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New beginnings

Posted on Sat Oct 17th, 2020 @ 12:08pm by Lieutenant Korath

Mission: SEASON 4: Episode 1: Know Thy Self!
Location: Transporter room, Deep Space 16
Timeline: MD6- After the Elysium arrives at Deep Space 16
538 words - 1.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Lieutenant Korath stepped off the transporter pad and nodded to the transporter operator. Behind him his daughter sulked. Seven years old by Klingon standards, she appeared closer to fourteen by the Federation standard Calender. "I don't see why I couldn't have stayed on Earth. I didn't ask to be dragged half way across the galaxy to live on some rusty ship." Korath's jaw stiffened as he held back the urge to chastize the girl. "Ba'el, you know why. You have exhausted every education option In San Francisco. My assignment requires me to report to Elysium; as you are not an adult you must accompany me. We have been through this."

Ba'el scoffed and stepped off the pad and out onto the promenade. Korath gave one more stoic look at the operator before letting out an exasperated growl and leaving the room after her. "There is nothing we can do about the transfer now. It would be prudent to try and make the most of it. " he said.

"I hate this! Everytime we move and I finally make friends, you get assigned somewhere else." The girl replied crossing her arms across her chest. Korath struggled to remain professional as he took a breath to speak. "Those friends were the reason you were expelled from your last school. Perhaps it is best you find better influences than the foolish actions your friends insist on. The wind.."

"..does not respect the fool! Yes Father I have heard that over and over again. " she rolled her eyes. "YOU! " he stopped and recomposed himself. "You will continue to hear it until the lesson sinks in. " he replied as quietly as he was able. The conversation however had attracted several curious onlookers by this point. The Klingon took her by the arm and guided her off to the side. "I know I have not been an ideal father. I realize things have been hard since your mom died. All I ask is that you give the assignment a chance before you make up your mind. You enjoyed your time on the Archer. This ship should be no different."

Ba'el Shook her head and sighed. "I was four dad. I'm not a kid anymore. Fine, I'll reserve judgment until we get there OK? " Korath nodded in approval "That Is all I ask. Why don't you go and explore the Promenade I will contact you when I have our temporary quarter assignment." The girl nodded and smiled. "Alright, I'll see you later then. She smiled one more time before waving and disappearing into the crowd. The Klingon took a deep breath and Shook his head before straightening his tunic. He made his way to the nearest turbolift and stepped in. "Quartermaster" he called out. A few seconds later the lift jerked into motion. As the lift sped toward it's destination Korath pulled a PADD from his duffle and began to read the latest reports on Temporal incidences in the sector. After skimming several entries. He replaced the PADD inside the duffle and thumbed an old family picture perhaps it was time he took his own advice. It was time to make the best of this assignment and be a father as well as a starfleet officer.


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