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Lieutenant Tate Sullivan

Name Tate Sullivan Ph.D.

Position Assistant Chief of Counselor

Second Position Chief of Paediatric Counselling

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tate has pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and is of medium build. While at work, she likes to wear her hair up, either with a clip or in a ponytail. She is not particularly athletic, but enjoys swimming to stay in shape.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Unknown (biological)
Mother Ava Sallinger (biological)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Mother: Michelle Sullivan (adoptive)
Father: Phillip Sullivan (adoptive)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite growing up in a world of gray, Tate has a strong sense of morality. She genuinely cares for her patients, though she is not as gullible and naïve as people might suspect. She has no tolerance for those who abuse their power and she has no problem standing up for the people and causes she believes in. She is a professional always, but over time, she has learned how to work within a complex and at times corrupt system to get some semblance of peace for those she works with.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is hardworking, kind, and perhaps more maternal than she should be. She loves to laugh and can be sarcastic and competitive at times. Tate is an intelligent woman, but isn’t the type to flaunt her degrees. She is deeply committed to working with trauma survivors and discovering the truth behind her mother’s death. Tate is not naïve when it comes to the uphill battle she faces as a mental health professional in some circumstances, but she values the challenge and the privilege of bearing witness to other people’s struggles.
Ambitions Tate longs to be a wife and mother someday, but can’t imagine finding someone who will be accepting of her work and its rigorous schedule.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, cooking, and research

Character Background

Personal History Tate was first exposed to prison life at age eight, when she was by then no longer Tate Salinger but Tate Sullivan. By the time she saw her wrinkled, scarred, and addict mother through prison visitors’ glass, she had already been removed from her mother three times and lived in several foster homes. Tate never knew her father, and had almost no emotional connection to her mother.

It wasn’t until Tate was adopted by two retired Starfleet officers – Phillip, a scientist, and Michelle, a medical officer - and given the stability she craved, she began visiting her biological mother to find out where all went wrong. The bright and compassionate girl heard stories detailing her mother’s childhood sexual abuse, prostitution, domestic violence, and eventual drug addiction. It was shocking for Tate to hear and hard for her to believe at first, given how enlightened 24th century society was supposed to be. The notion that a darker side could still thrive and that people could still hurt each other in the most primitive ways sparked an early curiosity in the psyche.

While her mother’s explanations didn’t erase the anger Tate felt because of her own neglect by her mother, Tate eventually came to accept she didn’t have to repeat the same destruction. Tate and her mother developed a friendship and understanding that allowed Tate to embrace her potential.

She did well in school and never lost her desire to understand and ultimately help others. No one was surprised when Tate decided to pursue Starfleet Academy to pursue psychology.
Her mother’s death in prison, while labeled an overdose, has haunted Tate. Rumors of prisoner abuse ignited a passion to help trauma survivors in and out of the law enforcement and judicial systems. Consequently, Tate sought assignments as a victim advocate and forensic psychiatrist with Starfleet JAG and the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service vessel, the USS Challenger. In these roles, Tate was often required to work with a number of people with diverse agencies involved in complex investigations. Tate used her expertise to create profiles of persons of interest, to assist with interviews and interrogations, and to offer expert testimony as needed.

She is particularly known by colleagues for helping people from all walks of life deal not only with the immediate aftermath of an event, but also how to find long-term healing. She can be counted on to do her best, no matter how complex or sensitive the issue, and as a result, she has been entrusted with assisting the Department of Temporal Investigations as well as with investigations at the highest levels of Starfleet.
This made her the perfect candidate for the USS Elysium, a ship with a unique tasking from the Department of Temporal Investigations as well as Starfleet Command. Tate served as the Elysium’s Chief Counselor with additional roles as the Forensic Psychologist for its Internal Affairs team and as a supervisory counselor for the temporally displaced.

When the Elysium was recalled for a long-term refit, Starfleet Medical assigned her to the USS Atlantia, a Rapid Response vessel, believing her diverse skillsets made her an ideal candidate to help manage the unique crises the vessel would be asked to manage. Tate exceeded expectations, proving she knew how to use her expertise for more than just investigations, but also mass disasters, SAR operations, hostage negotiations, medical emergencies, and diplomacy. When the Atlantia was recalled two years later, Tate wasn’t sure what the future held until her superiors presented her with what they warned would be her greatest challenge yet: helping the troubled crew of the beaten down USS Langport earn their redemption.

After four years aboard the Langport, the ship was de-commissioned, and to Tate’s surprise, Starfleet Medical requested she return to a familiar posting, the Elysium, to assist in debriefing and caring for its crew following their return from the Andromeda Galaxy and the subsequent aftermath. Citing Tate’s experience in working with trauma survivors and providing psychological expertise for investigations, she was ordered to report to the Elysium.
Service Record 2374 – 2378: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA – Psychology Track – summa cum laude
2378 – 2382: Clinical Psychology residency specializing in Forensic and Trauma Psychology
2382 – 2384: Victim Advocate/Psychology, Starfleet JAG HQ, Earth
2384 – 2386: Victim Advocate/Psychology, SCIS flagship, USS Challenger
2386 - 2388: Chief Counselor/Forensic Psychologist, USS Elysium
2388 - 2390: Chief Counselor, USS Atlantia
2390 – 2394: Chief Counselor, USS Langport
Present: Chief Counselor/Forensic Psychologist, USS Elysium
Languages Federation Standard and some Klingon

Medical and Psychological Information