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Return of a Devil

Posted on Thu Nov 9th, 2023 @ 7:20am by Lieutenant Commander Aurelia Taylor

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: The Tea House
Timeline: Present
985 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure



Lia sat on the side of the bed, *What the hell just happened?* she thought. Gary her husband still slept soundly next to her, so she had managed not to wake him or little Lia. But the memory of her dream, if that's what it was, haunted her. But she was tired and so reluctantly she lay down and drifted off beck to sleep.

A bright light shone in her eye's, and a voice was shouting at her. But that voice sounded familiar, but that person was dead wasn't he?

Khoal now walked forward and took hold of Lia's unform, "I told you to strip Human, I wish to see my slave in all her glory!"

Lia looked on in horror, "But your dead, I know your dead. I saw you killed, this isn't real." A hand slapped her face, and it hurt. *This is real* she thought, "How?"

Khoal laughed, "Dead? Do I look dead to you? Now do as you are ordered slave, my customers will arrive soon and I want to make sure you are ready for them."

Looking down at herself, she saw her uniform was in tatters. But at least it still covered her, but with Khoal pulling and yanking at it the cloth would soon just part leaving her naked. "Ok, ok you bastard. Let go and I'll strip for you, just stop hitting me."

The Romulan released his grip and stood back, his eye's already fixed on Lia's body. In his hand he held a small whip, with which he would strike Lia's behind to jolly her along.

Reluctantly Taylor began to remove her clothes, in truth they just fell away and ended up a pile of rags at her feet. Standing naked before Khoal she spread her legs so he had access to her most intimate parts, the memory of what to do came almost automatically.

"Good, good. You remember what to do, now let me see if you are ready for my guests." His hand went straight to her most intimate area, fingers were inserted and moved to induce a response. To Lia's shame the response was quick to arrive and the smile on Khoal's face spoke volumes. "I have six guests arriving, you will serve food and allow them to pleasure both you and themselves by using you. Do not resist, or we will amuse ourselves by other means with your body."

In her mind, Lia was attempting to make sense of what was happening. This couldn't be real, she had watched and heard this being die. Yet here he was, plus the pain and the pleasure was real. Had she crossed a timeline somehow? Had she slipped into a parallel universe like Carol Dolton had done? Could she be dreaming? A shout from Khoal brought her back sharply.

"Don't just stand there, go and clean yourself. I want you to be the best you can be, this is costing my guests plenty of Latinum." Khoal cupped her breasts, "These have always been what attracted me to you, so perfect to me so soft." His hand dropped to between her legs, "And this is so willing and inviting, it betrays you in its wanting to be used and abused."
He stepped back and looked at her, "Why do you resist? Why do you deny what you really are?" He walk around her dragging his hand over her body, "You were created to pleasure other beings, no other purpose is better suited to you. This body is a playground, and I intend to fully use it for my own pleasure and business."

Dumbly almost blindly, Lia did as she was told. She walked towards a large shower and entered, only then did she notice other Romulans. The walls were in fact windows, nowhere was private not even the toilet. *Why would anyone want to watch another person use the toilet?* She thought, but then a thought entered her mind. *Oh yeah, they want to be entertained. I have to do other things, make a show for them*. A group of about four Romulans made no secret of what they wanted her to do, turning she saw Khoal encourage her to do what was wanted.

Using her hands, Lia began the show. Opening her legs and massaging her genitalia, her eye's were shut and tears formed rolling down her cheeks. Her mind attempted to workout what had happened and when, but she drew a blank every time. Khoal now appeared at her side and produced some instruments of sexual nature, "Use these and give them what they want. Their Latinum has earned them a good show, and you need to be ready for later."

Lia looked at the `toys' and suddenly memories can flooding back, she had been through hell with the Orions as a kinkydoll and then months on DS9 getting treatment. "No! No more of this crap!" Khoal now looked at her hard, "What did you say?" Lia felt a burning pain as she flew across the room, khoal stood with a Klingon pain stick. He now advanced on her as she struggled to move, her legs were open as she had landed on her back. Plunging the stick between her legs, Khoal swiched it on. Pain shot through Lia's body forcing her to sit upright, her eye's wide open she was about to scream when she noticed it was dark. Lia looked around, she was in bed next to Gary.

*What the hell is going on?* She thought, *One minuet I'm here in bed, the next I'm being tortured by a dead man* Getting out of bed she headed for the replicator and a drink, her mind spun with conflicting thoughts and memories. What ever was happening, she needed to talk to a shrink asap.



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