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Commander Sthilg

Name Sthilg

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing
Species Gorn
Age 217

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 167
Hair Color None
Eye Color White
Physical Description Big mean scaley just like most gorn. Not someone you'd like to meet on any kind of night. From his body language you can tell there's something mystifying about him, perhaps it's a feeling of guilt or perhaps it's simply his unfortunate past.


Spouse Shassou (deceased) Dating Deanna
Children Gedes gorn/orion hybrid (deceased)

Lieutenant Alicia Kelea-Salik. Adopted.

Connor Taylor (mirror universe adopted grandson)

N’Vea (Adopted Grandaughter.)
Father Dimar deceased
Mother Teerr deceased
Brother(s) Three deceased

Sister(s) Seven deceased
Other Family Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen (Adopted Son in law.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Many things can be said of Sthilg, but at the very least he's helpful and patient. Of course he’s also sociable, aspiring and capable.
His helping hand though, this is what he’s kind of cherished for. People often count on this and his focus when they're feeling down.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths.
Medical genius
Extreme strength and combat prowess
Great sense of smell.

Weak in cold environments.
Anger when people try to tell him how to do his job.
Large amounts of prosthetic limbs and replacement parts fill his body.
Is rather underweight due to a recent illness.
Ambitions If Sthilg has any ambitions he doesn’t share them.

Hobbies & Interests Sthilg has many hobbies and very few are what you’d think of as something that would matter to a gorn. He has a love of poetry, philosophy and art though his views can be considered alien. He also does his own research into genetic engineering and it’s side effects. He also tries to create the strongest coffee in the universe.

Character Background

Personal History Sthilg was born on a remote outpost far from what could be called civilised space. Despite this had a rather pleasant life with his family until he was sixteen years old even being accepted as the colony's healer's apprentice.

Two years after he took the position the federation exploration vessel Capetown crashed on the planet.Sthilg was part of the team that hiked into the mountains to recover the ship's survivors and brought them back to the colony. Unfortunately, the crashed ship unearthed an unknown virus began to sweep through the small colony killing most of the population. As the colony died around him he had to work with the cape towns doctor to complete a cure. The two did and the doctor left the young gorn with his medical alimace.

After he finished his training he began travelling around selling his skills as a doctor. It wasn’t long before he was found on several war zones where he acquired a excellent reputation as a medical officer.

During this time he found himself involved in the various war’s and skirmishes along the klingon border. During one of these, the klingon border fleet asked for a truce as their own medical officer was wounded. Offering his services he performed well and helped patch up the wounded klingons in an agreement that the empire would end hostilities with the natives. Impressed by his skills as a doctor and as a diplomat and as thanks for saving his children the fleet captain asked the gorn to become his ships, medical officer.

The gorn liked his time in the empire performing so well on the ship with the high command even needing to double check the record given his warbird has such a low death count.

With the outbreak of the war with cardassia his warbird was transferred to the front. On both the ground and on starships the gorn earned a reputation as a brave warrior and healer.
And as one war ended and the next began he found himself in the dominion war. Finding himself assigned to a joint medical team of all three allied forces. Here he learned even more and gained a reputation among the Romulan and federation doctors.
With the end of the dominion war and with his contract with the KDF ending he applied for a commission in Starfleet. Lacking medical personnel after the war Starfleet accepted giving him a field commission.

Though he was slow to adjust to the federation ships way of life the gorn proved to be more than capable as a doctor and a surgeon by federation standards. Whilst working with the fleet he also completed the federation medical degrees as well as the officer's course.

Examples from Sthilg's bibliography

Medical papers.

"The Ethics of Hybridization: Implications for Medical Practice"
"Surgical Techniques for Alien Lifeforms"
"A Comparative Study of Gorn and Human Anatomy"
"Obstetrical Considerations for Hybrid Pregnancies"
"Pediatric Care for Non-Humanoid Species"
"An Analysis of Gorn Physiology and the Effects of Space Travel"
"A Study of Interspecies Reproduction: Challenges and Solutions"
"The Role of Genetic Engineering in Creating Alien Hybrids"
"Surgical Management of Gorn-Specific Diseases"
"Neonatal Care for Half-Gorn Infants"
"The Impact of Starship Environment on Hybridization"
"Genetic Screening for Interstellar Couples"
"The Psychological Effects of Hybridization on the Offspring"
"Cultural and Societal Implications of Alien Hybridization"
"A Guide to Treating Non-Humanoid Wounds and Injuries"
"Postpartum Care for Hybrid Mothers"
"An Examination of Alien Pathogens and Their Effects on Gorn Physiology"
"Medical Ethics in Treating Non-Sentient Lifeforms"
"The Challenge of Communicating Medical Information to Non-Humanoid Patients"
"The Role of Traditional Medicine in Hybrid Care: A Comparative Study."
"Medical Considerations for Deep Space Exploration: Lessons from Gorn Physiology"
"Challenges and Solutions in Providing Medical Care for Non-Corporeal Lifeforms"
"A Comparative Study of Gorn and Klingon Physiology"
"The Role of Telemedicine in Interstellar Medical Care"
"A Study of the Effects of Long-Term Cryogenic Suspension on Gorn Physiology"
"The Importance of Cross-Species Medical Training in Starfleet"
"A Study of Gorn Immune System Response to Infectious Diseases"
"The Impact of Microgravity on Hybrid Gestation and Development"

Personal writings.

Artificial Synapsids. Conception between mammals and reptiles.

Interview as part of the recovery team of incident “ Red Angel.”

Starfleet emergency first aid guide edition twenty-two. Sections Seventy, one hundred and twenty and three hundred and ten.

"Blood, Targs and plasma. Memories from one hundred and fifty years in the KDF. "

"Will you stop reading that $%$%$%$%$%$$%$£$£%$£V Ferengi rubbish?" Angry letter to federation medical magazine regarding the myth of gorn parasitization.

“ Memory.” Poem to Starfleet journal issue One thousand and seventy-three.
Service Record 2368: First appearance in records as doctor working in the M'Kafa defence force.
2370: First contract drawn up with KDF border fleet as combat medic on IKC BochHov
2372: Assigned to IKC BIrHegh as assistant surgeon.
2373: Assigned to IKC BIrHom as chief medical officer.
2374: Assigned to federation medical ship Cape Town as part of the KDF detachment.
2377: Commision with starfleet accepted assigned to deep space 3 as assistant surgeon.
2380: Assigned to Starbase 856 as chief surgeon
2390: Assigned to USS Manchester as chief surgeon
2393: Assigned to Starbase 218 As chief surgeon.
Languages Gorn, klingon, romulan, english.

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Sthilg has a long listed of injuries from reports going back hundreds of years. Mostly filled out by himself.

Many included broken limbs, phaser/disrupter wounds and injuries caused by patients.

He has many wounds caused by his time in a cardassian prison camp mostly through him taking the punishment from other prisoners.

A recent infection of Faris Scophutus he has suffered has left him very underweight. He ahs already draw up a diet to fix this.
Allergies/Health Issues None known.
Counseling Review Needs updating.