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Commander Liselle Qwyyn

Name Liselle Leeja Qwyyn

Position Guest Star - Federation Ally

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 38 (Symbiont: 146 Years, born 2250)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8”
Weight 131 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Although unmistakably a beautiful woman with a slender frame and delicate features, Qwyyn carries herself much as a man would. While seemingly tiny in a standard conference chair, she will often slouch so that she is practically sliding down onto the floor. While she can be absolutely stunning when one gazes into her soft brown eyes, Qwyyn will most likely be using that time to chew on the insides of her cheeks, or to make annoying popping sounds by repeatedly smacking her lips. And although she would point out her twin sister’s best feature as her long legs, Qwyyn herself struggles in heels and often walks with an awkwardly wide gait. One of her greatest vices is to smoke old Trillian cigarettes and spit while doing so.

Though she is very keen to always keep a well made-up physical appearance (as was the habit of her host Liselle before the joining), she often 'forgets' that after four lifetimes as a man, she is now living for the first time as a woman. Qwyyn will often overcompensate for this by being very precise in her presentation. She wears her long brown hair pulled up into a loose bun so that her spots alongside her face are completely visible, and she is meticulous about grooming and skin care. In any casual setting she will force herself to wear dresses and skirts, if only to keep her new gender at the forefront of her mind.

Qwyyn has often been told that she tries too hard to be pretty and that her complete lack of self-confidence in her body is immediately apparent. This is easily demonstrated by seeing her in photos, where most anyone would not hesitate to call her exquisite. In person, however, she has been accused on more than one occasion of being a man cross-dressing as a woman. These sorts of incidents are contrasted all the more to her in the presence of her twin, who many regard to be the much more attractive sister.


Father Belpin Swii (Medical Doctor, Deceased at age 61)
Mother Topez Swii (Medical Doctor, Aged 58)
Sister(s) Merella Swii (Twin sister, Medical Doctor, Aged 36)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Much like the contradictory nature of her physical appearance, so too is Qwyyn's demeanor.

Due to the circumstances surrounding her symbiont's past, Liselle Qwyyn tends to be overly cautious about presenting a professional and controlled exterior with people that she doesn't know, though it often takes very little encouragement to get her into excited chattering. She will spend a great deal of time over-analyzing the mistakes she has made in any interactions. Liselle is truly a very warm and friendly person with people whom she is comfortable around, and she is a person who rarely loses her temper. Still, she is very mindful of the long lineage of male hosts that precede her, and to that end she often forces herself to act as more of the proper Trill lady that her sister is, and that Liselle Swii once was. Rarely is she successful in these endeavors, and this has often led to even her closest friends calling her out as acting fake and putting on airs. Indeed, with her guard truly down she would never act nearly as reserved as she does in public. She is a very easy woman to embarrass.

As one of her first hosts to truly explore beyond the boundaries of the Trill homeworld, Qwyyn is easily swept up in the excitement of seeing new sights and experiencing the richness of the galaxy. In the comfort of people that she trusts, there is very little she won't say 'yes' to, and that alone has gotten her into trouble many, many times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Qwyyn is an incredibly intelligent and motivated woman. Liselle is the latest in a series of thoughtful and passionate hosts and as such she is fearless in wanting to suck the marrow out of life and enjoying all that it has to offer. Qwyyn does not quit the things that she begins (almost to a fault), and she is extremely compassionate and empathetic.

