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Away Team 1 - Reunification JP Part 2

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2023 @ 4:35pm by Lieutenant Thor Magnus & Lieutenant JG Louis Bordeaux ( Barclay de Tolly ) & Lieutenant Commander Aurelia Taylor & Senior Chief Petty Officer Fernando De La Rosa [Taylor] & Avalon [ADMIN NPC] & Lieutenant Athena Magnus & Lieutenant JG Tarr Zell ( Barclay de Tolly )

Mission: Season 6: Episode 3: Far From Home
Location: Shuttle
Timeline: After Part 1
1036 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Lt. Thor Magnus managed to get the shuttle into a safe distance. “First, thank you Fernando for protecting our rear and second, what now?”

Lia looked around at her away team, "Ok guy's, we were lucky that time. But I've a feeling there's gold in that there vessel, all we gotta do is find the damn stuff. Thor, can we scan the interior of that hulk? Because if we can, we're going hunting and collecting."

“Yes, we can scan and we can cloak,” Thor replied. “Let’s go get that treasure.” Thor activated the cloaking device, follow by the scan

Looking at the hulk, Lia thought hard. "Thor, if you wanted to hide something valuable on that ship,. Where would you put it?" She pointed at the hulk and then looked at Thor, "Anyone else got any idea's?"

“I would hide it in plain site but camouflaged,” Thor replied. “Because on a scan, we could be looking right at it and not see it.”

"My thoughts exactly, now run a full sensor sweep of the ship. And log anything which comes up weird, and we'll start from there." Lia turned to the others, "You guys can use the Mark One Eye Ball, and tell me if you see anything out of place."

Thor ran a comprehensive detail scan as he watched closely what was coming up. “Not sure what the Mark One Eye Ball was or is,” he replied with a sigh. “It sounds like a game one plays. I lived a sheltered life and the main activities I had growing up was playing chess, fencing, swimming, weapons shooting from pistols to phasers and ….,” he said as he paused. “You said anything that looks weird. Look right there. There are several cases of some kind of ale but right in the centre of it is a box as big as the others but for some reason, the casing is preventing from me seeing from what is inside.”

Lia pointed to her eye, "Mark one eye ball Thor, use it or loose it get it now?" She looked at the data about the box, "Any chance we could transport it and seal it within a forcefield until we're somewhere safer and can check it out?"

“Yes,” Thor replied. “Takes a steady hand. Avalon, you can assist if you want. First, lock on the object. Transport it and set the force field around it for second and third step.”

The transporter at first was having difficulty but with Avalon’s assist, the task was done.

Thor saying to Lia, “You need to take it from here. Fernando bro. Please assist. I am flying.”

"Of course, Lieutenant." Fernando replied promptly moving to assist Lia, "What do you need me to do to assist you, Commander?"

Lia glanced at the box, "Fernando, I need you to ensure that nothing, and I mean nothing comes outta da box. Once we return to Elysium, you need to erect a level 6 forcefield in an empty cargo bay and transport this thing there." She stopped to think and then continued, "Inform the Commodore and XO, once that's all done, both you and I will have to work out how to open it. I'm open to any and all ideas."

"I understand Commander. I will make sure nothing exits the box as well as erecting the forcefield and informing the Commodore and Captain Taylor."

“We will be arriving at the ship in nine minutes,” Thor announced. “I suggest a security detail to meet us when we arrive in the hangar bay.”

Lia nodded, "Good idea Thor, I should have thought about that." She now pressed her communicator, =/\="Taylor to Security, I want a squad sent to cargo bay 4. And nobody is to enter, respond please."=/\= With in seconds she had her response and the cargo bay had been secured, "Job done Thor, Fernando make sure the bay is secure before you transport the box."

"Certainly Commander." Fernando nodded and added a reply. "Every precaution will be taken. There will be no slip ups. It will done just as you have instructed. No worries."

Thor followed by pressing his communications badge, “Engineering. Assist Security in Cargo Bay 4. There is going to be container we are bringing back. We need force fields ready.”

“Aye Aye Sir,” Lt. Athena Magnus replied. After the communications broke off, she sent Bordeaux and Zell over to the hangar along with some other engineers for safety precautions.

Lieutenant Tarr Zell was already nearby, so he was the first to arrive. He started setting up the equipment. Two Engineers from the Lower Decks named Yeoman Harold Constantine and another one named Yeoman Gradak Tigan showed up next.

Tarr grunted a bit when he saw them wearing red shirts.

Back on the shuttle, Thor said to Lia, “my department will be helping out yours.”

"Thanks Thor, we'll need their expert help. I'm still not sure what we're gonna find in that damn box." Lia looked around the bay, to make sure where anything which might escape the box might go to hide.

“We will take every precaution,” Thor said as he thought about his Academy training. “Maybe it is one of the lost Bajoran Orbs or maybe it is treasure map or maybe it is like that thing the Enterprise found where their Captain lived a whole life time.”

The shuttle was reaching the ship. Thor flew in with ease and comfort. He looked around after he landed the shuttle. “Elysium. This is Lieutenant Thor Magnus as well as the rest of the away team. We will wait for the Security and Engineering detail to arrive.”

The first one to arrive was the Ingavi Engineer Tarr Zell who was built like a gorilla.

Looking at the Engineer, Lia turned to Thor. "Did he arrive like that or did you grow him in a Lab? He's huge, I fancy getting on his bad side."

“He was born like that,” Thor chuckled. “His species resembles gorillas and other hairy primates. He grew up in the Badlands as his kind hid from the Cardassians.”

So now the Engineers had to sit and wait. Thor had Bordeaux relieved him as he had to go check on other matters.


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