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Lieutenant Reannah Michaelson

Name Reannah Atrea Michaelson

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Never look a gift horse in the mouth. And never stand down wind of a horse's arse.
Species human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 108lbs
Hair Color deep brown-long
Eye Color deep brown
Physical Description Well toned. Growing up with three older brothers on a horse ranch will tone you up quick. Has a small scar on her left shoulder, and slightly down her back. The result of an accident on her horse when she was younger that almost claimed her life.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father James Tyler Michaelson
Mother Alice Leeanne
Brother(s) Rodney - age 42

Samuel - age 40

Matthew - age 37

Jason - age 34

Jacob - age 34
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Rodney's Wife - Rachael

Their Children - Emerson Mia Mitchell Yena

Samuel's Wife - Amy

Their Children - Aaron Kyle

Matthew's Wife - Lilly

Their Children - Annalee Rosemarie Mica

Personality & Traits

General Overview Reannah is not your typical woman. Though quite feminine on the eye. Once you get to know her you will find a boyish charm lurking under the surface. What chance did she have. With five older brothers on a horse ranch. Riding horses since she was two. Entering many, many, rodeo's and horse shows. And winning most of them.

Having grown up in Texas her whole life, Reannah didn't have the opportunity to travel out of state much. Not until she went to Starfleet Academy did she begin to explore places as well as adventures.

There are two very interesting sides of the coin to Reannnah. One side is quiet, observant, and ever watching and listening. The other side is tough as nails. Not afraid of a good challenge in battle, chess, or anything else that comes her way. She is soft spoken, loves people, and horses's even more. And can be found on the holodeck in one of her many down home on the ranch programs. Riding horse's to her hearts content. Reannah has an infectious smile that always seems to grace her lips. And can also be found making friends throughout the ship.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Strong physical condition. Ability to really listen and understand. Infectous smile. Kind heart. Sincere honesty.

Weaknesses - Most of the above strengths the weaknesses. Sometimes these things can make her vulnerable. But even when she is hurt. No one but those close to her can tell. Her forever smile can fool the best of them.
Ambitions Reannah doesn't care for the term ambitions. She has found personally as well as those she has counseled. That setting up ambitions can mostly set one up for a fall. Only one out of ten people will reach their ambitions. Leaving them depressed, angry, and even suicidal. But those who set goals for themselves, nine out of ten will reach them. Goals are baby steps to our ambitions.
Hobbies & Interests Horses and Riding
Rodeos and Horse Shoes
Music and Singing
Plays Piano and Guitar
Loves Dancing
Loves Karaoke
Loves cooking, baking
Loves her job
Loves people
But also quiet moments under the stars.
A soft gentle rain. Allowing the rain to fall on her face.

Character Background

Personal History Reannah was born to James and Alice Michaelson. Her birth is the sixth child born and the only girl. Leaving her the youngest with five older brothers. This of course made Reannah's life as a girl difficult. She began her experience around horses at the tender age of two months. But didn't begin riding till the age of two years old. Her first horse, a young pony she named cupcake. Grew up with her till the age of twelve. In the years to come Reannah had four more horses of her own. Her family and friends call her Re. A nickname given to her by her brothers. The horse ranch she grew up on in Dripping Springs, Texas is a warm and loving place. Filled with lots of family and ranch hands. And many more horses, with a few other animals as well. When she was old enough, Reannah help with meal preparations. Feeding a large family as well as a dozen or so ranch hands that lived in a bunk house on the ranch. Mother and daughter, being the only two females amongst family and ranch hands made it hard for Reannah to be just a girl. Bringing out the tom-boy in her. at an early age. Reannah entered numerous rodeo's and horse shows with her brothers. winning mostly first places and trophies. When she wasn't doing rodeo's or shows or tending to the horses on the ranch. Reannah would be found sitting under a shaded tree, twig in her mouth,reading about the stars and traveling to other galaxies and planets. She would spend hours on a clear night outside of her bedroom window. On the porch roof looking up at the stars. And on rainy days Reannah would be found dancing in circles as the rain hit her face. When she turned seventeen Reannah left the ranch, her family and horses behind to join Starfleet Academy, her ultimate dream. This began a new chapter in her life. One that would open doors to new life changing experiences and adventures. But one thing was for sure. She never put away her past, her upbringing. Instead she incorporated them into her new life, enriching that life even more. [A lot of this has been explained in the character background section. But I can come up with a few more things here.] Reannah rarely went on dates. Makes it difficult when you have five older brothers screening, analyzing , and torturing perspective boys even before she dated them. And even at Starfleet many men would ask. But only one caught her eye. Michael Davidson. They met at Starfleet Command her first year as base assistant counselor. When Michael was being prepped for his first command position on a Starfleet ship. With the rank of Captain. They continued the relationship long distance relationship for four years. During this time Michael proposed, asking Reannah to marry him. Saying yes they planned a wedding in six months. But two weeks before the wedding Michael's ship was attacked and he was killed. Reannah did what she always did when adversity came her way. Threw herself into work. Eventually she sought out counsel. That was approximately five years ago. And although Michael will always hold a special place in her heart. She has learned to move on and live again knowing that is what Michael would have wanted. Reannah has a contagious smile. And loves helping people. Which is why she chose counseling. Her dream has always been to do so on a starfleet vessel. Her life long dream of traveling the stars, the planets.

Service Record Having entered Starfleet Academy at the tender age of seventeen. Reannah excelled. Graduating in the top ten percent of her class. Graduating with awards and honors at the age of twenty one. Her first commission at Starfleet Command where she interned for two years. And then given new rank and position as assistant counselor. Over the years her service record was without flaw. As she gained in rank but her dream was to travel the stars. So when the position of Chief Counselor aboard the USS Elysium, a Federation Starship opened. Reannah jumped at the chance.
Languages Reannah speaks Federation standard, Vulcan and Klingon. Dabbling some in Rihannsu and Bajoran as well.

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Reannah is in perfect physical health. Keeping up with a work out regiment in the gym and on a special holodeck program she created for herself. Psychologically, Reannah is also, currently in good shape. Though having gone through a rough patch when her fiance was killed. She has since risen past this and though her heart carries the reminder. She has learned to move on. Smiling at the remembrance of him. Medically i see no issues that would keep Reannah from her position as counselor. Nor that aboard a federation vessel. She is in perfect physical condition. Only thing I have observed is a scar on her left shoulder that extends slightly down her back. This is from an injury she sustained when she was a young child.

Allergies/Health Issues Reannah has no allergies or health issues currently.

Counseling Review Having numerous reviews over the years. She has passed them all. Even during a dark time in her life when she lost her fiance in a tragic accident.