Unfortunately, Liselle Qwyyn has not been joined very long and is having an exceptionally difficult time adjusting to her first female host. Liselle is incredibly uncomfortable in her own body, and spends a great deal of her energy each day trying to appreciate the nuances and subtleties in her new gender. She has not been profoundly successful thus far, and so she can quickly become jealous of other woman around her who are seemingly much more comfortable in social situations. She often finds herself wishing that she could trade places with her sister, symbiont and all.
Ambitions After a lifetime of hundreds of years -- with many spent in quiet contemplation and concentration -- Liselle Qwyyn's greatest ambition is to ensure she has a chance to see as much of the galaxy as possible. Much to that end of being able to appreciate life and finally take hold of the reins for herself, Liselle absolutely adores the feeling of control over her life that she has when she can fly herself from one destination to the next. She cannot imagine herself out of the pilot's seat. For her, the metaphor of controlling her destiny at the helm of a starship might be ‘cheesy,’ but it is everything.
Hobbies & Interests Meditation: Her hosts Juntis and Melbin both tried to bring balance and serenity to the life of Qwyyn through Trill mediation and the exquisite discipline of the Vulcan Kolinahr, and Liselle will often fall back on these practices herself to help calm her mind in times of turmoil.

Dangerous sports of any kind (mountain climbing, orbital sky-diving, skiing, etc..): From Juliard Qwyyn, Liselle continues to harbour that sense of feeling truly alive only when the adrenaline is pumping. She is all too mindful of how Juliard's death wish eventually paid off, and therefore is ever cautious about over doing it.

Medicine: Although she ended up washing out in her training to become a surgeon, Liselle still finds the entire field absolutely fascinating, and she will often find herself ideally paging through her old text books.

Artistic Expression: Though it frustrates her to no end how absolutely terrible she is at any form of artistic expression (she can't sing, she can't draw a stick figure, and she once cut her finger while trying to string a guitar), when she's in her own private space she truly can't help herself from splendidly failing yet again. Her host Raynyn would be mortified.

Character Background

Personal History From the perspective of the symbiont Qwyyn:

2250 (The Symbiont Qwyyn is born)
2308 (Qwyyn joined to its first host Raynyn)
2326 (Qwyyn joined to Juntis)
2345 (Qwyyn joined to Juliard)
2358 (Liselle Swii is born)
2363 (Qwyyn joined to Melbin)
2379 (Liselle Swii begins medical school)
2387 (Qwyyn is joined to Liselle)
2387 (Liselle Qwyyn enters Starfleet Academy)
2391 (Liselle Qwyyn graduates the academy as a flight control officer)

Raynyn was the first Trill to join with the symbiont Qwyyn 82 years ago. Raynyn was born into a family of farmers on the Trill homeworld, spending his early years tucked away in a poor and simple region of the planet. Brimming with ambition to do something meaningful with his life, Raynyn was ravenous in his studies as an applicant for symbiosis. Recognizing his disadvantages as the son of a farmer, Raynyn fiercely competed against the other applicants. Not even the news of his father's terminal illness was enough to make him forget his dreams and return home to care for the family. His harsh determination paid off in the end, and Raynyn was finally joined to Qwyyn on the two month anniversary of his father’s death.

Soon after the joining Raynyn would change drastically. Having finally fulfilled a lifelong dream in being joined, Raynyn Qwyyn now found himself lost and without purpose.

Though he would spend brief stints in a variety of careers in the early years after completing the joining, Raynyn would eventually only find peace as he fell into the life of a starving artist. Perhaps it was the novelty of a first joining and all of the overwhelming emotions that came with such a rare and significant experience; perhaps it was the guilt over his father’s death; or perhaps it was equal parts both. Whatever the reason, Raynyn poured himself into his paintings, and into his music, and his sculptures. It was during this period that he would meet Gemillia. Gem was exactly the kind of woman that Qwyyn needed at that time: free spirited, rebellious, and wise beyond her years. She would introduce Qwyyn to crime and to sex and to drugs and to new ways of looking out upon the world.

Gem would grow tired of her life and leave Raynyn soon after bearing him their son Juntis.

Raynyn responded in kind by growing tired of the world around him and throwing himself fully into his art. The irony completely lost on Raynyn Qwyyn, his son would grow to be a teenager that aspired to be more and do more with his life than his father. They would remain estranged and at odds with one another until Raynyn’s death a few weeks after Juntis’ 17th birthday. Raynyn would not celebrate his 38th.

