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Lieutenant Commander Rosalyn Parish

Name Rosalyn Margaret Parish

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Blimey
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 8st
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Rosalyn is a caucasian female with auburn hair and hazel eyes. She is of average stature and is physically fit. On duty, she prefers to wear minimal makeup and typically has her hair tight up into a bun or plaited. Off duty, she takes a casual approach to her appearance, normally wearing a combination of jeans, tank-top, and plaid shirt rounded off by a pair of vans or chuck taylors. She always wears a worn silver locket containing a picture of her maternal grandmother and father.


Father Lt Commander Henry Parish, Medical Officer, Starfleet (KIA)
Mother Dr Marie Parish, Neurologist, Alexandria Hospital, Manchester, UK
Other Family * Henry Parish, Retired (Paternal Grandfather)
* Jean Parish, Retired (Paternal Grandmother)
* Jonathan Deveraux, Retired (Maternal Grandfather)
* Rose Deveraux, Deceased (Maternal Grandmother)
* Commander Ephraim Bartholomew Parish, Starfleet Corps of Engineering, ELOA (Paternal Cousin/best friend)

Personality & Traits

General Overview At her core, Rosalyn is an incredibly empathetic individual who sees it as her moral responsibility to help others in need. She has an avid interest in her field of psychology, specifically trauma-related psychological issues. Whilst maintaining professionalism at all times, she's highly enthusiastic about her work and can be described as having a cheerful and open personality.

Despite that, she can demonstrate pragmatism and is efficient at managing her stress. She is aware of the importance of boundaries and is incredibly private even during her downtime, only sharing when required or relevant.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Diplomatic
+ Empathetic
+ Diligent

- Stubborn
- Closed-off
- Slow to total trust
Ambitions Rosalyn has a 'go-with-the-flow' attitude towards her career with Starfleet. So long as she can utilise her counselling skills she's content.
Hobbies & Interests * Rosalyn is part of a community that discusses unresolved mysteries and serial crimes. She enjoys how she can apply her acquired skills without having it feel like work.
* She enjoys music and has eclectic tastes through many genres. She considers herself a decent singer, but only sings in private.
* Participates in roleplay in the holodeck. She is particularly fond of investigative law enforcement themes.

Character Background

Personal History 2365 - 2383, Early Life

The daughter of Henry and Marie Parish, Rosalyn Margaret Parish was born in Manchester, England, in 2365. Within months, the family relocated to Yountville, California, to be closer to the Parish family and for Henry to be closer to SFA where he would work until Rosalyn turned 1. Before the family could meet that milestone tragedy befell them.

In 2366 word reach Starfleet Command that a Borg Cube was rapidly making its way to sector 001. The imminent threat wasn’t lost on anyone and SFC make short work of forming a task force out of the nearest 40 ships and ordered them to rendezvous in the Wolf System. The battle was a disaster and Henry would never return home.

As a result of Henry’s passing his brother, Tobias, would make a significant effort to support Marie and Rosalyn in any way possible. Over time they all became incredibly close. Marie considered Tobia’s wife, Angela, to be her best friend. A young Rosalyn would grow up idolising her older cousin Ephraim, growing to see him as an older brother type figure.

During her high school years, Rosalyn would begin to focus on working towards a career in Starfleet. Academically, she excelled in biology, chemistry, psychology and sociology. Outside of school, whenever Ephraim was back from assignment, the pair would go over everything and anything Starfleet related to ensure Rosalyn was prepared for Academy life.

After achieving the adequate grades and passing the entrance exam, and with a shining letter of recommendation from her cousin, Rosalyn was accepted into Starfleet Medical.

2383 - 2387 SFA

Rosalyn flourished at the academy. The military-style structure and routine leant well towards helping her keep focussed and the course content was challenging. After her first year had concluded she began to specialise as a Counselling Officer, focussing mostly on treating individuals with trauma and xenopsychiatric methods. Rosalyn’s graduation was overshadowed by the most significant tragedy the Beta Quadrant had experienced in recent memory. Despite the best efforts of the Vulcan Science Academy, the Hobus star went supernova and destroyed many nearby systems, including the Capital of the Romulan Star Empire, Romulus.

2387 - 2389: Starfleet Medical San Francisco, further training

Given recent events, Rosalyn opted to stay on with the Academy to further hone her skills as a psychiatrist. Refugees were spread quadrant wide and the failing Romulan infrastructure was spread thin trying to support them. The Federation offered aid where it could and Rosalyn was hoping to be assigned on a ship tasked with providing that aid. She further focussed on trauma and learned therapeutical techniques for PTSD and grief. She also completed many hours of therapy sessions as the therapist.

2389 - 2392: USS Ptolemy, Nebula Class, Counsellor

After her training had concluded, Rosalyn sought assignment aboard the Ptolemy, a Nebula Class vessel assigned to the Beta Quadrant tasked with supporting several Romulan settlements over two sectors. Rosalyn enjoyed her job, particularly the days when she was able to join one of the relief teams ground side and provide therapy in a more comfortable setting. Eventually, things began to stabilise for the Romulans and the Ptolemy was called upon less and less prompting Rosalyn to begin considering a new assignment.

2392 - 2394: USS Martin, Excelsior Class, Asst. Chief Counsellor

Rosalyn accepted a post as the Assistant Chief Counsellor aboard the USS Martin. Being a cruiser, the Martin’s mission scope was much wider. The first year she spent aboard the Martin was assigned to the patrol sector 024 which contained several systems of interest to the Federation’s colonial branch. The first colony to host a Starfleet station was Tyran IV, the Martin would operate out of Starbase T4 during this time.

With the Galaxy’s stability shaken in recent years, Starfleet’s reach had been strained. Colonies no longer had their protection stemming solely from their Federation status. Opportunistic Pirates and Raiders had taken advantage of the chaos and colonies found themselves relying more and more on a Starfleet presence. The Martin was no stranger to the conflict’s that had been arising and had quickly established herself as a legitimate threat to any illegal operations.

Rosalyn would gain significant experience during this time, The Martin didn’t always come out unscathed and the crew became reliant on Rosalyn to help them through the more difficult times. Throughout all this time she remained close to her cousin Ephraim. He told her of his adventures aboard the Elysium, her favourite of which was when the vessel was marooned in the Andromeda Galaxy.

These conversations fostered an interest in the vessel and its crew. Eventually, she could barely stop herself from daydreaming about the assignment on the vessel and when her second annual review rolled along she submitted for transfer.
Service Record * Medical Sciences Cadet, Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, 2385-89
- Cadet VI-I
* Counselling Officer, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco Hub, 2389-2391
- Ensign
* Counselling Officer, USS Ptolemy, 2391-94
- Lieutenant Junior Grade
* Asst. Chief Counselling Officer, USS Martin, 2392-96
- Lieutenant
* Chief Counselling Officer, USS Elysium, 2396-Current
- Lieutenant Commander
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Rosalyn has a distinct scar that runs vertically down her left arm. It is 5 inches long and was inflicted during a battle the Martin had with several pirate vessels.
Allergies/Health Issues Rosalyn is allergic to cat dander. OTC anti-histamine is sufficient for treatment.
Counseling Review Rosalyn is of sound mind. She, like everyone else, sometimes struggle with stress management, but she is fully aware of the services available to access.