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Lieutenant Sabrina Alexander

Name Sabrina Elyse Alexander

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "No one is truly gone unless they are forgotten."
Species Human/Builder
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color Silky Black
Eye Color Metallic Emerald Green
Physical Description Lean and lithe, Sabrina moves with grace like a dancer, though she is not one. Her hip-length, silky black hair is usually tied up in a ponytail which is then braided when on duty, though she wears it down, only the front and sides pulled back, off duty. Her metallic emerald eyes are warm and kind, inviting others into her circle.


Spouse None... yet
Children None
Father Adrian Marcus Alexander (Deceased)
Mother Feliyna (Torran) Alexander (127)
Brother(s) Anthony Samuel Alexander (37)
Sister(s) Seriyna Taryn Alexander (31)
Other Family None she has contact with.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sabrina tends to treat everyone with the gentle caring of her breed. She is, in Builder Society, a Silver with traces of Gold (which is the Color of the Healer, the touches of Gold are bits of the Color of the Warrior), and she lives up to that. But do not mistake this gentle soul for a weak one. She has a deep inner strength that shows through in times of intense stress and danger. She treats all as equals, no matter the race or background, until and unless they give her reason to see them differently. She is not easily provoked, displaying the extensive patience her Sect is known for among Builders.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Compassionate
+ Silver energy
+ Devoted to her patients
+ Telepathy and Empathy

- Sometimes too devoted; will often neglect her own needs to help them
- Both psionic talents are limited to very close range
Ambitions Sabrina is doing what drives her, helping others. What more is there, in her opinion.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Singing, playing flute and harp, sketching, writing Holodeck programs (a thing learned from her brother), word puzzles
Likes: Kind people, good coffee, mental puzzles
Dislikes: Prejudice of any kind, Hasperat

Character Background

Personal History Miscellaneous Data
Training: Standard Federation, Starfleet Academy, Home-teaching in Builder Society and use of her Gifts
Degrees: Psychology; Medicine, General
Special Abilities: The Builder Silver, though being only half Builder, hers is severely limited.
Betazoid-level Telepathy and Empathy
Talents: Ambidextrous, Music

Personal History & Notes
Sabrina was raised in a very loving home. Like most sets of siblings, she and her two siblings had their occasional spats, but they were never bad enough to cause a rift. Even to this day, she maintains close contact with both.

Her parents were Starfleet, and as such, they moved a lot. Sabrina, Anthony, and Seriyna, as a result, attended many schools across the Federation. They also learned a great deal about people in their travels. Sabrina decided very young what she wanted to do with her life. As the mediator between her two siblings most of the time, her parents thought she might become a diplomat. However, she had other ideas.

When she came of age to apply, she attended the Academy, taking a double major of General Medicine and Psychology. She graduated with honors, second in her class. Her brother went completely the opposite direction, becoming an "Independent Merchant." And Seriyna became a civilian Doctor with her own practice.

Sabrina was first sent to serve aboard the far-distant Starbase 193 as an Ensign and a Junior Counselor. Her service here ended when she was promoted three years later to Lieutenant Junior Grade and sent to serve the USS Atlantis as its Chief Counselor. Another two years there, and Starfleet again transferred her, promoting her to Lieutenant.


For Species information, see
Service Record Starbase 193 – Ensign, Junior Counselor, 3 years
USS Atlantis – Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Counselor, 2 years
Languages Federation Standard, Builder

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Extremely healthy, it is clear that Sabrina works to keep herself thus. There is evidence of the typical childhood maladies that all Federation citizens have had, but nothing more.
Allergies/Health Issues None that she knows of.
Counseling Review As a Counselor herself, Sabrina knows the value of seeking constructive ways of coping with any situation and makes use of them. She has no overshadowing issues of note, but has shown a reticence for being completely alone. This is not to the point of phobia, but it is definitely a state which she avoids if at all possible.