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Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

Name Jason James Morris

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Let me tell you something, time to nut up or shut up
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 243 LBS
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A physically imposing man, hard muscles make up the majority of his body add his height and a dominating alpha is what he looks like. There is a small scar across his left eyebrow that runs down to his cheek.


Spouse N/A
Children Alex Morris, 10 (Adopted)
Father Retired Sergeant Major Patrick Wheeler (Deceased)
Mother Dr. Stacey Morris (Deaceased)
Brother(s) Half-brother : Keanu Morris, Prisoner, New Zealand penal settlement
Half-brother: Peyton Morris, Civilian, Unknown
Half-brother: Chandler Morris, Civilian, Earth
Half-brother: Zach Morris, Prisoner, New Zealand penal settlement
Step-brother: Jonas Macroni, Civilian, Earth
Sister(s) Half-sister: Danica Macroni, Civilian, Earth
Other Family Cousin: Jonathan Wheeler, Musician, Earth
Cousin: Julian Wheeler, Waiter, Moon
Uncle: Devon Wheeler, Engineer, Earth
Cousin: Ethan Wheeler, Civilian, Earth
Aunt: Teresa Armstrong, Nurse, Earth
Uncle: Curtis Armstrong, Engineer, Earth (Deceased)
Cousin: Ethan Armstrong, Engineer, Earth

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason is an east going guy; he often is at east with other people and can be quite sociable, Defiantly an evening person he loves to meet new people. However he does have a strict mindset when it comes to work.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength - Quick to get things done, Naturally quite, easy going problem solver, Out of the box thinker
Weakness - Overbearing at times, Left leg losses strength every so often causing a quick buckle. Overthinking.
Ambitions To give Alex the best life he possible can.
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts, Rock climbing, Puzzles, Reading, Chess, 20th Century holo sims, History

Character Background

Personal History Jason grew up in an outer laying suburban to Los Angeles, he lived there with his immediate family until the age of 17 when he left home to join Starfleet, from an early age Jason knew he wanted to join Starfleet, his father a then Gunnery Sergeant in the Starfleet Marine Corps pushed him to do better in school and took him on trips to see the ships and enjoyable things Starfleet offered.

Early on in life Jason took interest in Martial arts he went on to study Akido, Karate and Krava Maga. Around this time he also became interested in History and took to the books to learn more and more about history. He quickly accelerated in his Martial arts studies.

His teenage years followed and he conitued with his Martial arts studies and became facinated with 20th Centery fencing and Chess. The day of his 17th birthday Jason's Father took him to a recruiting depot and signed Jason up from Starfleet academy. With little more then his travel bag and a few cloths Jason headed to his the rest of his life.

At Starfleet academy Jason's first year was interrupted by an message from his mother requesting he came home. Jason took an emergency leave of absence from Starfleet Academy and went home to find his Half-sister had gotten pregnant to a local thief. Her life was not going in a good direction with an illegal drug and alcohol abuse after she gave birth to a healthy baby boy Jason was able to convince her to let him adopt Alex and take him as his own son. Jason continued with his general studies with his new son for the next year of the academy, during his third year he applied to the command school. Jason did not excel in the class but he did pass the command school with a secondary in Security/Tactical.

Jason was then assigned to U.S.S Exeter as a security officer. His first posting wasn't what he thought it would be especially with his son, but he made it work and was able to preform above his department heads expectations. After a year on board Exeter Jason found his rythem on board ship and was able to acquire a commendation from the Executive officer for promotion and the position of Ast. Chief of Security. With a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Jason continued to gain recognition from his superiors and earned himself another commendation.

Gaining his third commendation Jason was transferred to a small outpost on the Cardassian DMZ as the Ast. Security Chief to the colony. Jason and Alex, who were now 22 and 5 respectively enjoyed the small posting as it was on a planet with more then just the smallest ship to walk around or the same boring ship designs to look at, both father and son enjoyed being able to walk around together and into the hills. It was at this time Jason received news of his fathers passing and was able to secure passage and leave back to earth for the funeral.

While on Earth Jason was ordered to Starfleet HQ where he received his newest posting to the Academy. He was assigned as the Adjutant to the Academy staff, While posted at the Academy Alex started following his this Jason's footsteps and started taking martial arts classes but instead of history began to question more about the body. Jason on a hunch started to give his son more and more things involving the medical field and was happy to note that Alex took more and more to them. Around this time Jason received news of his mothers death. Already on Earth the trip was small but still sad. Both Father and Son began to bond more after this funeral.

Jason now 28 and Alex now 10 having served at Starfleet Academy for over 4 years felt it was time to try something new. With Jason's ambition for promotion and Alex wanting adventure the two filled for transfer to a ship.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: First year cadet; General Study

Starfleet Academy: Second year cadet; General Study

Starfleet Academy: Third year cadet; Command

Starfleet Academy: Fourth year cadet ; Command - Security/Tactical

USS Exeter: Ensign - Security officer

USS Exeter: Lieutenant Junior Grade - Assistant Chief of Security

Trip Colony: Lieutenant Junior Grade - Assistant Chief of Security

Trip Colony: Lieutenant Junior Grade - Assistant chief of Security

Starfleet HQ: Lieutenant - Adjutant

Starfleet Academy: Lieutenant - Adjutant

U.S.S. Elysium: Lieutenant - Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical

U.S.S. Elysium: Lieutenant Commander - Chief of Security/Tactical
Languages English

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review No Major Injury
Minor injury to left side of face from eyebrow down to cheek; Healed injury, Scar remains.
Minor injury to left shoulder; Treated injury
Allergies/Health Issues None