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Captain Gary Taylor

Name Gary Taylor

Position Executive Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "Live for something rather than die for nothing."
Species Human
Age 36
Cabin Assignment Deck 17,Cabin 06 G-O – Captain Gary Taylor & Commander Aurelia Taylor

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 200
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Slate Grey
Physical Description Gary is extremely fit He isn't a fitness nut but he does work out. He believes a toned body makes for a toned mind. Several scars on his back and chest from torture in Romulan prison camp.


Spouse Lia Taylor---in stasis
Children Connor Taylor (mirror universe son)
Angel, daughter deceased
Liarrana Imi Female Betazoid aged 3 (adopted)
Father Joseph Taylor
Mother Linda Taylor
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Normal secondary, elementary and high school education. before entering the Academy. Gary excelled in languages and Intel gathering. All that is known is that Gary graduated from Starfleet Academy near the top of his class. He has an unusual aptitude for languages and codes.

He is a martial arts expert, well versed in all forms of unarmed
combat. Whatever else he has learned is classified, per orders from the Admiral of Starfleet Intelligence. It has been rumored Gary worked for Section 31 but that has never been proven. Just another possible rumor.

He is a member of Admiral Zhukov's Wolf Pack. With his code name being Grey Wolf. He is one of two wolves on the Elysium.
Strengths & Weaknesses (S) Stubborn to a fault, believes in his own abilities.
(W) His a loner and finds it difficult to rely on others.
Ambitions Gary's ambitions are very simple and modest. Command his own starship and find someone to share life with.
Hobbies & Interests Unarmed combat, games of strategy, music, dancing with Catlin,
reading (Westerns, Mysteries) Gary also has a 'pet' project he works
on as time permits in the holodeck. (It is an interactive holodeck
program of Catlin. Allowing Gary to come and 'talk' to his wife.
Discussing, work, his day. normal husband and wife matters.

He also has a secret talent only a few know about. He can sing
and sing well. He used to do it with Catlin.

Character Background

Personal History Gary was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 4th. The only son to Joseph and Linda Taylor. As a boy, he loved sports and was always involved on some team.

He had a normal secondary, elementary and high school education. before entering the Academy. Gary excelled in languages and Intel gathering. All that is known is that Gary graduated from Starfleet Academy near the top of his class. At the Academy, he was a member of its phaser rifle team and is an expert shot. At the Academy he was well liked and got along well with both fellow students as well as instructors. It was there he met his future wife Catlin. They were married and were assigned to the USS Solstice. On a routine patrol, the starship strayed over the Neutral Zone due to a navigational malfunction and was immediately attacked by several Romulan warbirds as it tried to get back to Federation space. The Solstice suffered major damage. It's Captain and XO were killed as were most of the senior staff. Gary and a few others managed to get the surviving crew to the life pods and safety.

Gary and the others were taken prisoner and placed in a jungle hellhole of a prison camp. While there, Gary become the officer and man he is now. He had planned an escaped but was ratted out by another prisoner, (one he thought he could trust.) Because of his attempted escape he was beaten daily. It made him stronger and a loner. When a prisoner exchange was arranged Gary returned to Catlin much quieter and a introvert. It has taken all her love and support to get him to open up even with her.

When he was reassigned to the USS Yorktown, he was efficient and professional but distant. He had built walls up to keep from getting close to anyone. It was a difficult assignment as he was so cold and remote with the other officers and crew.

Upon being reassigned to Starbase Metropolis, Gary, worked hard to be friendlier and it worked and his time there was much more enjoyable.

Now he is assigned to the USS Elysium however is heart is heavy as Catlin couldn't join him as she had accepted a position at Starfleet Medical.

He was totally and completely in love with Catlin. She was his soulmate. He his loyal and efficient, leaves no stone unturned and does nothing halfway. He prefers to listen and formulate ideas then to speak in a group. Also, possibly because of his time as a POW, Gary does not trust very easily. He takes a wait and see approach to people. So partly because of his job and his past history he is something of a loner. Not to say he is rude; he just does not make friends easily.

However, all that changed when Catlin died. Walls went up and it was only after meeting and falling in love with Lia Holmes did the walls crumble. With Lia's love and care, he has started to live again. He is deeply in love with Lia.

However, there is another side to Gary, a side very few know about. He is also "Grey Wolf" a member of Admiral Zhukov's legendary wolf pack. He possesses a unique skill set. He is an elite assassin for the Federation or more specifically the Admiral. He removes those who pose a threat to the security and stability of the Federation. If he were to describe what he does he would say he is a problem remover. He and Col Kerri Tate made a deadly team when they were paired together. No assignment was too difficult. They never failed to complete a mission. If he is on your trail, your days are numbered.
Service Record 2379-Enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Majored in tactics and languages. recruited into Starfleet Intelligence after graduation. Records classified.

2383- 2385 - USS Solstice - Intel Officer
2385-2388 - Prisoner in Romulan Prison Camp
2389- 2390 - USS Yorktown - Chief Intel Officer
2391- 2393 - Starbase Metropolis - Chief of Intel
2394- USS Elysium
Languages Standard Federation English, Vulcan and Klingon fluently. He speaks Romulan well, learning it from being a prisoner.
Academy Graduation Year 2382

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review No unusual Medical History on record
Allergies/Health Issues N/A
Counseling Review Taylor is completely sane and a loner. He does not trust easily. However if you are fortunate to earn his trust, you have a loyal lifelong friend you can always count on.