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Lieutenant Eira Cortez

Name Eira Grace Cortez

Position Encryption Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote I doubt it
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 64kg
Hair Color White blonde
Eye Color Bright blue
Physical Description White blonde hair
Bright blue eyes
Lightly tanned skin
Scar that runs from her right temple to jaw
Tattoo of three linked hearts on her third finger on her right hand


Father Data not accessible
Mother Data not accessible
Brother(s) Aidan James Cortez- (30) red hair, green eyes, 6'3, 95kg
Oliver Mason Cortez - (30) black hair, brown eyes, 6'3, 92kg (KIA)
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Straight to the point
Quiet yet extremely observant
Temperamental depending on moods
Loyal to those she trusts unless they betray her
Extremely close to her brothers
Strengths & Weaknesses S- Fast and agile
S- A good shot
S- Can hack into most systems
S/W- Willing to lie, beg, cheat and steal to accomplish goals
W- Keeps mostly to herself
W- Will only open up to those she trusts more than anything (so almost no one)
Ambitions Get as far in Starfleet as possible and hopefully rise through the ranks within Starfleet Intelligence to be comfortable
Overcome her grief about her brother and eventually move on
Get comfortable enough within her own skin where she can open up and trust someone
Hobbies & Interests Archery
Computer programming

Character Background

Personal History PRE ACADEMY

Age 17 - Applied to Starfleet
Age 18 - Got accepted with no sponsorship
Begun preparing for the Academy
Age 19 - Began studying at the Starfleet Academy

Academy majors - Intelligence Operations, Forensics
Academy minor - Computer programming

Year 1: B- overall grade
Excelled in intelligence and Forensics
Struggled with Computer Programming until she found a rhythm
Joined the Athletics program and excelled at track and archery
Received commendations from her instructors

Year 2: A- overall grade
Struggled with but passed Intelligence course
Excelled at Forensics and computer programming
Started studying linguistics
Created her own computer code and hacked into mainframe databases
Commendations from her programming instructor for original concepts

Year 3: A+ overall grade
Came in the top 5 of the Intelligence course for the year
Placed in top 10 for computer programming and forensics
Represented the Academy at Regional comps for archery winning 1st prize
Honorable mentions in the Commandants Honor Award

Year 4: A+ overall grade
Passed all exams in all courses
Placed in top 5% for Intelligence and Computer Programming
Received commendations and awards from her instructors
Service Record POST ACADEMY

Age 23 - Assigned to the USS Reagan
Rank of Ensign
Encryption Specialist

Age 24 - Transfer application submitted
Psychological evaluation performed: Pass
Infiltration Specialist

Age 25 - Pulled from classified mission
Psychological evaluation: Counselling required but still a pass
Recommended action: Two months paid stress and injury leave
Tour of Duty medal and other commendations, awards received

Age 26 - Rank promotion to Lieutenant (JG)
Encryption Specialist level 3
Given two months to prepare for next mission in the Gorn sector

Age 28 - Pulled from classified mission
Undercover mission compromised, safety threatened
Personnel file hacked and scrubbed to prevent any traces back to her
Suspected traitor to the Federation by Starfleet Intelligence, known spy for the Gorn government
Received information about Aidan and Dustin being KIA. Investigating.

Age 29 - Current
Cleared against court marshall for suspicion of being a traior to the Federation
Psychological evaluation: intensive counselling required.
Medical recommendation: rehabilitation to adjust to being back in the real world and to recover emotionally. 8 months minimum.
Both psychological and medical evaluations to be done in 12 months time
Languages Federation Standard, bits and pieces of various other languages

Medical and Psychological Information

Allergies/Health Issues None known at this stage
Counseling Review See attached service record