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Josef Forstinger

Name Josef Alois Forstinger

Position Security Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "Grüßgott" - Southgerman Dialect Word meaning "Greetings", roughly translates to the meaning of "may God greet you"
Species Human
Age 25
Cabin Assignment TBA

Physical Appearance

Height 1.87 Meters
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Josef is a caucasian human male of Germanic-slavic descent. He is 1.87 meters tall, his skin has a pale white complexion as well as several small birthmarks littered across his skin. His skin also shows several scars from fighting, a few on his arms, legs, and chest, as well as a rather pronounced one near his shoulder from a badly healed bullet wound. He also has a singular tattoo, showing his blood type (A+) as well as name and serial number.

His hair is cut short and soft, dark brown almost blackish in color


Spouse None
Children None
Father Otto Forstinger
Mother Sophia Forstinger
Brother(s) None, he is an only child
Sister(s) None, he is an only child
Other Family Josef had a rather extensive family on both sides of the tree, being close with most of them, including his aunts, uncles, 2 cousins, and grandparents. Exact Records do not exist due to the destruction of most during WW3, it is unknown if any descendants have survived into the current time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Originally Josef was a kind and empathetic individual. Still a bit shy, but outgoing and a bit jokey. Most of that died when he was conscripted into the Eugenics Wars. The Horrors of War and Bloodshed transformed him into a cold, closed, and standoffish person. Mostly avoiding any social contact and friendship in fear of losing more friends. However, under that protective shell, some of his old kind personality remains. If one were to break through it- which might pose quite a challenge - they would be stuck with a reliable friend who would be willing to put his own life on the line for you or anyone he considers innocent and worth protecting (the children, elderly, innocent.)
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Combat Experience - Due to fighting in one of the most devastating and traumatizing conflicts - leaving out WW3 - Josef boasts a lot of Combat Experience especially when fighting a superior opponent. This also leaves him with a lot of experience in various Firearms, ranging from Rifles, SMGs, and Stationary weaponry- though if this experience can transfer to modern weaponry like phasers or disruptors remains to be seen.

Stoic and Spartan - His past experiences have left him with the ability to remain stoic in the even most daunting situations, not easily letting his emotions defeat him. He is also used to...spartan living conditions to put it lightly, as long as its warm and dry he wont have a problem sleeping-even if it isnt either of those things.


Hotheaded - Explains itself, he can be rather hotheaded at times.

A Man out of Time: Being displaced by several hundred years has left Josef with some difficulty adjusting. Being afraid of Aliens, as well as not understanding a lot of modern technology. This contributes to his feeling of isolation and loneliness.
Ambitions In the past, his ambitions were to become a Schoolteacher. However, being now displaced in time with nothing, he is left without ambitions other than surviving. However, there may still be light at the end of the tunnel.
Hobbies & Interests Josef has several hobbies and interests. For one he was and still is a huge history nerd (at least of Earth History), especially the medieval and ancient period. He also enjoys modeling, from small knights to WW2 Tanks and planes. He also reads when enjoying his alone time, and is a proficient cook, having learned from his mother. He also enjoys listening to music, especially from the 70s, 80s, and 90s-as well as the occasional swing, jazz or classical piece.

Character Background

Personal History Josef Alois Forstinger was born on September 10th, 1971 in the capital city, Vienna, of the then Earth State of the Federal Republic of Austria. Enjoying a quiet upbringing with 2 loving parents and a supportive family he finished mandatory education and graduated high school, qualifying and passing the Matura exam which enabled him to study at University with his goals to become a teacher. However, this dream was shortlived, as he was conscripted at the very beginning of the Eugenics Wars, having been required to be in the army reserve since he was above 18.

At that time he could never have expected the horrors he would face. Through the War Josef was deployed to various fronts and battlefields in various roles, may it be a grunt, peacekeeper, or even eventually squad leader (having reached the Rank of Hauptwachmeister, translating to Master Seargent). Africa, The Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Witnessing Atrocities and things that still haunt his dreams to this very day. One thing that kept him in check however was the close bond he shared with his squadmates, some of them friends from back home, and others they had met along the way on their deployments as countries banded together.

Tragedy however struck shortly before the recorded end of the Eugenics Wars. Josef's detachment was tasked with wiping out an Augment Compound. During this, his squad was ambushed and almost entirely wiped out to the last man. Josef himself was grievously injured. Retreating into what he thought of as a building only to realize it was a Cryo-Ship. During the following long gunfight, something went wrong, as the ship prematurely launched into space. With Air running out due to damage sustained during said gunfight, the only option for Josef was to take a gamble. Leaving his possessions in a nearby locker, he froze himself in one of the Cryogenic Pods. His last words were a small prayer as his breathing slowed and he lost consciousness....
Service Record None according to the Starfleet Database, then again, it doesn't even list him in the first place. Records were presumably destroyed during WW3.
Languages German, English, Czech, and some Slavic languages as well-though not fluently and only on a basic level.
Academy Graduation Year Not graduated nor attended.

Medical and Psychological Information