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Lieutenant JG Braden Masters

Name Braden Masters

Position Nurse

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "Amor vincit omnia."
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 157 lbs
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Braden is of average height, with a swimmers build. He has short, messy brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He tends to keep his facial hair a bit scruffy, more out of an aesthetic than out of laziness, as he is one of the least lazy, and most motivated people you are likely to meet. When not on duty he can often be found in comfortable clothing, such as an old t-shirt, some beat up old jeans, and a nice pair of sneakers. He tends not to wear jewelry, and has no tattoos.


Father David Masters
Mother Charlene Masters
Brother(s) James Masters
Sister(s) Eva Masters-Hyde
Other Family Eva Dunkirk (Maternal Aunt)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Braden is an introvert, and therefore is a quiet, introspective man. He doesn’t let this stop him from giving his best as a nurse, and an emt though. As one of the people who is almost always the first to arrive on any scene he has an efficient, and friendly air that puts people at ease. He is also an incredibly dedicated person, with a deep seated need to help people, borne from years spent in the care of his aunt Eva, who was an EMT and then an RN for her entire life.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Dedication
+ Drive
+ Ethical
- Introverted
- Shy
- Untrusting
Ambitions To return to Starfleet Medical Academy and eventually be a doctor.
To eventually meet a man or a woman he can fall in love with and create a family.
Hobbies & Interests Braden is a huge bookworm, enjoying the feel, smell, and visual impact of a real book, and the written word. An avid reader since childhood he still maintains a large collection of children’s books against the day he has a child of his own. He also has a large collection of digital books that he adds to as he is able. Outside of that he also enjoys outdoors activities, such as hiking, jogging, swimming, and fishing. While he was never an athletically inclined person he does enjoy watching some sports, such as soccer, and basketball.

Character Background

Personal History Braden was born into a small, warm, tight-knit family in Baltimore, Maryland. His father, James, was a career Starfleet officer, in the command track, with a starship of his own, and the requisite absence that creates. His mother, Charlene, was a professor at the Baltimore School for the Arts, where she taught Drama, specifically Shakespearean drama. He had a relatively happy childhood, as the youngest of the families three children.

When Braden was ten, however, all of that changed. His mother had left Earth to visit his father, but had not wanted to disrupt the children’s school year, and had thus left them behind in the care of his sister Eva. A shuttle accident ended the lives of both Charlene and James, while they were on their way to Risa for a three day shore-leave. The cause of the accident was determined to be a faulty intermix regulator on the shuttles warp drive. His older siblings were already old enough to be out on their own, but Braden suddenly found himself permanently in the care of his aunt.

It was from this experience that Braden grew into the man he is today. The experience of tragic loss, and the influence of watching Eva as she poured her heart, and soul into her work as an EMT, and eventually a nurse, shaped him in ways he didn’t even realize at the time. It instilled in him a love of helping those in need, and a deep seated value for human life. When he was in high school he began taking alternative courses specifically designed to help direct him into a medical career, such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and basic nursing, and cpr classes. Directly upon graduating, less than an hour after he received his diploma, Braden was in the local recruitment office, applying to sit the Medical Academy entrance exam.

His first year at the academy was a breeze, his previous classes in the area preparing him well for the coursework he would be taking, and even making it unnecessary for him to take some of them, as the classes were given dual credit status, and transferred to the academy. His next three years were much more challenging, but also more rewarding. He chose to focus his attentions on triage, and emergency medical care, with a focus on EMT and nursing that would allow him to be the most help to those in dire need.

He graduated from the Academy at the age of 22, and was immediately assigned to the USS Arcturus, a medical ship on routine medical supply run, but also set up for extreme medical emergencies as a first responder ship, and a training vessel for recent Academy graduates. He would spend a year aboard that ship, finishing out his post academy training as an emergency responder. It was during that first year that he would learn just how challenging his choice of career could be. While they were on a supply drop at a far flung colony the ship was diverted to answer a distress call from a Tiburonian freighter. When they arrived scans revealed massive levels of devastation, with the majority of the ship flooded with high levels of radiation from a leak in the plasma distribution system.

Braden was the lead on the extraction team, and took his team into the dangerous situation in nearly paralyzing fear. What they witnessed on that ship was enough to make his blood run cold. There were bodies everywhere, nearly sixty of them in all, some of them so far gone it would not be feasible to assist them. It broke his heart, but he had to make the tough decisions to help those who were able to be helped, and comfort those who were beyond help, making their last moments as comfortable as possible.

In all they were able to stabilize, and rescue nearly forty of the people aboard the freighter. His team functioned well together, and showed that he had a genuine skill at leading, and delegating in such situations. He was given a commendation for his performance, and the captain of the Tiburonian vessel thanked him in person for his help in the face of such daunting circumstances.

Now, after his training has finally been completed, he finds himself reassigned, and on his way out to the final frontier as an EMT and Nurse aboard the hospital ships, USS Calypso. Following a year aboard the Clypso, for his training mission he was up for a transfer, and joined the crew of the USS Elysium, as the lead of the EMT/Triage Nursing Team.
Service Record USS Calypso: 1 yr., Ensign, EMT/Nurse
USS Elysium: Current, Lieutenant J.G., EMT/Nurse

Medical and Psychological Information