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Acting Scientist Mate

Posted on Sat Oct 31st, 2020 @ 5:18pm by Lara Barclay de Tolly

Lara was getting setup with Operations as Acting Scientist Mate. She had to give the ship's computer all of her information as well as her voice. "Hello Ship's Computer. I am Lara Barclay de Tolly, daughter of Lt. Victor Barclay de Tolly. I am part of the crew as Acting Scientist Mate."

"I see you are working half a shift to start off," the Computer said. "Your voice has now been registered. So the only record of your birth is your Father's word."

Lara was confused. "Computer. It is obvious I was born. I think, therefore I am. I was born on the USS Defiant eight years ago. Plus you can verified it with Commander Runyun with The Department of Temporal Investigations."

Computer realizes it was talking to a child with a high understanding. "Lara, they did not put your IQ in. Has everyone ever told you what it was?"

"Over 200," Lara says with a sigh. "Does it really matter what it is?"

"No," the Computer answered. "Acting Scientist Mate Barclay de Tolly. Your first assignment is to do as many Personal logs as you can of your past. This includes impressions of people you have met, technology you have witnessed and experienced you have had."

"Will do," Lara replied.

"And one last thing," the Computer said, "Smart children have a tendency to hack into computers. If we catch you, you will be removed from rank and priviledges will be taken away."

Lara sighed teasingly. "Do not sorry. VIOLA helps me."

"Who is she," the Computer asks.

"My AI in my IPADD that came over with me from the other Reality," Lara responded.

"I am going to have to Interface with this VIOLA," the computer said, "She might have knowledge of he other Reality that might prove useful."

Lara walked over and picked up her IPADD and she let the computer have the information. After the Computer finished, "Well it seems I need to contact Starfleet. Your father and your Aunt Mira King caught many spies as a starter."

"That would be wise," Lara says smiling. "Be careful with the DNA Syndicate. They are very vile."

"Your research you have here is brilliant as the ones you downloaded," the Computer says. "Our meeting has concluded," the Computer says before it cutoff.

Lara smiled as felt the gratification of being helpful.


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