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Lieutenant JG Sylvestor Shelton

Name Sylvestor Shelton

Position Exobiologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote My, my, my.... what have we here?
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 78 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Shelton has a athletic body. His hair is typically cut short and his distinctive feature appears on his face: slightly "thicker than normal" eyebrows.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Donald Shelton (Coach)
Mother Elaine Shelton (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Commander Cletus Jones IX

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shelton is very easy to get along with. At an early age, he had a particular knack for getting himself into and out of social situations with relative ease. The impact of the loss of his mother molded a bit more of a conservative approach to friendship. He still is easy to get along with, but those that he counts as true friends can most likely be counted on one human hand. Everyone else is a unique blend of acquaintances and colleagues, most of whom he has a positive relationship with, but all of whom are alas nothing more than acquaintances and colleagues.
Strengths & Weaknesses When it comes to both his work and life in general, Shelton has a very imaginative and open-minded outlook. He likes to search for the deeper meaning of life and all facets surrounding it. He tends to start at face value and methodically proceed toward a logical outcome, even if the idea behind the processes is illogical. He enjoys finding closure, though isn’t bothered when it takes a long time.

While this serves him well as a scientist, there are certain intricacies in the realm of his social life that this mentality doesn’t always serve well. For instance, not everyone has the need for closure nor do they follow a specific methodical path (towards anything). He doesn’t allow this to affect how he treats people, but at times he can’t subconsciously cope with it, which leads to the possibility of a little social head butting.

Shelton does not like to resort to violence since he believes there is a peaceable way to solve all problems. With that said, he’s not so naive to think that there will always be peace. Sometimes compromise loses out or the cost is too high.
Ambitions Most Starfleet Officers always bawk about how much they want to be in the center chair and if the right command were offered to him, he’d certainly consider it, but Shelton’s true aspirations lie in discovery. He loves the idea of exploring new planets and seeing what the galaxy has to offer. He’d go off onto an exploratory vessel in a heartbeat.
Hobbies & Interests One of the uniques aspects of Shelton’s life is that he gets to do what he loves as a day job. He actually has fun performing all of his experiments and doing his research. That’s not to say there aren’t a few extra-curricular activities he participates in. He enjoys a good murder-mystery holonovel and learning about the histories (particularly ancient histories) of other planets.

Character Background

Personal History Shelton was born in a small town in Wisconsin to Milton and Diana Shelton, a pair of schoolteachers. His father, known to most as “Coach,” was also a varsity Baseball coach at the school his mother taught at. Suffice it to say, Shelton, from a very early age, was exposed to a wide array of extra curricular activities. His parents made sure that he had every opportunity, both academic and social, to develop his interpersonal skills and make bonds with other people.

As a primary age child, Shelton played baseball and soccer as well as learned wilderness survival training. Though he enjoyed all of them, Shelton’s particular interest led him to a unique fascination with the environment. It wasn’t an academic fascination, it was more of a spiritual fascination. A one with nature concept. He spent as much time as he could in the outdoors, even at the expense of his homework. Of course, his parents reined him in on the homework part.

Things got a lot more intense for Shelton as he went into adolescence. His mother developed a rare blood disorder that slowly killed her over a period of three years. Shelton was fifteen when she died. His father did what he could to keep everything together. The first six months he was strong, keeping life together as best he could for Shelton, but it was not long until depression took hold. The loss took such a toll on his father that he sent Shelton to live with his maternal grandfather, a Starfleet Engineer.

Though only with him for two years of “growing up,” Shelton’s grandfather helped him through the loss of his mother and how to cope with his father’s issues as well. His grandfather pushed him academically as well, though he had a much different idea in mind. When the day came to tell him, Shelton’s grandfather discussed the possibility of joining Starfleet. It was something that really had not occurred to Shelton, but he gave it serious thought, if only because of what his grandfather meant to him. He did have a rather illustrious career as an engineer. Shelton just wasn’t the engineering type. That said, Starfleet did have a certain appeal to it, with all the adventures he would be a part of. When he came of age, Shelton took the entrance exams and was admitted to Starfleet Academy, where he would turn his old hobby of wilderness survival into…well… a day job.
Service Record 2389-2393 - Starfleet Academy
2393-2397 - Starbase 442, Exobiologist
2397 - Transferred to USS Elysium, Exobiologist
Languages Federation Standard
A smattering of phrases from multiple languages, including Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, and many others
Academy Graduation Year 2393

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Shelton has had multiple broken bones, but nothing that hasn't been fixed by modern medicine. No major illness.
Allergies/Health Issues No health issues present.
Counseling Review The loss of his mother had a profound impact on his emotional state, though through counseling efforts, Shelton was able to move passed that. He still struggles with a feeling of abandonment from his father from time to time.