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What's Next?

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 2:54pm by Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris

::Begin Log::

So bloody Starflate's been bouncin' meh pillar ta post, mah whole life's upside doon. Ah mean, they change mah department, thot's fine, thot was a win far meh becomin' a department head so arly on in mah career. But then Estelle gets sick an' Ah dinnae find out 'til they'd already sent her off ta another ship...

Took ma best friend from meh, an' never even give me a chonce ta say goodbye ta her. Ah meh never see her or Liorga again.

What in Hell 'mi gonna tell Tay? She'll know, no dummy mah girl. She'll notice soon e'noof that Auntie Stelle's not been round. How'mah sposed to explain that to a baby?

Ever time shay holds her duck, she says "Stelle" an' it rips mah heart out. And knowin' Liorga's gone, too, so is Fernandah, Anya, Mona...

Gonna be right hard runnin' a tank mission with the entar crews a both tanks gone.

What in Hell else con they tak' from meh? Far that matter, what's even left far them ta tak' from meh? Do Ah even have anything left?

If they'd only gimme a chonce ta say goodbye...

Ah even got thot much wit' Lana...

Mar than ever Ah wish meh mum was still round. Shay'd know what ta do. Meh? Ah'm bloody well lost.

Computer, stop recardin' an' farward log ta Anna Lyn Narris, Mars Colony.

::End Log::


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