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Report Concerning the Military Capabilities of the Terran Empire

Posted on Fri Nov 6th, 2020 @ 1:18am by Lieutenant Commander Jessica 'Valkyrie' Vaii [Vantar]

To: ALCON, Starfleet Command, Klingon Defense Force High Command
From: Lt. Commander Jessica Vaii, ACAG, 45th Fighting Tigers Air Superiority Squadron
Subj: The Terran Empire

Dear Sirs,

I'm writing to you today to give you a general overview of the incident three weeks ago. It is my hope that this report will shed some light upon, what I believe, is a critical threat to the security and safety of the United Federation of Planets and her allies. This is a threat that must be taken with the utmost of candor.

Three weeks ago, our Commanding Officer, Captain Phoenix Lalor, was kidnapped against her will and replaced by her alternate from another realm of reality known to Starfleet Command as the Mirror Universe. (See: USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Captain's Log Stardate 3114.2. Mirror Universe Transporter Incident.)

Captain Lalor was held by the Terran Empire during the time her alternate was masquerading as her and was subjected to eleven days of inhuman torture in a device known as an agony booth. It is an unspeakable device capable of stimulating extreme pain. Unspeakable pain. Our crew then attempted to parlay with the Terrans for our Captain's life, as she was pregnant with child. Some may say we shouldn't have surrendered, however what they do not understand was that the alternate of Phoenix Lalor had a bomb implanted to destroy the Elysium's bridge.

For three days, the crew was enslaved, and held under unimaginable and crew conditions as chattel slaves. I felt every imaginable war crime within those three days. We were driven to the very brink of madness. And I felt every moment of torture and degrading brutality that was unleashed upon our crew. Our Marine CO was subjected to brainwashing and genetic and physical alteration. Our school teacher was tortured and brainwashed into a 'rabbit.' Our crew was held on a dilapidated station in the most cruel of conditions, and pitted against each other in arena style combat. Those of us who were captured, went through hell, and those of us who resisted, got worse.

Fortunately, I and a few other brave crewmembers risked our lives from form a resistance and take back the Elysium from these Terrans. But I cannot tell you how close we came to spending the rest of our lives in that hellish nightmare universe as slaves. Worse, I think they were making us into them. Encouraging us to embrace the same Barbarism they did. The real battle was not becoming them.

We had to pay the price for freedom from them. It cost the lives of nearly one-third of our crew, and made us into brothers and sisters in uniform. But I can Guarantee you this. They are barbarians, and I do not say this lightly. I will live with the memory of the horrors of those three days forever.

I plead with you, Sirs. Do not parlay with the Terran Empire. Do not lower your guard. Do not delude yourself, for a moment, that any accord or peace can be made with them, and if they can bridge the gap between universes somehow. Then they are capable of taking more from our universe to satisfy their bloodlust and cruelty. They are an empire of slaves. Even the Klingon Empire does not do such savagery. And with all due respect to our Klingon allies, allow me to cite one of their key maxims; cowards take hostages, Klingons do not.

I urge you, sirs. We need the technologies to detect when the Empire sends ships into our universe. We need the intelligence resources available to know when they abduct more of us, and we need the ships and fleet capable of defending the Federation, and her allies, from an invasion of this realm. With this report, I am submitting my full tactical assessment of the ISS Elysium, as well as my full report on tactical operations on the Terran Empire. Which I will briefly summarize below.

The Terrans are exceptionally skilled in tactical warfare, but their strategic sense is overwhelmingly lacking. They know how to fight superbly, but there were times, on that base, where we could operate right under their very nose. Instead of securing victory, they became overconfident in their superiority, sending hunting squads and even animals to do their fighting for them. When I counter-attacked them with my team, they did not see the attack coming, and when I freed our crew. While they put up an impressive fight, they did not expect us to fight back so ferociously. They underestimate us, and delude themselves into thinking we value peace because we are weak. We value peace because we are strong, and we know what we can do. They view peace as weakness. But also, they are hardly united.

Captain Gary Taylor, the mirror alternate of Commander Gary Taylor, ruled through fear and personal charisma. Even though he inspired his crew to commit such atrocities. His crew was not united by any sense of honor nor loyalty. There was personal agendas and plots within plots in Taylor's crew. It was easy at some point to become them, it was hard not to become them, and it was mindlessly simple to undermine them.

I urge you all to take measures to ensure the defense of the Federation against them. You do not want to be put in an agony booth.


Lt. Commander Vaii



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