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Lieutenant JG Nerinath zh'Rhilror [Lalor]

Name Nerinath Pera zh'Rhilror [Lalor]

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "zztann!" - Translation "We are screwed"
Species Andorian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5f8
Weight 65kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Being Andorian, Nerinath's skin is blue whilst her gums and tongue were of a darker cyan shade. Twin antennae sprout from off her parietal bones - further back on her skull, and she has never lost them during the course of her life. She is very fit and takes good care of herself through years of running and pushing herself.. Due to the extreme density of bone and muscle tissue, the average Andorian was quite capable of lifting an object of twice his or her weight. With a higher metabolic rate thanĀ Terrans, Andorians were especially vulnerable to phase pulse infection; even minor phase injuries could prove fatal. However, they demonstrated resistance to a wide range of environmental conditions.

Like all other Andorians she has a set of sensitive antenna. These appendages are almost always lazily wafting around though change based on her mood.


Father Rhel th'rhilror & Kov Th'rhilror - deceased 2375
Mother Jhoza Zh'rhilror & Kirotha zh'rhilror - deceased 2375
Brother(s) Oshreb th'rhilror - Died age 7
Oshrolev th'rhilror - Died age 7
Resaon th'rhilror - Died age 4
Sister(s) Etethi zh'rhilror - Died age 5
Other Family Numerous aunts and uncles from the Rhilror Keth all died in 2375

Personality & Traits

General Overview Neri is a passionate person with strong feelings and emotions. She is dedicated to her work and extremely loyal to commanding officers. Off duty, she is friendly but prefers reading alone to conversation in large groups. Her temper can be an issue when provoked but rarely does she escalate to physical violence.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Caring and understanding. A quick mind and a remarkable ability to assess people and situations. Genuine and honest.

Weaknesses: Can be impatient and when not working (and therefore conscious of how she acts), too blunt or abrupt.

Phobias: Andorian ice bores and other insects by extension
Ambitions To make her mark in the federation. And to one day rebuild her clan
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Flying anything that can be flown, roller coasters, Swimming, Orbital Skydiving.

She like most Andorians has an artistic bent. Neri's is Pottery. She has a potters wheel and spends hours creating things. Some she even has fired in a kiln and the like to keep.

Character Background

Personal History Nerinath was born to a now extinct clan. The Rhilror clan was destroyed 19 years ago in an unsanctioned clan war on Andoria.

Her parents, all four of them, and her older 5 siblings were killed in the initial attack. Nerinath was not yet 1 at the time. She was taken into the Vaolraq Keth but she would remain there for only so long before the Andorian council took steps in retribution for the attack on the Rhilror Keth.

Nerinath was placed in the custody of the government until she turned 5, she lived in an orphanage. At 5, she was adopted by Jhallia zh'rharrath and her three bond-mates.

They tried to officially change her name but it was not permitted by the council. Neri as she was affectionately called was happy, at first. Until the age of 10 when she overheard her adoptive parents discussing her.

They planned to 'marry' her to their eldest son, and organize two other bond-mates for the pair. To gain the money and prestige of her now fallen clan. And once she had with her bond-mates had children, they were looking to break the bond and use her as a incubator. The 10 year old did not want that.


She kept her own counsel and at age 14, entered the imperial Military academy. At the academy she found her 'calling'. She loved to pilot small craft at high and dangerous speeds.


At 18 Nerianth graduated from the Imperial Military Academy with honors in Flight control. She was to return to her adoptive family's home in their caverns but Neriath chose not to. Instead she turned down assignment within the Andorian Star-fleet and hopped the first transport to Earth.

The moment she was at Warp, her birth family's lawyers logged suit against her adoptive family and cancelled all marital contracts in place. Neri severed all contact with her adoptive family and had all her personal items moved to her old family home which she had inherited upon her graduation from the academy. She placed the Rhilror keth's compound into lock down and only goes back when she has time or wants to. No one else is allowed in or out without her permission.

Neri entered Starfleet Academy in their Autumn intake class of 2391. She chose with ease to major in Flight Control.

Her 4 years at the academy passed relatively smoothly.


Nerianth Graduated in the top 15% of her class, content with that, she was assigned to her first posting.
Service Record 2391-2395 Starfleet Academy, Flight control Course
Languages Andorian, Federation Standard, Vulcan and Klingon

Medical and Psychological Information