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Out of the Ashes

Posted on Tue Mar 19th, 2024 @ 8:52am by Daise'Erei'Riov Thomas Pierpoint

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Bridge Havraha
Timeline: Current
575 words - 1.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Thomas sat in the command chair on the bridge of the Havraha. Mishka Valdran the former captain was dead apparently of an accident, but no one was really certain. So as Executive Officer her took command. It was time to address the crew. It appeared to be an unfortunate accident. She had been thrown from her bed when the Havraha had been forced to make some violent unexpected evasive maneuvers and broken her neck. Death had been instantaneous. In one brief glorious instant, he had been liberated from her distrust as well as her constant second guessing and ridicule of his opinions. The bitch was no more. The thorn in his side was gone. He wouldn't be shedding any tears for her. He had ordered her body taken to the morgue and placed in statis until a proper funeral service could be arranged. Personally, he was all for shooting the body out of an airlock or the torpedo launcher without any fanfare and into a nearby sun. He figured Valdran would right at home with the heat as se had made his life hell.

"Open ship wide intercom." He ordered. "Open Captain." a bridge officer swiftly replied. He nodded and began to speak. "This is the captain. I have sad news our former captain Mishka Valdran is dead and can no longer lead this ship and crew in battle for the Empire! However, I have assumed command according to regulations and we will continue to shadow the Elysium and find out anything of use." His voice held a nice solemn ring to it as he continued. "I expect you all to do your duty to the Empire and to me as you would her."

As he finished and his eyes swept the bridge crew, looking at their reaction to his announcement and silently deciding who might be a problem for him in the future. Pushing that thought aside as he addressed another problem. He needed a First Officer. Someone that would make sure discipline was maintained. Daise'Arrain Olmex Thikoho, name to mind. He would speak with the Romulan Marine commander and depending on how the talk went, name him executive officer or at the least acting first officer. For now, he enjoyed his position and power that came with it. He knew that Seren would be equally delighted when he informed her, if she hadn't already heard it through the ship's grapevine. He could just imagine her reaction. Giving a mental nod of approval, he turned to the issues at hand. "What is the Elysium doing?" He snapped. "The Federation ship is moving a low warp ...Captain. They are unaware of our presence." A bridge officer replied. "Good. Keep us cloaked, match their speed. Make sure they don't become aware of our presence. That would displease me greatly." He said ominously."

Sitting there, he thought of contacting the Federation ship and speaking with its commander a Phoenix Lalor if Intel was correct with its information (and it usually was) and forming a temporary alliance while traveled this area of space. It would provide each ship with a protector a guardian angel if you will and improve their odds of getting through this area unscathed and undamaged. However, for now he would take a wait and see approach as he didn't want to tip his hand and reveal their presence just now. For now, they would proceed as they were and wait to see what developed.


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