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Ensign Maxine Mckull

Name Maxine Marie Mckull Ms.

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote The only way out is risk.
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 146 pounds
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Despite her tall height, Max seems to do her best to blend into the crowd. She carries herself warily, as if she were bracing for something bad to come at any moment.
Black hair cascades down to just past her shoulders as deep brown eyes gaze out at the world with casual interest.
Her neck is thin, leading to a narrow, though athletic frame. Her arms are slender, seeming not to be composed of much muscle, but her legs show clear signs of it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Eric Mckull
Mother Katie
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Many consider Max to be a fairly quiet person. Though she is extremely perceptive and sharp, it can take her a while to open up to people. She does not often show her true emotions, preferring instead to find other outlets to express them. When she is in her element she can be quite bold, and tends to take on a by any means necessary attitude to accomplish whatever task she has been assigned to. This sort of attitude can lead her to behave recklessly, though in general she will do what she can to limit any risk to her and herself alone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Extremely disciplined
Extremely thorough
Can be somewhat single minded, at times
Can act rashly without thinking
Has trouble seeing her worth
The past is a sore point with her
Ambitions While most people join Starfleet to explore new worlds, Max's ambitions are far more self-oriented. Her greatest dream is to be able to speak, like anyone else can, and she is prepared to do whatever necessary to reach that goal.
Hobbies & Interests Painting

Character Background

Personal History Born in New York City on Earth in 2370, Max's life wasn't an easy one. Her parents discovered that she was mute very early on. As such, there were many challenges understanding what her needs were. In addition to her family, she lived with a Betazoid woman, Layna Fenn, who acted as a nany of sorts. It was Fenn who often communicated what Max wanted and needed when she could not.
At three years of age, her parents and Fenn took her to Vulcan, where she underwent an experimental medical procedure. She received an implant which allowed her thoughts to be converted to spoken word, and due to the obvious implications of having such an implant, she immediately began training under a Vulcan master, Solana.
This training lasted for several years, and she underwent her education in private as a result.
When she did enter into the world of public education at the age of 10, she found it extremely difficult to adapt to being around so many people at once. The other children found it difficult to adapt to her as well, and she was teased relentlessly for being different.
This teasing hit at the core of who she was, prompting Max to dive into research from a very young age to discover why she couldn't speak. However, none of the physicians who examined her could find a cause for her inability to speak. This lead her down other roads, examining ancient civilizations, in the hopes of discovering some sort of hidden knowledge that could be used to treat her.
She continued this research until she graduated high school at 18, before she applied to Starfleet academy.
Service Record 2388-2392: Starfleet Academy
2392-2393: Posted aboard the U.S.S Ajax, an Excelsior class starship
2393-2397: Posted to Deep Space 4 as an assistant nurse, transferred off the Ajax after a skirmish with Ferengi privateers.
2397: Reassigned to the U.S.S Elysium
Languages Federation standard
Academy Graduation Year 2392

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Max is an extremely active and fit individual. The only thing of note is her inability to speak, something which no examination has so far been able to explain.
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Though fit to serve as a member of Starfleet, Max is not considered the gold caliber of officers by any stretch. While she is capable of following orders, her priorities do not always fall in line with the principles Starfleet holds.