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Escape from Romulus

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Victor Barclay de Tolly

Other Reality - 2377 - Romulus

Lt. Lara Barclay de Tolly scratched her head a bit, "Victor and Nichelle, you two stay out of trouble. Lot going on because Praetor Neral has been allegedly killed by the new Praetor Hiren. There are several Romulans have requested asylum on Vulcan who were loyalists to Neral. The USS Magellan is helping us. "

Nichelle the youngest of the twins replied, "We are only ten. What kind of mischief could we get into?”

“Maybe we can volunteer to help with bringing the refugees on board,” Victor suggested.

“Good idea,” Lara shook her head a bit. She left the two of them as she went to her station.

Meanwhile on Romulus, Romulan Centurions brought four officers Ensign Mira King, Ensign Pyotr Zhukov, Chief Petty Officer Sean Bateman and Yeoman Chynna Chennault to Romulan Major Jaral and Federation Diplomatic Officer Commander Paul Davidson.

"Ah you four officers were aiding in the evacuation of Neral loyalists," Major Jaral says to the four of them. "You will be our prisoners until we decide to do something with you.

Pyotr asks, "I would like to see one of the Diplomatic Officers."

"He will be out in a moment," Jaral says as he was looking over the two women. "As Prisoners on Romulus, we will do with you as we feel fit. You two male officers will go to your cells."

Pyotr gave a grumble on that. He left as he looked at Mira and Chynna.

After the men were escorted out, Commander Paul Davidson walked in. He sees Mira giving her a big grin.

"Well Ensign King," Jaral gave a weird smile, "It seems you know Commander Davidson. "This is the deal, you will be his concubine here on Romulus and Chynna will be one of mine. If either of you two escape, both of you will be executed."

"I rather die than to be shacked up like a haram girl," Mira spitted.

Chynna was scared all over replied, "I rather die too."

Commander Davidson slammed his hands on the desk. "Take these two Away. Prepare to transport these away. We will give them one more chance."

Mira had contempt for her ex-fiancé before this day but now, it was beyond disgust.

Meanwhile, Victor and Nichelle was helping in the hangar bay as they were readying the last shuttle to leave to pick up the last refugees. They could overhear there would be no more because a shuttle crew were taken prisoners.

Two officers came into the shuttle. One was saying to the other, "My sister Chynna was one of the prisoners."

"Ensign Chennault," Ensign Ben Nicks says, "They are going to bring left for dead or maybe your sister might get lucky becoming a concubine."

"Damn," Jason Chennault says.

Marine Captain Tom Sutherland walks in with three other marines. "I need one of you to come with us. Which one of you can work the Teleporter?"

Jason answers, "I can."

Victor and Nichelle who were in the back kept quiet as they were unnoticed. The men came in and before either Victor or Nichelle could say anything, the shuttle had taken off.

When they approached holding center, a force field was around it. "Damn it," Sutherland said, "Force field. We are screwed."

Jason blood pressure went up. "Damn it."

Victor finally came out from the back. "Hey guys."

Jason seeing the ten year olds said to the marines, "One of the Engineers two children. They have been helping us with shuttles."

"Before you say anything," Victor says, "I have a plan that can help."

"Only thing that will help would be if we can cause an electric magnetic pulse," the Marine Captain says.

Victor and Nichelle both grin at the same time. "We can use the tractor beam in the shuttle but you will have ten to fifteen minutes before some of the power comes back on. This is a shuttle after all."

"How quick can you do this?" Sutherland asks.

"By myself, it will take twenty minutes," Victor answers, "But if my sister helps me, it will take five minutes."

"Make it so," Sutherland responds using what Picard always says. He sees the two immediately getting two work. "Men, our scans says there are fourteen refuges in the compound. We can teleport the refugees right away and two of the officers. One is about to be tortured while the other one is with a Federation Diplomatic Officer. We rescue the officer then the other one plus the Diplomatic Officer."

Five minutes later, Nichelle comes back to explain to them how it was going to work. Victor was underneath a console waiting for his sister to give him the signal. Few minutes later, he was gave the green light. The tractor beam was sent to the compound as all of a sudden the EMP was sent. Two minutes later, three marines went to rescue Ensign Pyotr Zhukov.

Right on schedule with two minutes to spare, the last two were beamed aboard. Mira seeing the marines was a welcome sight. "Marines. Arrest the Commander. He was going to have us killed."

Before anyone could draw a phaser, Commander Paul Davidson had his phaser on the Marine Captain. "Any one moves, the Major dies. Now take us back down to OUCH!,"

Victor and Nichelle both bit the man's leg followed by Victor punching him in the nuts follow by Mira giving him a crane kick to the jaw. Mira seeing the two ten year olds she says to the two of them, "Thank you. How old are you two?"

Victor faced glowed as he develops his first crush. "Ten Mam."

"I have a sister who is ten," Mira says smiling, "Maybe if you get to the Academy at the same time, I introduce you. I am Ensign Mira King."

Marine Captain Tom Sutherland says to the two children, "Good work you two. I am going to drop you two off as well as the two Ensigns. You two stay out of trouble."

"Yes Sir," both of them said.

Thirty minutes later after they were dropped off, Lt. Lara Barclay de Tolly comes in to her quarters. Both were standing at attention. Lara walks up to them saying, "I was given a report what you two did. On one hand I commemorate on how you did what you did but on the other hand, I should fuss at you too and ground you two by putting yourselves in harms way. What do you think I should do?"

"Hug us," Nichelle suggests.

Lara hugs her two saying, "All I have is you two. I do not know what I would do if I lost you two. You two will be grounded for a month. You will stay in the Quarters."

"Understood Mom," Victor replied smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" Lara asks.

"Victor is in love with one of the ones we rescued," Nichelle replied. "Her name is Ensign Mira King."

"Mom," Victor saying like he was on cloud nine. "She is the most beautiful thing I ever saw."

"I wonder if that is the Governor's daughter," Lara says out loud.

Back in the present, Victor finishes his personal log on the matter. He cross-references to see what happen in this reality. In this reality after he examines the logs, Mira was taken prisoner only to be able to escape a month later. Commander Paul Davidson was given a pardon later. Unfortunately for him, the Tal Shiar killed him two years later.


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