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We didn't... Did we?

Posted on Sun Dec 9th, 2018 @ 4:38am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa [Taylor]
Edited on on Mon Dec 10th, 2018 @ 6:08am

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2.A: R&R
Location: Fernando's Quarters
Timeline: Mistakes +4 hours
731 words - 1.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Anje woke up with her head spinning, it was the middle of the night and she didn't know where she was. When her eyes adjusted to the dark she could see Fernando asleep beside her, ~Well, least I know where I am now.~ She sighed, walking to the replicator and making herself a toothbrush, figuring she might as well stay a few more hours before slipping back to her own quarters. She brushed her teeth as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake Fernando. Her body ached, he was quite the athlete....

She finished and returned to his bed, no need for formality at this point, she decided.

Fernando stirred as Anje climbed back into bed. His eyes fluttered open and he peered at her groggily even as he propped himself up on one elbow. His eyes taking in her lithe nude form. "My Vulcan Rose, is everything alright?" He questioned even as his mind replayed their earlier session. First the drinking, then came some cuddling and kissing and finally the main event. Anje was quite the dynamo. He reflected.

"No, nothing." Anje smiled, "In fact, everything was very nice. I mean, you are... beyond the realm of what I thought possible. My world was rocked." Things were coming back to her now, he had been like a tornado made flesh and there were moments when she wondered if he might not actually kill her, "Wow."

He smiled at her compliment and motioned her back to bed. "As was mine." He admitted. "You are quite the tigress in bed Anje. Wow indeed." He smiled as he waited for her to lie back down next to him. "Come back to bed, let me keep you warm."

Anje slid back into the bed, "Well, I'm glad that I lived up to your expectations." She laughed, "Though I've got a bit of a quandary."

Fernando drew her close and wrapped an arm around her, bringing her close as he kissed her cheek, neck and throat. "You far surpassed my expectations." He replied honestly before following it up with "A quandary? " He questioned. " Ahhhh, you mean another man. It is alright, we will let him down easily. Do not fear Anje. Fernando can handle it if you like."

"No, definitely not another man." Anje laughed nervously, "Fernando, I've never done this before. At least not with a man. I wanted to try one time, though, and, you were... amazing. It' just that, physically, you are too much. I felt my katra trying to loose itself a couple of times. I mean, do you know what it takes to make someone even partially Vulcan feel like they're about to die in the midst of the act?"

Fernando listened attentively as Anje spoke of her quandary and then finished her explanation. "I understand Anje. I truly do. You were a dynamo. It is true good things come in small packages. Fernando has ruined you for any other man. My manliness is just too much for any other man to compete with. Such is the curse to be Fernando. I do not wish you to lose your katra Anje that would be most distressing." He kissed her softly on her lips. "I hope we can still be friends. That you don't hate me for ruining you with other men."

"Hate you? Hell no!" Anje laughed, "And I don't consider this ruining me for other men, I think of it as you sending me out on top. You know, had the best why bother with the rest?"

Fernando smiled broadly at Anje's observation. " I am relieved to hear that." He chuckled. then added, "Quite right though I am too modest to say such." He pulled her over to him and kissed her again. "My little Vulcan rose, would you like me to fix us some breakfast?"

"That sounds wonderful." Anje smiled, if nothing else she had definitely found a loyal friend in this handsome braggadocio.

He nodded happily, "Excellent. Rest build your strength back up while I go and fix breakfast." With that he rolled out of bed, grabbed his brightly colored boxers from the floor, slid them on and headed for the kitchen, whistling a happy little tune. Upon reaching the kitchen he began getting out what he needed to fix them breakfast, He stopped an in a moment of quiet reflection he said, "Fernando, you were marvelous!"


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