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Kerilia Dosivi

Name Kerilia Dosivi

Position Crew Family

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Lonia
Age 4 autka (14 Earth years)

Physical Appearance

Height 4'9
Weight 100 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Green/brown
Physical Description Kerilia isn't strong like her dad and her body reflects that. She's of a healthy size, and she's active, but she's just not very strong. She hasn't reached puberty yet, so she lacks the forehead ridge her father has. Her hair is just longer than chin length and has a slight wave to it. She has a scar on her right side from when she was nearly abducted.


Father Teevs Dosivi
Mother Saphse (DECEASED)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She's shy when it comes to meeting new people, often letting her father lead the conversation and chiming in when she felt comfortable. When one gets past the shy stage, Kerilia will open up more and show her teenage enthusiasm. She’s curious and always wanting to learn more, and she's quick to catch on to her surroundings. When nervous or overwhelmed, she tends to shut down as a defense mechanism.
Ambitions Learn stuff, be a kid, eat sweets.
Hobbies & Interests Keri enjoys reading because it lets her mind wander.

Once she discovers the holodeck, she will love going on adventures in them.

Character Background

Personal History Kerilia was born on the cargo vessel Spheia to Saphse and Teevs. To her, collecting cargo and meeting new people to trade those goods was a way of life, it was all she ever knew. When she was younger, she loved meeting new people, and enjoyed bringing a smile to their faces.

When Kerilia was five Earth years old (about a year after her first autka), she was left on the Spheia to play when four unfamiliar beings entered the cargo ship. Her usual bubbly self greeted them and informed them that if they wanted to do a trade, to wait for her parents to return, but they didn’t listen and instead started rummaging through the items in the cargo hold. Kerilia knew something was wrong and ran to alert her parents, but one of the intruders caught her and prevented her from doing so. She of course tried to get away, but she was too small and ended up just trying to kick the intruders. When Teevs and Saphse returned to the ship, they were met with a Nelorin holding a crying Kerilia. The young Lonia was too young to understand what happened, but she was released and she ran into her father’s arms. Her father then screamed, and Kerilia saw her mother collapse and the Nelorin intruders run off. Both Teevs and Kerilia tried to save Saphse, but too much blood had been lost.

That day haunted Kerilia. To her, it was a reminder to not be so trusting of others, and for several months after the incident, she could hardly sleep, reliving her mother’s death whenever she closed her eyes. She became more reclusive, keeping to herself and shying behind her father, the only one she truly trusted. It took a while for Teevs and Kerilia to adjust to life without Saphse, but eventually they found a new normal. As Kerilia grew, she began to recognize when her father was being strong for her, but she could also see the toll of the trading business. After her third autka (11 Earth years) she began trying to help Teevs, but he insisted that she still needed to be a kid. It took just over a year for her to finally convince him to let her help, and she began taking on smaller tasks, like taking inventory, and she eventually moved up to learning ship functions. She liked using the scanners and Teevs let her take over the job, since it made her happy.
Languages Lonia

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review 5 fingers
Allergies/Health Issues Highly allergic to citrus