In the latter years of Raynyn’s life he become close with a Vulcan named Solkar. A frequent visitor to the newly established embassy on the world of Trill, Solkar was seemingly uniquely fascinated by the intricacies of the bond between Trill hosts and their symbionts. Solkar was deeply interested in Raynyn and his sculptures, particularly for the cold and dispassionate designs that had come to dominate his work in the time since he had been joined.

Solkar easily convinced Qwyyn to uproot himself and his son and join him back on his own homeworld. There, Qwyyn would eventually come to first learn and then eventually teach philosophy at various universities across Vulcan. Always Qwyyn would find his Vulcan students absolutely fascinated by the complete emotional transformation that had come over the being known as Raynyn following the joining.

At the age of 37, Raynyn would die of an accidental drug overdose.

Juntis is still considered to be one of the most controversial joinings in Trill history. Living with his father Raynyn on the planet Vulcan, Juntis was merely 17 years old when the Vulcan Solkar desperately transplanted the symbiont Qwyyn from father to son in an attempt to preserve the creature.

The Symbiosis Commission of Trill was outraged. Not only did new hosts demand an intensive and exhaustive training process to ensure a successful joining, but the passing of a symbiont from father to son was expressly and explicitly forbidden. Qwyyn was officially excommunicated from Trill and would not be allowed to join again with another host.

Left to deal with the aftermath of the joining on his own, Juntis found himself completely lost in his own tormented mind as both the father and son in a bitter feud between Raynyn and Juntis. Through Qwyyn, he was both the neglectful father and the neglected son. He was the man who cared too little, and the boy who cared too much. He was the drug user, and he was the helpless victim of the one who had used the drugs. He was a man who was turned against himself in his own mind.

With the help of Solkar, Juntis found his way into the Vulcan discipline of Kolinahr where he learned to calm, steady, and control the raging emotions that racked his body. Juntis became absolutely enraptured by the control over the mind afforded to him by the ancient and precise Vulcan philosophy. He became absolutely impassioned by his experiences in Vulcan teachings, and he carefully studied and cataloged as much as he could absorb as to the potential that lie in the applications of the Kolinahr as it applied to the joined Trill.

Unfortunately, Juntis all too soon was struck by realities that not even a carefully disciplined mind could control. His body was never genetically well suited for joining, and the strain of hosting Qwyyn caused him to fall terminally ill well before his time.

Through his connections in the Vulcan high government, Solkar was able to petition the Trill Symbiosis Commission for mercy on behalf of Juntis. Following a great many attempts on Solkar’s behalf, the Commission finally accepted the circumstances of Qwyyn’s joining as being performed without malice, and that the Vulcan Solkar had truly acted only due to his ignorance of the Trill taboo of passing a symbiont between closely linked hosts.

In his final days, as Juntis found himself desperately gasping for each breath that he would take, he quickly accepted the Symbiosis Commissions ultimatum that Qwyyn would be rejoined on the strict condition that all of the knowledge and research that Juntis had accumulated through the Kolinahr was done so unethically, and that his experiences on the Vulcan homeworld would never be presented to Trill society. Solkar agreed to these conditions as well and ensured that the Vulcan government would also see that these wishes were carried out.

On his last day alive Juntis would be brought into a Vulcan hospital room along with a visiting Trill symbiosis candidate, Juliard, for the next transfer of the symbiont Qwyyn.

Juntis Qwyyn would die at age 36, one year before his father.

Juliard Qwyyn would return to Trill immediately after his joining. True to his word, Qwyyn would not attempt to share his experiences as a student of Vulcan teachings as a means to calm the initial post-joining turmoil between host and symbiont. On the contrary, while Juliard would spend a great deal of his life as a mathematician who would find employment in the academic and commercial sectors, he lived out the rest of his days as an adrenaline junky. Juliard Qwyyn would quickly come to suspect that as a direct result of the very stationary existence he had experienced with his first two hosts, he was thirsty to start experiencing more of life.

