Season 5: It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

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The year is 2397

Group Post Count: 1771

Included Missions

Season 5: Time Warp

Post Count: 197

Set between 10/6/2397 and 27/08/2397, these are the adventures of the USS Elysium and its crew during a 2 month shore leave period.

Season 5: Episode 1: No Exit

Post Count: 196

An away mission goes wrong

Season 5: Episode 2: Operation Save Humanity

Post Count: 578

In 2056, world war 3 had just ended and a number of violent factions had risen around the globe. One of these was led by Colonel Phillip Green, whose actions led to the death of some thirty-seven million people. His regime would eventually fall prior to 2063, but he had plans. He sent his most rabid followers into cryosleep. He had found a world light years away where Humans could settle and be safe from their enemies. His followers willingly went into cryo sleep and in 2059, the Sleeper ship Abraham was launched. And 150 souls were sent on a one way trip.

Season 5: Interlude: Darkness Abounds

Post Count: 226

The darkness is giving way to the light finally as the Black Watch Crew comes full circle.

Season 5: Episode 3: CAPETOWN

Post Count: 375

The Elysium, under the command of Captain Lovejoy receives a distress signal from a Gorn Dreadnaught!