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Lieutenant Kurt "Berlin" Vogel

Name Kurt "Berlin" Wilhelm Vogel

Position Group Commander

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Live in fame, or go down in flame
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5"11" (1.81M)
Weight 201 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Pointed chin. Thinning hair. Lines forming at his mouth, eyes, and brow. Straight nose of narrow width. Average torso, but strong legs, like a runner. Usually stands very straight. Voice is soft, with a crisp accent speaking of Germanic ancestry. Rarely seen without his leather flying jacket.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Georg Michael Vogel
Mother Sara Harriet Vogel (nee Richter)
Brother(s) Helmut Denis Vogel - 40, Merchant
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Tomas Viktor Vogel - KIA, Dominion War

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kurt tries to remain soft spoken, and his emotions in check. He is acutely aware of and concerned with how others view him and their opinions of himself and his men. He tries to persuade rather than order, and attempts to balance his personal scales between being too harsh a trainer, and too lax a leader. With his friends and peers, he is warm, jovial, and likes a good pun. To female crew members, he can be quiet, even shy, especially if he finds them attractive.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Well versed in flight operations
-Less versed in starship operations
+/- Can act on instinct
-Hard time admitting he is wrong
Ambitions To rise as far within the Fighter Corps as possible
Hobbies & Interests - Music
- Karaoke
- Racquet sports
- Baseball
- History

Character Background

Personal History "Vogel" means 'bird' in German, and Kurt lived up his name from an early age. Born on New Berlin, Luna Colony in 2359, he was always fascinated by flight. From the moment he was old enough, he joined the local glider club and spent most weekends down on Earth soaring through the sky.

He was never a fan of schooling but performed well enough to receive an opportunity to compete for a slot at Starfleet Academy. Once through the initial training of "beast Barracks", he promptly volunteered for the Starfighter Corps. Kurt excelled at flying and the physical fitness portions, but struggled with advanced math, nearly having to repeat his spatial trigonometry in his Junior Year. His temper also got him into trouble, and he was see many times "walking off" his demerit hours in the quad.

While at the Academy, Vogel earned his call sign, "Berlin". While it might seem a lazy nickname based on his German ancestry, it was actually earned because he forgot to fully turn off the trainer shuttle's engines on a competitive docking run. In his rush to post a credible time, the shuttle drifted into the hanger wall. The NCO instructor gently mocked him by saying "You must've thought that was the Berlin Wall, Cadet!" and it stuck.

Kurt graduated from the Academy, 119th out of 333 that year. His initial service, at his parents practical begging, was with the Starfleet Reserves, which functioned in practical purposes as the Earth Defense Force. As such, it was much more militarized than its Active counterpart; protocol, drill and ceremony, all were ingrained into Kurt, and it has stayed with him ever since.

Wanting to further his career with the faster promotion rates in the Active Starfighter Corps, Vogel, with the eventual blessing of his parents, transferred to Active Duty after four years of Reserve time. His service saw him move between various ships and outposts before settling on the Elysium.
Service Record 2377 - Enters Starfleet Academy
2381 - Graduates Starfleet Academy. Promoted to Ensign. Assigned to Starfleet Reserves, USS Einstein as Fighter pilot
2385 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, transferred to Starbase 1 as Assistant Flight Leader, B Flight, 2nd Squadron, 1st Fighter Group.
2385 - Requests and is approved transfer to Active Duty. Assigned to USS Trieste as Assistant Flight Leader, C Flight, 3rd Squadron, 87th Fighter Group
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant. Transferred to USS Mercury as Flight Leader, A Flight, 1st Squadron, 555th Fighter Group
2390 - Assigned as Group Assistant Operations Officer, USS Mercury
2391 - Transferred to Starbase 29. Assigned as Squadron Executive Officer, 1st Squadron, 99th Fighter Group
2393 - Assigned as Group Operations Officer, Starbase 29
2395 - Transferred to USS Glasgow. Assigned as Squadron Leader, 1st Squadron, 71st Fighter Group
2397 - Transferred to USS Elysium
Languages Fluent - English, German
Conversational - French, Spanish, Klingon
Mild - Vulcan, Romulon, Andorian
Academy Graduation Year 2377 - 119 of 333

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Fit for duty
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Irrational dislike for Jem hadar, whome he blames for the death of his uncle during the Dominion War