Prior to his joining, Juliard loved reading, and loved mathematics.

Following his joining, Juliard loved mathematics, and mountain climbing, and scuba diving, and sky diving, and racing, and smoking, and women, and any other dangers he could manage to wrap his fingers around.

Juliard would die in a free hand mountain climbing accident at the age of 39.

Following the circumstances of Juliard’s death in such a dangerous life style, the future joining of Qwyyn was of hot debate within the Symbiosis Commission. Had the commission been wrong to allow the symbiont to continue to join hosts following the tragedies of Raynyn and Juntis? Was Qwyyn somehow poisoned now, destined only to continue to spread that poison into the well intentioned hosts that would have it?

On the eve of a decision that was certain to condemn Qwyyn from further joining, one of the highest ranking members of the Symbiosis Commission pleaded with his colleagues for one last attempt to bring the symbiont’s life back on track. After exhaustive debate and discussion, the aged man was given permission to make his desperate last attempt to save Qwyyn.

Following the joining, Melbin Qwyyn devoted himself to careful study, meditation, and philosophical exploration and discussion in a passionate attempt to help guide Qwyyn into the proper course correction that would keep the symbiont alive. Melbin was incredibly aggressive in his selection of Qwyyn’s next host, the last hope for a symbiont that the rest of the Commission was all too ready to turn their back on. Miraculously, despite all odds, Melbin found exactly the woman he was looking for as the next host that Qwyyn desperately needed.

Melbin was 52 at the time of his joining to Qwyyn. He would die 28 years later. To this day, he holds the distinction of being the only host of Qwyyn to survive beyond the age of 40.

Liselle Swii is the youngest of twins, born into a family of medical doctors. Her sister, Merella, was her fiercest competitor as the two shared the same classes throughout high school and into their years of medical school. Under the strict expectations of their parents, the two girls would trade away their childhood and social lives in exchange for surgical residencies at the early age of 26.

In a highly unorthodox manner, both of the girls were approached by a member of the Symbiosis Commission, Melbin Qwyyn, insisting that the pair apply for symbiosis for the good of an apparently doomed symbiont. Melbin was determined to save the symbiont Qwyyn, and found the Swii twins to be of an exceptional genetic and social match for the type of host needed for Qwyyn. Liselle and Merella’s parents were very much against the idea of watching their children put their medical careers on hold to instead apply for symbiosis at such a late age.

Nonetheless, the twins accepted Melbin’s offer, and the ferocity of their competition was redoubled. In the end it would be Liselle that would win out as the next host of Qwyyn. The competition would cause a complete estrangement of the twins.

Following the joining, Liselle found that she had lost her passion for medicine. While Merella would return to her studies and become a noted and fantastic surgeon, Liselle Qwyyn would leave that chapter of her life behind. This decision would serve to further distance Liselle from her family.

Melbin’s expectations for Qwyyn’s next host was absolutely well founded as Liselle was overtaken with a desperate need to set out and explore the galaxy. Both host and symbiont had spent an inordinate amount of their lives to that point in study and contemplation. Together, the new entity Liselle Qwyyn was ready for life to truly begin.

The passion to fly began innocently enough as Liselle undertook an expedition of her own star system. She soon found that she loved the exhilarating sense of control and freedom that came with flying and she did not hesitate to set her sights incredibly high as she applied to Starfleet Academy. With the help of Juliard’s love of mathematics and adventure, Liselle excelled in her years of formal study.

Now, having recently graduated at the top of her class, Liselle Qwyyn stands ready for her life to finally begin.
Service Record 2387 – Liselle enters Starfleet Academny
2391 – Graduated from Starfleet Academy, 1st in class
Languages Federation Standard, Trill, Vulcan

Medical and Psychological Information