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Lieutenant JG Dunamis

Name Dunamis

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "We must act quickly."
Species Kelpien
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'9"
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Standing at a towering six feet and nine inches tall Dunamis is, for lack of a better description, your average lanky Kelpien male, if not for his eyes, which are a brilliant golden amber. When not on duty one will find him casually but neatly dressed; to him a Starfleet officer should look the part even in his downtime, that is, looking well kept and put together.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Arandatar (presumed dead)
Mother Savali (presumed dead)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Various younger cousins of varying gender and species - the latter are his cousins' significant others.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dunamis is never not thinking. At times he comes off stoic, sometimes a little bit logical, not quite Vulcanlike but getting there, in a sense, though he really doesn't mean to. He may not vocalize everything that goes through his head, but really, a lot goes on in his head at all times. Perhaps it is a leftover habit from being a chess player, perhaps it comes from his childhood spent mostly with his head buried in books; Dune has plenty of thoughts, looking around him, studying all the variables at play and forming his own analysis as to what to do next in all situations. A chess player does not clearly show his opponent that he is finding difficulty with the game in front of him and Dune has learned to do that almost to a habit - even in regular life, free of the dangers that sometimes come with his job. Does this mean that he never shows emotions or puts on a constant bluff to keep himself safe? No, not really. He smiles plenty, one can see at a glance when he is unhappy or displeased about something and even in the absence of the latter two one can hear it in the tenor of his voice though he tries to keep it even.

Making friends has never really been easy for him; not that it bothers him excessively. The few friends he has he keeps close to his heart though the distance between them may be vast. One wonders if he spends way too much time in his head, thinking and working efficiently through his day sometimes to properly notice that the world around him is rich and full of others willing to connect to him and come into his life in a meaningful fashion. Picking up on romantic or other such overtures is unfortunately not his strong suit as a result.

Strengths & Weaknesses + Decisive
+ Confident
+ Has most of his expertise at his fingertips at all times

- Tends to overwork.
- Somewhat socially awkward.
- Occasionally suffers from impostor's syndrome.
Ambitions * Captain his own vessel someday... whenever that is.

* Start his own family on said vessel.

* Find out what happened to his parents.
Hobbies & Interests * Cooking

* Reading, especially poetry. He'll even indulge in the occasional racy book or cheap romance novel, though he'll never admit this to anyone.

* Chess. He plays competitively and has been doing so since he was a teenager.

Character Background

Personal History Dunamis was born off world, on the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Riposte. His mother and father were a pair of enlisted Engineering personnel who married on Kaminar before beginning their service. Growing up, Dunamis was the tallest child in his kindergarten class aboard the Riposte. The other relatively normal-sized children would all look at him and maintain some distance, visibly afraid of him. As a result, he would grow up with a sort of social awkwardness and distrust, believing that everyone feared him because of his relatively imposing appearance, for a child, anyway. His parents, however, treated him quite the opposite way. Like all parents, they tried hard to give him more opportunities to succeed, such as enrolling him in self-defense courses taught on board, along with courses in engineering skills and other activities such as chess. While he didn’t have much engineering or scientific aptitude, Dunamis quickly found that he had an unusual aptitude for anything that required him to think strategically, and his physical strength and speed made his ventures into martial arts and self defense that much easier.
He slowly earned himself recognition among the ship’s crew, being one of the best and youngest chess players on board. At 15, he entered the ship’s chess tournament and came second, defeated by the ship’s First Officer, who himself was an accomplished chess player in his free time.

His Academy days were relatively uneventful. He did manage to make a few friends in his four years, but did not grow particularly close to anyone, not enough to form anything deeper than simple friendship, anyway. Practically the only interesting event in his Academy life would be undergoing vahar’ai during his final year tactical strategies written test, causing him to be carried out of the examination hall with his PADD speared through with his nails. Thankfully, he was allowed to retake the examination and passed by a handsome margin. He graduated just shy of earning a magna cum laude certification. Only his aunt attended the graduation - his parents and the Riposte had been declared missing a year earlier and she'd felt that it was best that he not be told for fear of disrupting his studies.

Straight out of the Academy he was assigned to the USS Babylonia, an exploratory vessel assigned to map the Elturun star system. Having served there for five years he was then transferred to the USS Elysium.
Service Record USS Babylonia - 2392-2397
Languages Federation Standard, Kelpien, Andorian (fluency lacking)
Academy Graduation Year 2392

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Dunamis is in excellent health for a male of his species his age.
Allergies/Health Issues N/A
Counseling Review Despite having trouble with making friends in the past and the occasional bout of impostor's syndrome Dunamis is perfectly fit for duty.