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Petty Officer 1st Class Kaywin-Li Fray

Name Kaywin-Li "Kaylee" Fray

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "she'll be right love"
Species Human/Betazoid Hybrid
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 165cm
Weight 52kg
Hair Color Red/Ginger
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kaylee has an average height and weight for a Human. although she is physically fit, she is stronger than she appears. she has spent most of her service crawling around Jefferies tubes and service crawlways of starships and starbases.

she has learnt to keep her hair cut short as it keeps it out of her way while repairing equipment


Spouse none
Children none
Father Adrew Tori
Mother Sarah Fray
Brother(s) Brendan Tori
Sister(s) none
Other Family none known to her

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaylee has an easy going, friendly personality. She's always friendly towards new people, despite of whatever their race is.

The majority of Kaylee's time is spent either in engineering or in the superstructure of whatever ship or starbase she is assigned to. often she can be found asleep in the Jefferies tubes, curled up in a cross junction.

as such, she treats her quarters more as a large cuboard than actual living quarters.

during her childhood, she had trouble controling her empathic abilities and she would often cause those around her to feel whatever emotion she was feeling at the time.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- technically adept
- kind
- empathic

- works to hard
- is afraid to openly use her empathic abilities
Ambitions To make her mother proud through her Starfleet service
Hobbies & Interests Sketching

Character Background

Personal History Born on Luna, Earth’s moon, in New Berlin, Kaylee was born Kaywin-Li Fray to a Human mother and an absent Betazoid father. Conceived in a night of passion, Kaylee’s wasn’t expected to happen, although her mother was happy she did come along. Choosing to raise Kaylee with the help of her mother and other nearby family, Kaylee’s childhood was quite pleasant. Home-schooled for most of her early life, Kaylee’s mother found it difficult to keep up with her daughter’s curiosity. At an early age, Kaylee found that she enjoyed pulling things apart, seeing how they work and then reassembling them. Her first few attempts at which ended up simply destroying the family oven. Understanding that without proper teaching her daughter might harm herself while experimenting with something, her mother decides to enrol her in a local high school.

A little nervous in this new situation, Kaylee was slow to make friends and almost never answered a question in class. However, every time an assignment came around, she was always the first to finish. Over the next few years, Kaylee slowly made a small circle of friends and started to come out of her shell. Although she was bullied, she always had her friends to support her. Kaylee had a relatively normal school life until her final year when she started to notice something strange happening. She started to notice that she could read people’s emotions. Passing it off as her simply noticing people’s behavior more after being around them for a few years. She never worried about it until her graduation formal. She wasn’t sure If it was because of the higher levels of stress or simply puberty, but suddenly when she was dancing with her formal date, she was suddenly hit with the emotions of everyone in the hall at once. It was like someone was screaming in her mind. Every time someone would get near her, they’d be hit with a sudden wave of pain. Running away from the event, Kaylee made a b-line for the nearest transporter hub and beamed straight home.

The moment she got home, Kaylee ran straight to her room, locked the door and hid under the covers of her bed trying to block out the constant stream of emotions she was receiving. It took almost a week for her family to convincer her to leave the house to go and see the local doctor. Although the civilian human doctor could not help, he referred the family to a Starfleet research post in a nearby city. The medical officers at the outpost understood almost immediately what was happening and prescribed medication to help Kaylee control her Empathic abilities until she could control them. Thankful to the doctors at Starfleet, Kaylee started researching what Starfleet was. After a few weeks, Kaylee started studying for the entrance exam.

Surprised by Kaylee’s new drive, her mother did everything she could to get her material to study to help her achieve her new dream. For Kaylee, her career path was obvious. She chose to apply for Starfleet Academy as a cadet for the Corp of Engineers. After studying for almost an entire year, Kaylee underwent the entrance exam and unfortunately failed. This almost crushed Kaylee, but her saving grace was the examining officer who offered her an alternative. Instead of attending Starfleet Academy on Earth, she could enlist in Starfleet and attend the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars. After talking it over with her family, Kaylee agreed to enlist.
Service Record Kaylee attended the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars, focusing on Engineering and Starship Construction. After studying for almost two years, Kaylee was assigned to Utopia Planitia fleet yard as an assistant to an Engineering officer assigned to Starship construction. Over the next several years, Kaylee learnt a great deal from her supervising officers and worked her way up the ranks. Although she had been offered a posting aboard an active starship a couple of times, she had chosen to stay at utopia planitia constructing and maintaining Starships. This choice seemed to benefit her as an Elysium class starship, one of Starfleet’s experimental class of ships came in for repairs after a trial run. Assigned as part of the team for the repairs and refits, Kaylee learnt nearly everything there was to know about the class by crawling through every tube and crawlway onboard. It took the team almost four months to repair all of the cracks in the hull and refit the ship, so those cracks would not return.

After a few more years at the ship yards, Kaylee was sent orders from Starfleet reassigning her to the very starship she had worked on earlier as part of their engineering staff. With a little encouragement from her superiors, Kaylee accepted the assignment to the USS Elysium as a damage control specialist.
Languages English (Federation Standard)

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Kaylee Fray is medically fit and cleared for active duty.

Ms Fray sufferes from occasional headaches - treated with medication
Allergies/Health Issues Kaylee has no known Allergies or health issues
Occasional headaches
Counseling Review Kaylee Fray is a kind individual and somewhat withdrawn. Her empathic abilities are still a weakness for her as she had put very little effort into either developing them or controlling them. Rather, she has been suppressing her abilities. This has led to occasional headaches which have been treated with medication. In spite of medical advice, Ms Fray has not chosen to develop her natural abilities to relieve herself of the stress. I believe this fear of her abilities comes from a childhood trauma that she has yet to deal with.