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To smash the mirror.

Posted on Sun Oct 18th, 2020 @ 6:31am by Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Ensign Miraj Derani
Edited on on Sun Oct 18th, 2020 @ 7:46am

Mission: SEASON 4: Episode 1: Know Thy Self!
Location: ISS Elysium.
Timeline: MD4
1508 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Sthilg was pissed. The slaves were over ruing the last of the terrans besides a small group that was following him. His evac would be twenty mins away, but he doubted the ship would last that long. Falling back to his quarters he fired his heavy phaser back down the corridor yelling. " Die." at the group of pursuing slaves.

Miraj had been looking up and down the corridor outside the evil lizards door. When she saw his bulk turn into it, she froze, a sense of panic welling up in it. Then she remembered what she had to do. "Doctor!" she squeaked. "He's coming!"

Sthilg looked up from the computer and beckoned Miraj over. Handing her a teleporter beacon he gave her a warm smile. " Get back to the ssship little one. "

Miraj shook her head vehemently, sending the last strands of pink hair flying free from her half undone bunches. "Not with out you." She went to the remains of the agony booth, and picked up a metal bar from the debris. "Besides, I owe that overgrown dilophosaurus a serious belaying."

"Well take cover." The doctor said which he'd brought something else apart from his suits twin blades as he took posation hidden along from the entrance door.

MU Sthilg cursed as another one of the terrans dropped. Not many of them left. " Keep them down i'll go and see where are ride is." he barked to the Terrans as he stepped into his room. His eyes darted to the smashed agony booth as he stepped inside and the free Starfleet officer holding a metal bar.

Miraj gave him a little wave, knowing his attention was entirely on her.

" Who..." He began before the door closed and pain smashed into his body as a punch that wasn't natural smashed into his head.

" You dare." he screamed as he wildly flew blows at his counterpart.

" I do dare. After what you've done you've had it coming." Doctor Sthilg screamed as he layed into his dark mirror.

Miraj winced as the first blow landed, one strong enough to crush a human. She'd never seen non-humans of any race cut loose before and the two giant gorn werent' holding back.

Locked together, they crashed past her, rolling across the marble and then MU Sthilg ended up on top, offering her an easy shot at his unprotected back. Without hesitation, she swung for him with all her very lacking strength, slamming her metal bar across his shoulders

Sthilg thought he'd felt something smash into his shoulder. Looking around he smirked at the pathetic sight he was looking at. losing his grip on the doctor he brought his fist around and smashed his clenched fist into the ensign. You could hear something break as she flew across the room. " Bad.." he began before Sthilg brought his own fist into his mirrors face sending teeth and blood flying.

" How pathetic are you. " Doctor Sthilg said pushing his mirror off him before he lept from the floor. " You beat things that have no hope of fighting back. Shassou weepsss for you." He screamed. The words seemed to enrage his counterpart who charged right at him.

Miraj decided that falling was quite nice, as she flew across the room. She rapidly revised her opinion as she hit the floor. Her side ached, and she gasped for a breath, and then added that to her *really bad ideas* list as her whole chest seemed to catch fire. Breathing hurt where the gorn had cracked two ribs. She landed hard and her back throbbed from where it had hit the marble. Her stabbed foot joined in the chorus of hurt just for shits and giggles.

She struggled to sit up, her back protesting, and became aware that there were people heading towards the evl Sthilgs quarters, people in terran uniforms. her gaze shot to the struggling lizard men. They were engrossed in each other. If she and Sthilg didn't finish this soon, they'd be in real trouble.

" Don't you dare sssay her name." The mirror screamed as he and his counterpart fought each punching, stabbing, and cutting each other with fists, claws, and teeth.

"You disssagree her name with your actionsss and violate her memory with you huntersss." Sthilg said as he kept up the fight even though he could tell he was losing. A blow from his mirror sent him reeling. He could feel pain from his broken jaw as it re-broke as he hit the floor. He barely noticed the squad of terran's burst into the room taking aim at him.

But with the raging fight between the two, no-one fired, a clean shot impossible, and no terran was willing to risk their escape by phasering the wrong Sthilg.

Then one spotted Miraj. In two steps he crossed to her and grabbed her hair. Miraj shrieked, more from the pain in her chest than her head. The terran hauled her in front of him and set his phaser to her temple. "Stop! or I'll kill her!"

The doctor's eyes shot to the terrified ensign. It was a bad mistake as a blow from his mirror smashed his to the ground. The slave master grinned as he kept punching the old gorn doctor before placing his foot on his neck holding his face in one direction. "Boy'sss gut her and make him watch." He said spitting out a load of blood and phlegm.

Miraj didn't even have breath to squeal as another terran pulled a jagged edged knife from their boot and came towards her, a sick grin on his face. She was held to fast to even get out of the way. He drew his hand back, aiming for belly, and she shut her eyes.

There were two sharp whines, and the two were haloed in orange, and then dropped, dragging Miraj down with them, the knife clanging on the floor.

Standing in the door way was a boslic woman, violet hair the only colour to her black outfit, a phaser in each hand. The remaining Terrans all turned, firing at her, and she dived for cover, shooting back with calm efficiency, picking of another two.

Miraj knew a gift horse when she saw it, and half scrambled, half stumbled to a corner out of the way of everyone.

" What the...." The mirror began before a cold pain shot through his arm. Turning his head he saw that a blade had extended from the doctor's armour and gone up straight into his right arm.

" Never gloat over an animal that can ssstill bite back." Sthilg screamed his fathers hunting advice with all his strength he brought his blade up and along slicing through his mirrors muscle, tendons, and bone. With a wet flunk the slave masters arm smashed to the floor as he let out a screen of inhuman pain.

Staggaring to his feet the doctor brough his blade around trying to take his mirrors head off and ending this abomniation once and for all.

The green light flashed and his mirror and the remaining Terrans vanished leaving the gorns blade to strike the marble floor. " No......." He said before his eyes flashed to the downed Miraj and the stranger placing his bloody bleeding bulk between them he retracted his blade. " Thank you for the assssssistance," he said carefully not sure if this was friend or foe.

"You're welcome." She kicked the severed limb across the room with distaste. "Suppose its too much to hope he'll bleed out before he gets that seen too."

Miraj was staring at the newcomer, like she'd see a ghost. Which she was. Sort of. The woman was older than the image Miraj had treasured, with flecks of silver in her hair, and lines beginning on her face. It couldn't be. "Lianej?"

The woman nodded, "But not yours, I'm afraid. I'm native to this universe." She holstered the phasers, trying to look reassuring. "Do we know each other, in your universe?"

Miraj thought her heart was going to break. Wherever she was, she'd been abandoned here too. "You're my mother. I'm Miraj. "

LIanej looked shocked. And then sad. "I never had a daughter. I've not had any children." Miraj looked crestfallen, and Lianej looked away. "Right, now, we have to get everyone off this ship," she turned to Sthilg. "Are you ready to go?"

"Let me grab hisss harddrive if he has one. I'll need it to try and fix everyone that'sss he'sss hurt." the doctor said his adrenaline running off and letting the pain flood his body. He wanted to go and lie down with a nice cup of tea.

Lianej helped Miraj to her feet, careful of her broken ribs and punctured foot. "Then I suggest you go quickly. I wouldn't trust Taylor not to do something stupid in defeat."

The gorn nodded as he hurried over and ripped the whole computer from it's plinth. " Let'sss go." he said calmly.


Ensign Miraj Derani
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Commander Sthilg
Chief Medical Officer
USS Elysium.


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