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Lieutenant J'airesh Mora-Heath

Name J'airesh Mora-Heath

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender female
Character Quote It'll all come out in the wash
Species Human/Bajoran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color Deep Copper
Eye Color Emerald/Hazel
Physical Description J'airesh has long deep-copper coloured hair and emerald eyes with amber flecks giving an overall "Hazel" effect. She has soft low Bajoran ridges at the bridge of her nose.


Spouse divorced
Children none
Father Mora, Villa
Mother Sienna Mora-Heath
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) one older half-sister on Bajor who J'airesh doesn't know about.
Other Family Maternal Grandfather: Captain George Andrew Heath - Retired Starship CO
Maternal Grandmother: Jhivillie-Marie Gordon-Heath - deceased - 5 yrs ago

Personality & Traits

General Overview With a bright, sunny disposition, J’airesh smiles readily and to her, life is a cup half full. She cares deeply and can be emotional if overcome or deeply moved. She retains her childlike sense of fun and has a rather mischievous sense of humour but her Starfleet training is usually enough of an inner-parent to guide her out of trouble. Some of her natural enthusiasm is a bit 'bruised' of late due to a very difficult ending to an important relationship but she's courageous and optimistic under it all and will 'bounce back'.
Strengths & Weaknesses J’airesh’s strengths include her basic serenity, her deep emotional compassion and protectiveness and her dedication to helping anyone in need. She is slow to rise to anger but can be fiery if pushed too far, in particular in defence of someone she cares about or someone vulnerable, like her patients.

She has perfected the doctors' impenetrable mask expression and can keep her feelings to herself well when necessary and is an eminent surgeon, renowned and awarded for her inspired research work.

Her weaknesses include the way her ability to overview and see lots of points of view, which in itself is also a strength, but which can result in a tendency to indecision due to seeing too many options and possible consequences to choose between. She also has a history of having been gullible in where she gives her heart and much too quick to fall for the wrong types, becoming isolated and reluctant to allow anyone close again when the inevitable break-ups happened.
Ambitions Ambitions: J’airesh came to life in Starfleet with the only ambition that it would offer her an opportunity to progress professionally by expanding her medical experience working with a wider range of races and species and more diverse ‘community’ medicine.

Her Research Work has lit a fire in her and she is keen to continue and improve on this as she goes along.
Hobbies & Interests J’airesh is good at hover-hockey and 3D chess and she loves music of all genres. She has a passable singing voice and learned to play piano and Bass Saxophone from an early age. She also learned to ride Terran horses when young and it has remained a great joy to her ever since.

She loves to read and has a veritable library stored in her grandfather’s home on Earth which she someday hopes to have in a home of her own

Character Background

Personal History J’airesh was born to a Terran mother by a Bajoran father who died when she was 6. Her mother returned to Earth to her family who helped to raise J’airesh and consequently her Bajoran roots had largely faded into her past.

As a teenager she attempted to do some research into her father's past but her maternal Grandfather was a Starfleet Admiral (now retired) and was bent on her going to the Starfleet Academy. J’airesh had no objection on condition that she could specialise in Medicine for which she had shown an aptitude at college, and as such she was too absorbed in her career and studies to take a long intended trip to Bajor until she was in her late 20s.

She has not yet discovered that she has an older half-sister who lived on Bajor with her own respective mother until the latter lady had died and then her daughter, J’airesh’s sister, Rai, also moved away consequently J’airesh still currently believes she is an only child.

Service Record J’airesh did most of her medical training at Starfleet's Cochran University Hospital in New San Francisco on Earth, and went on to spend her Registrar years in situ.
She then served on the USS Rennaisance, a Galaxy Class ship with a large medical section where she was encouraged to undertake a research project as part of her specialty. She chose genetics and was awarded the 2373 Pallanski Prize for Most Promising Newcomer.
Once fully qualified as a Ship's Surgeon at the age of 28, J’airesh took a year's secondment to finally visit Bajor, where she practiced in the Ilivian Medical Complex. Whilst there, she found herself very busy with long work hours and didn’t actually manage to find any of her father’s relatives during her few and far between explorations out of the complex in search of clues. She felt she hadn’t really tried hard enough, being so distracted by her work to which she was passionately devoted, so she resolved to return in the future.
Knowing that, with the agreed time had now elapsed, J’airesh was under obligation to return to active Starfleet duty, she chose to rejoin at Starbase DS9 as it was close to Bajor and in theory would hopefully allow her to continue to explore more about her father’s home planet and learn more about the culture there.
However, once again, J’airesh became engrossed in her work and in time she was promoted. She also became engaged to a fellow officer which kept her in an exciting and apparently ‘perfect’ situation but one year into the relationship she came off duty unexpectedly early and found her betrothed in their joint quarters, in bed with J’airesh’s supposed best friend.
Since that shock J’airesh has found it difficult to trust and remains lonely and cautious with a large degree less of her former characteristic sunny outgoing nature.
J’airesh is applying for the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer on USS Elysium because she sees it as an exciting new challenge to return to Starship life again and she hopes that it will offer her an opportunity to progress professionally (as the first Starship in her career had done so successfully) but also a chance to leave the whole Starbase/betrayal experience far behind in both physical and emotional senses.
Languages Federation Standard, Bajoran and some local Terran "European" languages such as English German, French & Spanish
Academy Graduation Year 2373

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Fit & Healthy with strength built up by hiking, climbing and horseback riding.
Allergies/Health Issues none
Counseling Review A little deflated by a broken engagement with accompanying loss of expectations and plans, but overall balance is on the mend.