Season 5: It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

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The year is 2397

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Included Missions

Season 5: Episode 1: No Exit

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An away mission goes wrong

Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity

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In 2056, world war 3 had just ended and a number of violent factions had risen around the globe. One of these was led by Colonel Phillip Green, whose actions led to the death of some thirty-seven million people. His regime would eventually fall prior to 2063, but he had plans. He sent his most rabid followers into cryosleep. He had found a world light years away where Humans could settle and be safe from their enemies. His followers willingly went into cryo sleep and in 2059, the Sleeper ship Abraham was launched. And 150 souls were sent on a one way trip.

Season 5: Mission 3: "Return to Eden"

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A distress call is received from the Federation Colony close to Rubicun III, several unknown vessels have attacked the cargo ships supplying both the colony and Edo close by. So far three have been destroyed and several others damaged. Mystery abounds

Season 5: Episode 4: Decker’s Bane

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The Elysium receives a distress signal from a facility that officially does not exist called ‘Facility Zero.’ When the Elysium arrives, they find that the Facility is a top-secret storage facility for things that are so dangerous that the Federation has hidden them away in a system that is inaccessible by warp drive. The only way through the dense asteroid belts and minefields is several in-system routes that must be navigated by impulse.

When the Elysium arrives at Facility Zero, they find the facility nearly destroyed and a very old, very familiar terror is waiting for them.

Season 5: Episode 5: The Acorosiel War

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The Elysium had been sent out past the known boarders of the Klingon Empire. They came to unexplored regions of space. Another 4 weeks at warp 5, put them at the edge of an G Class Solar system. There were 6 planets in it, but only one was habitable. Staying at the edge of the system, they were able to observe that the planet was surrounded by ships and two meteor belts.