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MD8: On the road again

Posted on Sun Sep 26th, 2021 @ 9:10am by Lieutenant JG Edward D'Gracefull


ED or Edward Garnla Gnomomer Chel'Sata, from the House of EL, line of D'Gracefull, as the Instructors back at the academy liked to call him, was enjoying a little shore leave. His instructors tended to say his name like they were calling a winner on a tri-Dee holo-sports show. He was enjoying camping in a world that was very different from his home-world or the packed academy. There were lakes, trees, it rained daily, and best of all, you did not have to wear a respirator. He was the runt of his litter, all of his brothers, even his sister towered over him. It was not like he didn't eat his veggies when he was little. It was just that most of them towered over him by almost half of a meter. His brothers said he got extra love and TLC from his parents because he was the runt of the litter. He was a bit sensitive about that, not because he was a pansy. He used his small stature in the close combat training sessions to every bit of advantage that he could. He did have several advantages from the normal Terran. He had an extremely dense bone, compressed muscular structure from a high gravity world. Most of all his advantages came from hard work. He had worked out an hour a day unless he was unable to do so due to work commitments. Yes, he had made him fit, and taking as family herbal and naturally available non-steroidal supplements to enhance his reflexes had made him fast. But he did not look like those showy types that could not scratch their nose if a bee landed on it. He just used what he had to be efficient as possible. The Family doctor said, "Use moderation in exercise, and all other things, including Moderation." His family doctor was a comedian.

He was enjoying the afternoon, a light breeze, and flowers that did not try to eat you. The local fauna seemed to be scared of him. That was nice, he did not have to worry about large insects trying to make off with his lunch. The only downside, as he had to take pills and supplements that provided the various toxic( to others but not all) and heavy element's that he was currently not getting in his diet.

His communicator started beeping. He was not expecting it to beep, as he was on leave until he received his new duty station. His prior ship, the USS Tyco, was decommissioned last week, and he was on leave pending re-assignment. He started rummaging through his backpack trying to find the annoying cricket. Of course, it was on the bottom of his backpack. The Chaos theory or String theory said, the higher the state of need, the greater the difficulty level in trying to attain that objective.

Like most of the crew, he was told you should expect two weeks of leave, then you will be contacted with your next assignment. it had been three days... THREE Glorious days... He sighed, and then he dumped his backpack out on the ground. On the top of the pile was his standard-issue Starfleet communicator. He touched it. The Ping sounded indicating he had a link with someone. "Ensign Edward Garnla Gnomomer Chel'Sata, from the House of EL, line of D'Gracefull." He said, "How may I assist you?" There was a pause as the sound of leafs of plastic flimsy's and other paper work was shoved around. Then he heard a gruff sounding voice came out "Ensign Chel'Sata D'Gracefull?" "Yes, Sir!" Ed said,"How may I help you!" The gruff voice continued, apparently not happy that he was having to answer or hunt down an ensign. "Your leave has ended and YOU are being recalled immediately. Stand by to transport, You are holding up a Starfleet vessel." The pong, as he liked to call it when the official Starfleet communications system ended your official communications. Interrupted whatever he was going to say next. Ed sighed, and started cramming all of his stuff into that giant backpack. He had just finished putting all of his stuff in, douched his campfire, and was cleaning up his camping area. He would have to repack later, this was a frantic cram session. He stood still holding his bag, looking around, when the transporter shimmering effect started. He could like always feel it in his bones. Everyone in his class, the doctors, and other scientists that he had talked to said he was nutz. They said you can't feel your bones being taken apart. The only scientist to not say that was a Vulcan. The Vulcan has just said "Fascinating!" and walked away.

Ed materialized on board a transporter room pad, and a commander waited until he was fully onboard, the hit his com badge. "Bridge, XO, Our guest on board, best speed to rendezvous. " The XO turned and walked out, Ed shouldered his back pack and hurried to follow him. The XO said " I will drop you off in Main Engineering, we will meet you pilot in 4 hours. Then you will be her problem. Hope you don't get space sick Ensign." Ed replied, "No, Sir, I don't." The XO did not say anything further and left him in Main Engineering, where it was a bedlam of activity.

The Chief Engineer was giving rapid fire orders. Ed waited for a break, then approached, "Any thing I can do to help?" Ed asked. The CEO just looked at him and frowned, saying, "No, your a snotty young punk, fresh from the academy, and I don't have time to baby sit some one not certified, nor qualified to do anything here. And since you will be leaving in 3 hours and 52 minuets, just stay back out of the way!" Ed just moved back out of the way and did not attempt to correct the Chief, he had spent a year and a half on a destroyer, not to mention his time on Solarian Guard Vessel's, but The chief looked busy, so he did not bother him and just stood back and observed.

Half a minuet into warp, his teeth started vibrating, he could feel the unbalanced mix ratio, the starboard nacelle, was almost a quarter time pulse off. Just one minuet into there acceleration, he had to leave, or pass out. It would not do for an ensign to pass out in Main Engineering. Ed headed for the transporter room, hoping that the internal integrity shields would be enough to keep him sane. It would also figure that everyone would want him out of there hair as soon as possible.Three and a half hours later, he was In the transporter room discussing harmonics with the tech, when the XO came in yelling for the Tech to page that good for nothing Ensign. Ed said, "Here sir!" then shouldered his bag, then stepped towards the transport pad.

Standing on the Pad, He waited till the ship came out of warp, ten seconds later he felt the whine that vibrated his bones apart.

He materialized in a small but fast shuttle or runabout, it was luxuriously done. He heard a voice say over coms "He is all yours, have fun!" Ed looked out a view port as the destroyer went back into warp just as fast as she had exited. Ed her a sound behind him and turned to see a red head in a Starfleet uniform. Ed saluted and said ""Ensign Edward Garnla Gnomomer Chel'Sata, from the House of EL, line of D'Gracefull. Reporting as ordered."



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