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Lieutenant Commander Turak

Name Turak

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender male
Character Quote Business is good
Species Vulcan
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 155
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Thin, Lanky, with some muscle definition that he gained from his freight handling job


Spouse Sarah
Children none
Father Adenkar
Mother Mitrani
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none that he knows personally

Personality & Traits

General Overview He just graduated the Academy, was assigned to a new ship, got married to his sweetheart, and is looking forward to starting a career in Star Fleet. His wife has one more year left at the Academy, then hopefully she will get an assignment close to his.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strength is his ability to negotiate with other species in his business dealings. His weakness is every time he visits earth, he peruses the musical instrument stores and attempts to make a case to purchase himself a grand piano, he still hasn’t succeeded. The ultimate weakness is Sarah, he always gives in to her smile.
Ambitions To be the Captain of his own ship one day.
Hobbies & Interests Piloting his parents starships are a very agreeable pastime. He plays the piano and has a baby grand of his own. He appreciates the mathematic rhythms that he sees in the classics and is intrigued by the musicians who composed them, such as Mozart and Bach. Sarah Jones, his wife, is his greatest interest.

Character Background

Personal History Turak’s father and mother had decided to be Vulcans without logic shortly after they were joined. His father, Adenkar, and mother, Mitrani, had both grown up with logic as part of their lives, but when they met some human visitors, their lives changed. They were interested in the emotion of being “happy” the most. They decided to explore it further, and when they decided that emotions mixed with logic was a way of life that they wanted for themselves, they broke with tradition. Due to this, his parents were rejected by their family’s and needed to find a way to leave the planet. Turak’s father and mother found jobs with a human named Jonathan Turner, who was from Iowa and delivering some rare art on Vulcan. Mr. Turner’s main business was hauling freight between earth and Vulcan, and when he hired Adenkar and Mitrani, he did so with the intent of retiring in less than 10 years. He was able to retire when Adenkar and Mitrani bought him out of his business. Shortly after, they had Turak and decided to school him themselves throughout their travels. Turak spent approximately 18 years in space going back and forth between Vulcan and Earth, learning to fly a freighter in the process.

Turak’s earlies memories include going to earth on his parent’s freighter and visiting “Uncle” Jonathan. As a retiree without a family of his own, Jonathan always looked forward to their visits. He would take Turak and his parents to all of the human cultural events, including: county fairs (he lived in “Nowhereville” Iowa!), hunting, fishing, boating, skiing, movies, etc. Turak has fond memories of this time in his childhood because life was very simple for him. He would complete lessons, which closely mirrored that of an earth child in curriculum, when in transit to their destination, and then enjoy his time on Earth. However, when the tables were turned and they were back on Vulcan, he felt as though he always had to be on his best behavior, which never seemed to be enough for anyone in the society. He always found himself counting down the days to the next departure.

As a teenager, he decided for himself that logic was not a bad thing, but that he couldn’t live life without emotion of any kind. When he was at Uncle Jonathan’s house on a particular occasion when he was 16, he met a young human female named Sarah Jones while boating in his Uncle’s antique mahogany Chris Craft. He thought his emotions had gone haywire until Uncle Jonathan explained to him what a “crush” was. He spent time with Sarah from then on, every time he was on earth. Around 18 years old (both being of the same age), they told their parents that they were dating seriously, but would not marry until Turak graduated the Academy.

Once at the Academy, Turak decided to major in Tactical and get a minor in engineering. It was a grueling 4 years that put his knowledge and ability to learn new information to the test. He made it through all classes with at least an “A,” and did so all the while having met his goal of being social. While he didn’t become some sort of a party animal, he did go to a party here and there, but mainly he spent time with a small group of friends. During this time, he and his friends learned to sail in San Francisco Bay, had Chess tournaments, and played computer games. Sarah also went to the Academy for engineering, so they spent as many waking moments together as possible. Turak and Sarah did finally graduate from the Academy and they were married the same day, now they are currently waiting Starship assignment.
Service Record None to speak of yet, he is a new Ensign.
Languages English and Vulcan

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review He is a happy and healthy Vulcan who expresses emotion much like a human would.
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review None, he hasn't been to counseling.