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The Final Call

Posted on Sat Jul 24th, 2021 @ 6:58pm by Ensign Kara Hoffman
Edited on Sat Jul 24th, 2021 @ 6:58pm

Computer Begin Recording Assistant Chief Engineers Personal log

Gallia Left the ship about a week ago, and although we plan to stay in contact, we've decided it would be better for us both, if we called our relationship off. As it turns out, she is being sent to the Darstradt System, to Star base 900. The research they are doing there, and the fact that Gallia had been demoted, meant things will be tough for her and my little blueberry pie. However I have full confidence she can handle whatever life and Starfleet throws at them.

We argued about the demotion and reassignment and I'm still angry with how the reassignment came about, but I have made mistakes too and everyone deserves a second or third chance to start afresh, with a new perspective. I just wish it hadn't happened, but why worry over the things you have no control over, right? I just can't help like feeling I could have done more, been more communicative, more available and easier to talk to. I didn't even realise there were problems.

I will of course stay in touch with her via subspace, and Tayalas of course. However with our relationship officially over, at least for several years, I do have to wonder if I'll ever see her in person again. Maybe one day, I hope.

Other than that everything has been business as usual. found a small plasma leak on deck 13, but by the time I had gathered my tool to go and inspect it, the damage had already been repaired. Seems the chief is really doing a great job at running the department and the machine is working like clockwork.

I wonder when we'll...if we'll see our captain again, or if this change of command is permanent. I do hope Phoenix is ok, I miss her.

I suppose for at least a year or so, I'll be out of touch with Gallia as she focuses hard on her career, our Final call was... difficult, emotional. I wish both her and my little Tay, safety and much love forever. May she find happiness and joy.

Computer end Assistant chiefs engineers personal log.


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