deeply with people, making him a valuable asset in diplomatic relations and fostering strong relationships with his patients. Patients feel heard and understood under his care, which aids in the healing process and builds trust between them and their healthcare provider.

Beyond his medical prowess, Eli is both physically and mentally robust, demonstrating his athleticism. This resilience equips him to excel in demanding and ever-changing situations, whether on the ship or elsewhere. His adaptability allows him to confront challenges head-on and find effective solutions, ensuring the safety and well-being of those around him.

Eli's inquisitive nature is both a strength and a challenge. His ability to question everything reflects his dedication to understanding complex issues and seeking the truth. This trait drives innovation and improvement in his work, benefitting both patients and colleagues. However, not everyone appreciates such constant probing, and some individuals may find it difficult to tolerate. It is crucial for Eli to balance his curiosity with sensitivity and tact, ensuring that his questions are posed in a constructive and considerate manner.

Lastly, Eli's profound concern for others' safety and well-being is a commendable strength. However, it has also led him to put himself at risk at times. While his selflessness is noble, it's essential for him to strike a balance between helping others and taking care of his own safety. Understanding the boundaries of his responsibilities can allow him to be a more effective and sustainable advocate for others' safety.

Eli's strengths encompass a combination of medical expertise, interpersonal prowess, adaptability, and a quest for understanding. By channeling these strengths effectively, he can continue to excel in his profession while ensuring that his caring and inquisitive nature benefits those around him in the most positive and impactful ways.
Ambitions Eli's ambition is to establish his own medical school and is a true reflection of his lifelong commitment to the field of medicine and his desire to help others. Following a remarkable and fulfilling career in Starfleet, where he hopes to demonstrate his exceptional medical skills and leadership, Eli envisions a new chapter in his journey—one that will leave an enduring impact on the medical community.
Hobbies & Interests Eli's multifaceted personality adds depth and richness to his character, making him a fascinating individual on and off the Starfleet ship. Amidst the dynamic challenges of space exploration, he finds solace and inspiration in the pages of Earth's captivating history, especially when it comes to Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology. Delving into the tales of gods, heroes, and epic adventures, he discovers a timeless connection to the past, allowing him to reflect on the human experience and draw wisdom from the ancient wisdom.

Beyond the realms of literature, Eli channels his creativity through the vivid strokes of his paintbrush. An avid painter, he uses art as a form of expression, capturing the beauty and wonders he encounters during his voyages through the cosmos. Whether it's celestial bodies, uncharted planets, or breathtaking landscapes, his paintings become a visual testament to the awe-inspiring diversity of the universe.

Despite the challenges of space travel, Eli recognizes the importance of forging meaningful connections with his fellow crew members. Socializing with them not only fosters camaraderie but also helps maintain a sense of unity and purpose during their missions. With genuine interest and a warm demeanor, he engages in conversations with his colleagues, valuing the diverse perspectives and experiences they bring from their respective backgrounds.

In addition to socializing with his crew, Eli cherishes moments of quiet reflection, finding joy in moments of solitude where he can immerse himself in his passions. Whether it's getting lost in the captivating myths of ancient times or allowing the strokes of his paintbrush to create a tapestry of colors on canvas, these pursuits recharge his spirit and provide a much-needed balance amidst the bustling environment of interstellar exploration.

As his journey with Starfleet continues, Eli's insatiable curiosity and creative soul serve as anchors, guiding him through the vast expanse of space and offering a glimpse into the timeless wonders of human history and expression. Through his love for literature, art, and genuine connections with his crew, he not only enhances his own journey but also enriches the lives of those around him with the beauty and knowledge he embraces from Earth's past and the ever-expanding universe.

Character Background

Personal History Elijah's journey from a coastal town to becoming a skilled medical officer in Starfleet is a testament to his passion for healing, thirst for knowledge, and unwavering dedication to helping others.

Growing up in New Portsmouth with his siblings, Eli was exposed to the world of medicine at an early age through his father's practice. Alongside his brothers, he learned the ropes of healthcare, assisting his father and eventually developing a strong desire to become a doctor himself. Despite his interest in medicine, Eli's artistic soul also flourished during his childhood, excelling in painting and drawing, which became a cherished outlet for his creativity.

Throughout his school years, Eli struck a balance between academic excellence, social engagements, and his artistic pursuits. He remained focused on his dream of becoming a doctor, embracing every opportunity to deepen his understanding of medicine. His curious nature led him to explore subjects like Roman and Greek Mythology, which only fueled his intellectual hunger.

As he ventured away from New Portsmouth to attend college and medical university, Eli's enthusiasm for learning and asking questions became his trademark. His practical experience working with his father and through his apprenticeship gave him a unique perspective, making him stand out among his peers. As he pursued his MD degree, Eli's dedication and thirst for knowledge allowed him to thrive in the challenging academic environment.

It was during a humanitarian crisis on his planet that Eli's path intersected with Starfleet. Witnessing the devastating effects of an unknown bacterial infection, he saw the transformative impact that medical intervention could have on people's lives. Motivated by the opportunity to serve on a larger scale, Eli decided to join Starfleet as a medical officer.

At the Starfleet Academy, Eli found himself among an elite group of peers, but his humility and willingness to support others set him apart. Even as he faced formidable challenges, he remained committed to uplifting his classmates and prioritizing their accomplishments over his own. This altruistic approach earned him respect and admiration among his fellow cadets.

As a medical officer aboard the USS Mirama, Eli's skills were put to the test in various crisis situations, showcasing his ability to remain composed and focused under pressure. His exceptional performance during a volcanic eruption evacuation highlighted his resourcefulness and compassionate nature, ensuring the safety and well-being of trapped colonists.

Eli's dedication and talent did not go unnoticed, leading to a promotion and transfer to the USS Elysium, a high-profile ship. As his adventure continues in Starfleet, he brings with him the essence of a caring and skilled healer, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Elijah temporarily left the USS Elysium to attend an advanced medical training program on a specialized planet renowned for its cutting-edge medical techniques and research. The opportunity to enhance his medical expertise and learn from some of the galaxy's leading experts was too compelling to pass up. Although he deeply cherished his time aboard the USS Elysium, he saw this temporary departure as a chance to further hone his skills and contribute even more effectively to the well-being of those he served. The knowledge and experiences gained during this period would undoubtedly prove invaluable upon his return to the ship, enriching his capabilities as a medical officer and benefiting the crew and patients alike.

After completing his advanced medical training program, Elijah has returned to the USS Elysium with a renewed sense of purpose and an expanded repertoire of medical expertise. The time spent on the specialized planet deepened his understanding of innovative healing techniques and the latest medical advancements, making him an even more valuable asset to the ship's medical team.
Service Record Born - 2370
Collage & Clinical Apprenticeship - 2386
University & 1st Year Residency - 2388
Starfleet Academy (Medica) & 2 to 5-Year Residency - 2392
USS Mirama (Medical) & 6th Year Residency - 2396
USS Elysium (Medical) - 2397
Languages English, Small amounts of Klingon, Vulcan, Andorian & Tellarite
Academy Graduation Year 2396

Medical and Psychological Information