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Personal Log: 001

Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2019 @ 8:32am by Lieutenant Commander S'hib

"Computer start recording," S'hib said gently while approaching the exterior window to his quarters. PADD in one hand, and a tall metal mug in his other.

"Ensign S'hibs personal log, Stardate..." He trailed off, furrowing his brow in thought for a moment. "...72117, I arrived aboard Deep Space Nine several hours ago and have spent much of my time studying the Elysium's crew manifest." He finished before taking a sip from his drink, the steam starting to settle upon the cold glass in front of him.

"I'm quite eager to get aboard, however it seems there is an indefinite amount of time before she arrives back at the station." S'hib sighed as he looked at his PADD. "She's a big ship the Elysium, forty-eight decks," S'hib said with a slight lump in his throat. "In all honesty, I thought my first assignment would be aboard something smaller. And a lot less important."

"I'm going to get lost on the damn thing I just know it." S'hib finished before taking a nervously large sip from his drink. "Computer, End log."


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