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Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii [Vantar]

Name Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii [Vantar]

Position Wing Commander

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "Life is wonderful until you get your ass kicked for the first time."
Species Betazoid
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 117 Lbs
Hair Color Black/brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Jess is a pilot, even on the outside. She carries an athletic look and usually is found wearing a Starfleet Uniform with one of her flight jackets. She carries herself with confidence and discipline and is capable of commanding respect from her peers even at first glance.


Father Lord Richard Vaii (Deceased)
Mother Lucianna Kessanna, Matriarch of the Eight House of Betazed
Sister(s) Talia Kessanna
Liana Kessanna
Other Family Tobin Kessanna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jessica is a consummate professional who demands nothing less than the utmost from everyone who serves with her. She understands leadership to a degree that she's willing to take charge in any situation and bring her people home alive. She's pragmatic and no-nonsense, preferring straight-forward solutions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jessica is the person you want covering you in a firefight, but she's not much for diplomacy and she has issues with her family. Furthermore, she's not fond of politicians due to her estrangement from her family on Betazed.
Ambitions "The only ambition I have is to never live in a universe without coffee."
Hobbies & Interests Jessica is a modern day astronaut. She often flys antique and old spacecraft, in the holodeck, in recreations of the Battle of Britain and the Apollo Programs.

Character Background

Personal History Jessica Vaii is a woman who's seen both heaven and hell. She was born as the eldest daughter of the eight house of Betazed to Richard Kessanna and Lucianna Kessanna. A controversial and respected house in Betazoid politics. Lucianna Kessanna is known to be intelligent, shrewd, and calculating. The truth is she practices a very Machiavellian style of politics. She knows what she wants and will go to great lengths to get it. Even using her own daughter for her own ends.

And that is what Jessica Kessanna was to her mother. A means to an end. She was given the best of everything. Manners, schooling, instruction in Betazed's most sacred of traditions, all so that she could one day become the heir that Lucianna wanted to pass House Kessanna down. She demanded perfection from a young girl that just wanted to be a young girl.

Jessica was abused severely as a child. She was expected to be a legacy when she was simply a little girl. And if she didn't display perfect manners, if she didn't perform a tradition correctly, if she even decided just to be a little girl. Lucianna would perform all kinds of torture on her from a leather dress belt to even a klingon pain stick at the most extreme punishments.

This enraged her father Roland Kessanna who often stood up for Jessica and even took several of her punishments. He was bound by tradition as well, with a desire not to disgrace his own family with a divorce. But eventually, he was working up the courage to just leave Lucianna, knowing he was just a means to an end as well. Slowly Roland's anger and rage was reaching a peak when Lucianna did something so enraging, he would do the impossible in Betazoid society. Something so scandalous. It would ruin even his family in Betazed's high society. He would walk out on a marriage.

Jessica herself hated her family on Betazed and as she was growing up, longed for some kind of escape from House Kessanna. Running away several times and even retreating into the woodlands during the times she slipped away from her governoress from her instruction. She would often wander the woods nearby Kessanna manor and watch Starfleet Fighters take off from a nearby Starfleet Fighter base. She wanted so much to fly one of those fighters. Fly one away from Betazed.

Lucianna Kessanna began searching for new alliances during the Dominion War. One of them was the Dominion. Realizing she stood to gain from a Dominion Occupation of Betazed, she made a secret alliance with the Dominion in exchange to be granted the position of Administrator of Betazed, but she did so with the purpose of later betraying the Dominion in turn to free the world from Dominion Rule when their occupation of the Alpha Quadrant fell to pieces. After the Occupation, Lucianna fully intended to step down and admit her role in the occupation, citing she did what she did to prevent more lives from being lost. It was a ploy so Jessica would become matriarch of House Kessanna, with Lucianna controlling Jessica as Matriarch. But a central part of her plan fell apart.

When the invasion of Betazed happened. Roland learned of Lucianna's deal with the Dominion and it was then that he could not stand the idea of Jessica fully becoming Lucianna's puppet for politics. He took Jessica and left Betazed on a refugee shuttle during the battle.

Both Jessica and her father relocated to Earth. They even performed another controversial act against Betazoid high society and abandoned their family name, creating a new house; Vaii, which means 'glorious bird' in Betazed's old tongue. Jessica began to remake herself as Jessica Vaii. Not a flower for a noble house of Betazed, but a warrior strong enough to defend herself and her father from her mother. Roland Kessanna also remade himself into a new person as well; Richard Vaii, and due to his status as a Betazed Noble in the country they settled in on Earth. He became a Lord in the United Kingdom.

Earth was heaven for Jessica. She began to act less like a Betazoid and more like a Human because she admired them so much. She became literally a tomboy in the place she grew up in, a house nearby an old RAF airstrip, and it would be there that Richard and Jessica would find two Second World War era fighters. The old fighters were preserved but they needed restoration. A Supermarine Spitfire and a P-51 Mustang. Both Richard and Jessica began to restore these fighters.

Jessica would live her life proudly in her teenage years. Studying well in high school. She was known for defending the weak from bullying in school. Sometimes fighting back against classmates that reminded of her mother. While she earned plenty of detention for standing up for more socially isolated students. The headmaster of a small academy she went to in the UK never gave Jessica any serious demerits. In fact he silently praised her for standing against injustices of all kinds and being a leader against some of the more ambitious students. She was fearless, and strong both mentally and physically. The student body of Dover Academy called her 'Valkyrie.' The Defender of the Class.

When Jessica graduated from Dover Academy, she would finish the Spitfire she and her father was restoring. She wanted to fly this fighter into London, and request admission into the Starfleet Fighter program. Inviting the recruiter to see the caliber of recruit Jess wanted to be. She amazed the recruiter with the caliber of person she was, demonstrating the Starfleet Officer she wanted to be as strong and proud, she always stood up for her principles, even when her professors disagreed with her at the academy.


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