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My return to the Elysium

Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 1:03pm by Ensign Kara Hoffman

"Computer, begin log please, Lieutenant Kara Hoffman.

It's been nearly three months since I had to leave for an emergency mission on exceli iv. It seems running the Elysiums Engineering section, isn't my only responsibility as a chief of Engineering for Starfleet. I received a communication from Starfleet Engineering Corps, to head off ship and head to Exceli due to a major malfunction onboard their orbiting station.

That station supplied the planet with enough power to run the huge refineries and mining projects there, that supply a very vast quantity of Dilithium for Starfleet.

The job was difficult, but the living situation was rather plush. I must say though, I'm so glad to be back home onboard Elysium.

I'll have to report in to the captain this morning t-"

With a sudden burst, particles and light surrounded Kara, as a transporter beam began to de-materialise her. Within seconds, her vision had gone into a white blur, she had barely enough time, to hit the record button a second time so her log was saved, before everything went blank. She was transported out of her quarters, in her Pyjama's no less. Her last thought: ~Whoever it is, better have a good explanation for doing this.~


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