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Lieutenant JG T'Kek [Naxea]

Name T'Kek [Naxea]

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote I aim to help
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 26
Cabin Assignment Deck 8 Cabin 37 E-I

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 190
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description T'Kek is tall and lean, sporting a chiseled, athletic build with short black hair styled more human than Vulcan. He has Terran-Asian features as well as the typical pointed ears from his Vulcan Ancestry.


Spouse N/A
Children None.
Father Admiral Strev
Mother Captain Kanna Kim
Brother(s) None.
Sister(s) Lt. T'Pral

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Kek is a social and outgoing guy, which catches many off guard, who often notice his Vulcan features first.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Vulcan strength, attention to detail, and endurance.

Weakness: Can become emotional easily which he battles with meditation though it doesn't always work.
Ambitions To simply help people and enjoy his time in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Practicing Akido,

Character Background

Personal History T'Kek was born aboard the USS Ticonderoga where his mother served on the ship as a medical officer. His father served as a science officer. Life with two parents in Starfleet wasn't easy for T'Kek and his older sister, T'Pral. However, T'Kek's father was strict in their schooling, wanting his children to be a prime example of being Vulcans. This had the opposite effect as T'Kek and T'Pral both proved to be more human in their emotions and interactions with others much to their father's disapproval. However, both parents insisted on the children learning meditation for control as their emotions were often stronger than non-Vulcans.

At the age 13, T'Kek was left alone as his sister was accepted into Starfleet Academy and he would sometime visit his mother at work and watch her heal patients. Seeing the satisfaction, relief, and happiness his mother brought others and making a real difference in other people's lives caused T'Kek to want to also help others. He was soon allowed to help his mother and her staff by cleaning and stocking medical equipment. In 2385, at the age of 17, T'Kek applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy's Medical Track.

While at the Acdemy, T'Kek earned a reputation of being a flirt which landed him in hot water more than once. After the Academy and Starfleet Medical School, Ensign T'Kek was assigned to the USS Elysium as a medical officer.
Service Record 2385-2390- Starfleet Academy

2390-2394- Starfleet Medical School
Languages Vulcan, Federation Standard
Academy Graduation Year 2394

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review T'Kek is in excellent health
Allergies/Health Issues None.
Counseling Review T'Kek often has trouble repressing his emotions which can lead to trouble.