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Teevs Dosivi

Name Teevs Dosivi

Position Galactic Wanderer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Lonia
Age 13 autka (46 earth years)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0
Weight 130 bls
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description While not muscular, Teevs is strong since he has to haul his cargo. He has a soft, v-shaped ridge on his forehead and his dark hair has a loose wave to it. There is a scar running across his right forearm, and a more detailed inspection of his body would reveal similar battle scars. His species doesn't grow facial hair, but their arms do, so he has distinctly hairy arms and keeps them well groomed.


Spouse Saphse (DECEASED)
Children Kerilia - 4 autka (14 Earth years)
Father Haspov - Engineer, Niea IV
Mother Jelmia - Geologist, Niea IV
Other Family Several brothers and sisters

Personality & Traits

General Overview Teevs is quite social. He maintains a welcoming aura to encourage conversation and wouldn’t turn down an invitation. There’s something fascinating about learning where others come from and how they view the galaxy. He’s somewhat sheepish with acknowledgement and praise. As one who enjoys getting his hands dirty, Teevs can find an opportunity to bond over something as small as the shared struggle of replacing components. He generally just likes being helpful. He is slightly reserved when it comes to family matters, but generally doesn't mind sharing his story.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

He is knowledgeable about the sector, including trading posts, political boundaries, and raw mineral resources. He also has a decent collection of star maps. This allows him to be fairly diplomatic, and he can generally talk his way through something.

While not a fighter, his experience during the Bedia War gave him some basic knowledge of self defense and planning skills.

As one raised by scientists, he is analytical and often has a structured way of doing things. This makes him quite organized.


Teevs can be possessive. He doesn't like his things being touched. He spent a lot of time organizing and would hate to see his efforts go to waste.

He is highly protective of his daughter, who carries his bloodline according to Lonia culture. Rules be damned, he will do whatever he must to protect her.

Fear of the Nelorin, a species in the sector that’s known to bully to get what they want.
Ambitions Above all else, make sure Kerilia has the best childhood he can offer. He knows that it’s difficult living on a cargo ship, and he takes the time to make sure she isn’t stuck on a ship all the time, but after the political shift on his homeworld, he didn’t want her to grow up in what Lonia society had become.

As he strives to discover, he hopes to come across a new geologic feature nobody has ever seen before.
Hobbies & Interests Teevs loves to collect rocks. His passion is geology, and could talk your ear off about formations and geologic evolution. He has a stack of datapads with books on geologic features and mineral resources across the sector, and more often than not will probably have a rock in his pocket.

In a way, learning languages is also a hobby he’s adopted. It helped reduce conflict during trade agreements with others. If he knows he’s going to interact with someone in advance, he takes the time to learn a little about the species’ culture and language.

Character Background

Personal History Teevs was born and raised in the Jekasp region of Niea III, one of the smaller parts of the supercontinent in the east that serves as a passage between forested communities and coastal destinations. It was also directly adjacent to former Kavai territory, access to which was prohibited. Every child knew to not enter the grounds, as it was rumored that some Kavai still lived there and would kill anyone they saw enter the lands given to them. He grew up watching his parents work and occasionally helping them, and as a result he did exceptionally well in geoengineering in school.

Near the end of his preliminary education, talk of a war was looming as political tensions between the Kavai and the Lonia grew, and by the time he finished his education, the Lonia military recruited him for what would become the Bedia War. He was trained to use weapons, despite his outward distaste for violence, and was herded onto a ship with other Lonia, some of which were his classmates. They travelled to what’s translated as Beacon Point, a rogue asteroid that orbits between Niea IV and V that the Lonia set their beacon on. He was in space for about 3 years to fight this war, and went back home after Beacon Point was destroyed. Many of his friends died during the war, sending him into a depression for a couple of years as he tried to find his sense of worth.

To get out of his depressive slump, Teevs began helping his mother with her work. He began to appreciate what she did, studying another form of history, and it intrigued him to see what he learned from his history lessons present in the geologic record, like signs of the second off-gassing event. He fell in love with the field, even more so when he could apply his knowledge to his father’s field, and happily settled into a geoengineering expertise.

He met Saphse as part of a research expedition. She was representing contractors wanting to develop a new trading port on the westernmost peninsula of the supercontinent, and a group of geoengineers were called in to make sure the steep cliffs were stable enough to build landing pads. They connected during their expedition, and afterwards she invited him for a meal. They kept in touch, working on other projects together, and eventually they began dating. After about four years of dating, Teevs took her to his favorite place on Niea IV, the Equatorial Range, where he asked if she would accept him as her life partner. She accepted, and the two underwent the Lonia’s union ceremony.

With the shifting political scene on Niea IV, Teevs asked Saphse if she would be interested in travelling beyond their star system, maybe get word out to increase trading. Saphse was initially hesitant because she didn’t like the idea of building a family in space, but eventually agreed. The two purchased a small cargo ship and set off beyond Thilia. Their relationship continued to develop as they explored: Teevs would use his geology and engineering background to find items of interest, and Saphse would use her diplomatic side to make trade deals. Roughly a year after they left Niea IV, Saphse brought Kerilia into the world, and the cargo ship underwent a bit of restructuring to accommodate their new passenger.

About 6 years after Teevs and Saphse left Niea IV, their cargo ship was ambushed by the Nelorin. They were docked for a trade, and when they returned they had found their cargo ship ransacked, crates and items everywhere. Both were worried for Kerilia, who they had left on board during the trade, and found her in the arms of four Nelorin. Saphse used her diplomatic skills to convince the Nelorin to take her instead of the child, to her spouse’s protests. The Nelorin miraculously agreed to the trade, but when they exited the cargo ship, they ended up killing Saphse before fleeing. That moment scared Teevs more than watching his classmates die during the Bedia War.

After Saphse’s death, Teevs nearly gave up. She was everything to him. He couldn’t leave young Kerilia, however, and found what little perseverance he had left to keep going, for her sake. They briefly returned to Niea IV to deliver the bad news to Saphse’s family and to have a proper celebration of life, but Teevs found himself returning to space after he saw the political turmoil plaguing the planet. Teevs tried to be a good father to his child, making sure she had plenty of time to be a kid, but it was tough with the absence of a mother figure. When Kerilia was roughly 12 Earth years old, she started expressing interest in helping her father, and the two have been exploring the galaxy since.
Languages Lonia, several other sector languages

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review 4 fingers
Allergies/Health Issues Highly allergic to citrus