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Assistant Chief of Security Log

Posted on Fri Sep 27th, 2019 @ 4:04am by Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

*Computer turns recording on*

Assistant Chief of Security Duty log, Lieutenant Jason Morris, USS Elysium.

With the return of the senior officers I don't know where I stand with my dutys, I have had to take the position of Chief of Security before my bags were even unpacked and now that Commander Homles is back I am not sure if I continue my position as Acting chief of Assistant Chief. Either way I haven't talked to Commander Holmes yet which I need to do.

An impromptu meeting with Lieutenant Junior Grade Turak and Ensign S'hib proved knowledge able for me. I learned that Vulcans do get annoyed and that Ensign S'hib is suffering health issues do to his dutys. I have ordered him to return to duty with a medical exam in the following days, I will also order a Psychology exam just to say on the safe side. I am wondering if I should do the same for Turak but he has not giving me any reason to doubt besides that one incident.

A security crewman transferred off vessel during shore leave. I am not sure of the entire facts but the Captain authorized an emergency transfer. This leaves Security under-staff senior personnel and I will be submitting a request for addition personnel,

There has been nothing else of serious matter to report.

End Duty Log.

*Computer recording cuts off*


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