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Catch up with Thor

Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2024 @ 7:12am by Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson & Lieutenant Thor Magnus

Mission: Season 6: Episode 4: Memory Lane
Location: Commodore's Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Elysium
Timeline: MD6 - 15h00
1015 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

Phoenix wanted to check in with each of her senior staff to see how they were getting on.

So, she made up a timetable and sent it out to the Senior staff, asking them to present themselves at a set time to her office for a one on one.

08h00 – Chief of Intelligence
09h00 – Marine CO
10h00 – Chief of Science
11h00 – Chief of Security/Tactical
12h00 – Chief of Medical
14h00 – Chief of Counseling
15h00 – Chief of Engineering
16h00 – Chief of Operations
17h00 – Chief of Flight Control
18h00 – Group Commander
19h00 – Chief Diplomat

Then she set up her office, ruthlessly moving her desk to the far corner of the room and shifted her couches closer to the window as she wanted this to be a relaxed meeting.


Thor waited to it was his time. The counselor had finished giving the status report. So now he need to give his report. He started the conversation with an icebreaker, “Commodore, I am ready to give my report. “

Phoenix waved him into the office and said, "Have a seat, Lieutenant." She motioned him to the couch. "I called you here to discuss your team's morale and how you think they are handling things."

Thor went to go to the nice comfortable couch. “Were you a counselor in a previous life Commodore?” He said with wit and charm. “Most of the engineers are married and they tend to spend with their family and sometimes they play board games while the single ones morale is great. They spend their time playing lazer tag in the holodecks. The only one’s morale I am worried about is Lieutenant Alice Jordan. Several weeks ago we thought we had found a clue what happened to her husband, only to find out it was a red herring. My wife Athena goes to her quarters with our children to make sure she is okay.”

Phoenix nodded. "If you have concerns about anyone please reach out to the counselling department. They are there for a reason. And while having friends around is good for people, sometimes it takes more than one or two friends."

“Maybe I should talk to counseling more than about a crew member,” Thor sighed as he thought about the past. “We all have memories from our past we would have like to forget. Maybe one of the counselors here can give me better advice than the last one I talked to on Starbase One. That one said the best way to forget about traumatic events is to just bury yourself in your work and your family. I can understand kind of what Alice is going through but maybe I need to deal with how that mission we had where we had to run silent like a submarine underwater. Maybe if a wound is not completely healed, it is susceptible of reopening. Which counselor do you recommend I contact?”

"Hmm I would recommend starting with the Chief and then Savar and Tate. Tate is good for those with young children." Phoenix said.

“Then I will start with the Chief then,” Thor answered, “As far as mingling with others, I tend to hang out with the other engineers. I have never been a social butterfly. I was told once, “ he paused as he takes his two hands together as he often catches himself talking to himself, “Thor your main job is take care of the ship, your department and your family. You take care of yourself last. You are a department lead and not some gold bricker.”

"As admirable as that sounds, if the department lead falters who leads the team? You need to take care of yourself as well." Phoenix said softly.

Thor smiled because he finally found a commanding officer who understood balance. “I will take your advice. This ship has a great reputation of having a great crew and an amazing ship. One must remind themselves why did they join Starfleet. I enjoy traveling through space and making a difference in this universe.”

Phoenix nodded. "Still the current circumstances are far from ideal."

“Commodore,” Thor nodded back, “That comes with the job. I could have stayed in Norway with some kind of job like an uncle of mine who was working on projects to expand the coastline of Norway and Sweden. That could be gratifying but I rather adventure. The feeling one gets from knowing you made a difference which helped billions instead of thousands is a gratification one can not put into words.”

Thor paused a moment to get a glass of water. When he comes back he continued. “There is an old saying. The squeeze needs to be worth the juice or is it the juice needs to be worth the squeeze. I always get that one mixed up. “

'Don't ask me about human sayings, I am Erisian i do not know them at all." She smiled.

“Well you get the meaning I hope,” Thor shrugged lightly. “Anything worth doing well is well worth doing. If we plan on doing something big, we must give it all we got. Maybe that is why I am a workaholic. Staying in Engineering and with the Engineers in my off hours or with my family has been where you usually find me. I seldom use my Holosuite time. My family just came on to this ship. This is the kind of ship I always hoped in becoming a member of one day. Life is an adventure.”

'Well personally i could do without this sort of adventure. How is the cloak holding up?"

“Perfect,” Thor replied. “We test it at the beginning of every shift and in the middle of the shift, plus we have more than twice monitoring required on it. We have this on all major parts of engineering like the warp core. Often officers come up and say I need to install it but it has already been installed and it is running perfectly. I just hold my tongue and I give them a nod. Anything else Mam?”

"No, thank you for your time." She said with a smile.



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