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Lieutenant JG Dr. Anna-Lee McEntyre

Name Dr. Anna-Lee McEntyre Ph.D

Position Software Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "They should had wrote a better program for this"
Species Caitian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown Hair, Brown/Grey fur
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A short Caitian of Brown/Grey Fur, Long Thick Tail, and Long Brown Hair. She tends to be skittish and sometimes appears dishevaled from lack of sleep, fueled by caffeine.


Spouse None
Children none, yet
Father Lewis McEntyre
Mother Reva McEntyre
Brother(s) Dr. J.R. McEntyre M.D - ACMO U.S.S. Columbia

Personality & Traits

General Overview A very curious child, Anna-Lee grew up on a ranch where she tended to spend her time hacking into farm equipment or staying cooped up in the loft of their family's barn, working on hardware and software coding. She was a naturally shy child, preferring it in the hayloft where she could indulge in her tinkering and reading without anyone bothering her. This led to some social development issues and a tendency to isolate herself without realizing it. People will tend to find her curled up, working on coding through holographic interfaces, surrounded by cans of Red Bull, not really keeping track of time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Believes passionately in her work
Possesses a natural curiousity and questioning mind

Allergic to Retinax V, Requires Glasses
Caffeine addiction from long cram sessions and coding work
tends to get a little...skittish, can lose track of days being involved in her work
Ambitions Perfecting the next generation of computer software, innovating the federation's computer prowless
Hobbies & Interests Computers
Old Earth Video Games
Sci-Fi/Fantasy (even if they are in the age of science fiction)

Character Background

Personal History Born as a twin on a ranch in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas to parents Lewis and Reva, Anna-Lee was a bright but introverted child when compared to her brother J.R, who serves as Assistant Chief Medical Officer on USS Columbia.

She was a very curious child, spending her time hacking into farm equipment or staying cooped up in the loft of their family's barn, working on hardware and software coding and indulging in her tinkering and reading without anyone bothering her.

Social isolation and a tendency to shy away from others led her to focus on her studies, where she graduated with high marks and entered Starfleet. She continued to earn high marks and praise for her work on computers, developing several interactions of LCARS for various taskings as the fleet modernizes in preperation for the dawn of the 25th Century

After graduating from Starfleet Academy she was accepted to a software engineering and AI doctorate program at the Daystrom Institute where she earned her doctorate on advancing software and response times through hyperlinked systems.

She is deeply disturbed at the Synth ban which curtailed a number of projects that she had spent time working on. Despite this, she has served on Starships as a computer software engineer, preferring to stay in or near the computer core, coding as she did when she was a child.

Her current posting as of 2392 is as a Software Engineer at the Daystrom Institute in Okinawa, working to develop the next generation of software for the 25th century including LCARS 2400.

On the side she develops video games based on old earth technology and coding in several dead languages including Python, C++, HTML and Java. She also is fluent in several modern coding languages including Duotronic and Isolinear Coding languages and LCARS.
Service Record 2388-2392 - Doctoral Program, Daystrom Institute, Okinawa Japan

2392-Present - Software Researcher, Associate Professor, Daystrom Institute, Okinawa Japan

Languages Federation Standard, Caitian
Academy Graduation Year 2388

Medical and Psychological Information

Allergies/Health Issues Retinax V