Lieutenant JG Anya Xai

Name Anya Xai

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "Everyone's here... Me... Myself... and I"
Species Joined Trill
Age Host: 26 Symbiont: 374

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Blonde, Long
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Anya Xai is a recently joined trill. Very recently. While she maintains a modestly healthy body, she is very much in the process of meshing with her symbiont. Often she wears a starfleet science uniform while on duty and has a professional demeanor. She keeps her emotions on the inside. She is still adjusting to the physiological changes of being a joined trill.


Spouse Kaylon Xai (Deceased)
Father Torkan Veigh
Mother Anise Veigh
Brother(s) Cerlan Veigh
Sister(s) Asteria Veigh

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anya is a very outgoing and cheerful person, but her personality is still in transition from Anya Veigh to Anya Xai. She is smart, but arrogant. And she’s spent years ‘climbing the ladder’ her sight obsessively focused on a certain chair on the bridge. She is stubborn and argumentative, believing she is right . And that has lead at times to disciplinary issues in her career. However, Xai’s experiences have begun to temper her ambition. She values her symbiont because she now carries a piece of her husband within herself. She is also quite flirtatious.
Strengths & Weaknesses Anya is brilliant, ambitious, and energetic. She is also quite ambitious, her eyes set on the center chair, and she’ll do what is needed to secure it. However her recent joining has put life into perspective for her, and in essence, she is still quite ‘in love with herself,’ literally. Having not only her husband’s memories, but also meshing with them, it has introduced personality anomalies as she meshes with Xai that the Counselors will have to sort out. She is quite the flirt though.

Unfortunatly, Anya is internally grieving. True she has her husband's memories, but at the same time... She is her husband in a strange relationship that involves grief and love of both herself and someone else. She's become a bit withdrawn and sullen, but at the same time, happy and contented.
Ambitions Command, The Center Chair, She wants to be a captain from the science track, and she wants to prove that a teal shirt can command.
Hobbies & Interests Talking to herself, flirting, science, and holodecks

Character Background

Personal History Anya Xai is a newly joined Trill that has yet to fully mesh with her symbiont. She was created by the joining of two childhood friends that have been with each other all through her life. Literally the Veigh and Tal Families stood door to door.

Both Anya and Kaylon Tal went to Starfleet Academy with each other in the same year and even announced their engagement after graduation from the academy. They would not always serve on the same posts.

It was only when they reached the rank of Lieutenant for Kaylon Tal and Lieutenant for Anya Tal that Kaylon was selected for the Joining by the Trill Symbiosis Commission. Anya realized that this was something Kaylon wanted. Anya was always scared about losing Kaylon to Symbiosis, even during the times they were serving on different ships, Anya was frightened that one day she’d received a letter she did not want to get. That the man who she grew up with, who she played with each day, would not be coming home, So she reluctantly supported Kaylon in symbiosis. This turned out to be the best decision she’d ever make, and one that would try their relationship.

Unfortunately, Kaylon and Anya had to keep their relationship secret when he joined. Because according to the Commission, joining was a new life. Any marriage or any other association was annulled. This would lead to unparalleled tension between them, but also a growing interest in Anya that the Symbiosis Commission was controlling the lives of the hosts and the symbionts. By telling them who they may love, and who they may not. Anya wanted Kaylon to defy all of the commission’s unwritten rules. Kaylon agreed. The Xai Symbiont was critical of the symbiosis commission for centuries, and he viewed them as an agenda.

It was then that Kaylon publicly declared that he was seeking asylum from the United Federation of Planets over the issue of the Symbiosis Commission’s disapproval of Anya’s ongoing relationship with Kaylon. Kaylon argued that the Federation gave him the right to love whom he pleased, but the commission argued that the prime directive required Federation Citizens to respect the Symbiosis Commission's decisions. The Legalities between this was ongoing by the time Kaylon and Anya disappeared with the USS Elysium.

During the evacuation, Kaylon was severely wounded, and Anya would stay with him. The discussion began to circulate along the medical staff as to who would take Kaylon’s Symbiont. Anya immediately volunteered. Citing they’d never find a better personality match for Xai than her. And if they were fated to pass, she would pass with Kaylon.
Service Record Starfleet Academy

USS Farragut
Science Officer

USS Courageous
Asst. Chief of Science.

USS Elysium
Assistant Chief of Science (Understudy to Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar.)
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Latin.

Medical and Psychological Information