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Lieutenant Nevada McKay

Name Nevada Alexandria McKay

Position Former Crew Member

Second Position Former Crew Member

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Technologies Are never evil, Just Poorly used.
Species Human
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83 meters
Weight 77Kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color light blue
Physical Description A moderately attractive human female, Nevada Stands at 6'1" with Dark Smooth Skin, and a Well muscled fit build. Dark blue eyes and short Dark brown hair which she keeps cut close to her head in a Short, Well maintained bob. Arms have multiple intricate tattoo's that she displays with pride, To spite Star fleet uniform regulations.


Spouse None
Children N/a
Father Dr. David McKay
Mother Dr. Oliva Fletcher McKay
Brother(s) 3 brothers
Sister(s) 4 sisters

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nevada has been described by what few peers she has as Driven to succeed no matter the cost. And on multiple occasions her Drive to succeed pushed her to use her body and sexuality to achieve her goals. While she avoids using this method on a regular she is not opposed to the Phrase: Any means Necessary.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Multilingual
+Strong Memory
=Extremely Motivated by her Goals
=Strong Willed.
-Believes rules are breakable
-outwardly Critical of the federation
Ambitions To Over turn the Federations Techonophobic ban on Genetic engineering
Hobbies & Interests Botany and Xenobotany
Traditional culinary arts
Romantic Holosims
Language Studies.

Character Background

Personal History Nevada McKay was born in Chihuahua Mexico as the second child in a family that would eventually have 8 children, including her. Four years after her birth her family moved to Utah to a quaint plot of land in a small town know as Heber. During her youth her academic achievements were largely overshadowed by her families more gifted children. While Nevada did manage to pass all of her exams she always felt more of a connection with the out doors, and spent the majority of her childhood exploring the mountains of Utah with out supervision rather then building personal Relations with her neighbors.

Her parents fearing for the young girls emotional state had her seen by psychologists, who diagnosed her Social anxiety, a diagnosis that did little to sway her in her ways, as the wilderness of Utah seemed almost to perfect for a girl who wanted to escape reality.

On her fourteenth birthday Nevada ran away from home with a rucksack full of supplies and a sleeping bag to live in the mountains she’d grown to love. Though her stay in the wilderness was short lived, and she soon found herself dragged back home by law enforcement.

By the age of sixteen Nevada had completed the required course work to earn a Diploma, and rather then follow in her fathers footsteps and study to become a doctor she once again packed up her rucksack, but this time to emancipate herself from home, and start her life. For the next year Nevada wandered the earth, living from city to city, occasionally working at a cargo dock to earn whatever credits she needed for her life.

As she Explored Earth with reckless abandon Her attention’s danced about with barely legal Technologies, and even ones outlawed by the Federation. Her Phaser like focus had found something new to play with as the Federation encountered the Borg for the first time; Nanoprobes. Where Some federation scientists saw Weapons and terror, She saw opportunity and Progress. In an effort to ensure another Technology Wasn’t sealed away by Starfleet out of what she saw as Naive fear Nevada Enrolled into the Sydney based Star Fleet academy, using and abusing he fathers Name to get ahead in her course work and push herself ever closer to those elusive nanoprobes.

It was at the academy she Made the first decision that would see Her pattern of Nonconformity Return. Using “Borrowed” Equipment She tinkered with the Genetic code of a Coffee plant she’d been cultivating out of her Dorm room, Ramping the caffeine production up by several degree’s for the plant. While Ultimately harmless the Genetic tinkering landed her in deep trouble with The Academies Ethics and Legal teams, who all Endlessly debated on what an appropriate punishment was. After lengthy debates She was cleared to Return to her studies, But her Room would be searched once a week, and she’d be barred from Graduating with Honors.

These restrictions did Little to Dampen her Mood and Curiosity how ever as a Week before her graduation she was caught in the shuttle bay of the academy trying to Disassemble a navigational deflector for parts. When Asked why she Made the excuse of trying to cross train with engineering, an excuse that, while a complete lie and everyone knew it, they couldn’t disprove it.

With her graduation Nevada quickly volunteered for any deep space assignment she could.

She was assigned to the Hospital ship USS Chattanooga as an assistant Medical officer, A Role she found utterly dull as it severely limited her research time and opportunities. She Actively petitioned for the next two years for a transfer to a dedicated Research assignment. A petition Star Fleet Command actively Denied. Boiling with frustration Nevada Pushed for promotions instead, hoping that if she made Chief medical officer she’d have more time to peruse her desired research.
Her Records mired with Controversy she was finally to achieve the rank of Lieutenant, Just in time for the Dominion war to break out. She was quietly reassigned to the USS T’rcha A Primarily Vulcan crewed ship as A medical officer. It was here She Learned an almost unhealthy distaste for Vulcans their constant Chiding of her for Using her emotions. To Keep Her thoughts off her Dispassionate Crewmates she started to perform hypothetical research, letting her mind wander when she wasn’t Performing her duties as the medical officer.

Coincidentally she Constructed a molecule of Trellium in simulations that would, In theory of course, Remove the emotional inhibitions of her Vulcan crewmates, with out the Normal side effects of neural degeneracy that had been Reported centuries earlier by the crew of the NX-01. However with the Dominion war Raging on her Research was Picked up by star fleet intelligence who Viewed it as an attempt On her part to Effect genetic engineering again, or to make a narcotic.

She was arrested for attempted Drug synthesis, and incarcerated for the Remainder of the war, serving as an assistant to the prisons Medical team as the war dragged on. It was in this camp she made friends with a Romulan officer who’d been “Donated” to help interrogate captured Cardassian and Dominion officers. The two hit things off when they discussed their mutual distaste with the Federations Technophobic actions. A Romance Started to spark before She was Transferred back to Romulus .

Once the war had finally come to its close the Star Fleet Jag Office Reviewed her case for the first time Since her incarceration and found that while Her Research could have been used negatively it ultimately had No Negative impacts on the federation, her crew, and herself. A Harmless Hobby that Never Saw the light of day beyond a computer simulation.

Starfleet medical was Less enthusiastic about the Doctors Return to duty, but permitted it, so long as she dropped all research on Vulcan physiology. Nevada Agreed to these terms with out a moments thought, her distaste for Vulcans still present in her mind.

She was briefly assigned to the Hospital ship USS Mercy to aid with the Relief efforts on Cardassia

She served on the mercy under Strict supervision Until the Hobus incident, where she was Transferred to the USS Cairo to Serve as the ships assistant Chief medical officer, Star Fleeting noting that of all their doctors she had the strangest, yet strongest ties to the Fractured Empire.
Service Record USS Chattanooga: Assistant Medical officer
USS T'rcha: Medical officer
Jaros II: Incarcerated Medical Volunteer (Exonerated)
USS Mercy: Relief Medic
USS Cairo: Assistant Chief Medical officer
Languages Fluent English, Fluent Spanish, Semi Fluent Romulan

Medical and Psychological Information