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Athena’s Dilemma

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2024 @ 2:33pm by Lieutenant Thor Magnus & Lieutenant Athena Magnus

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Athena and Thor’s Quarters
Timeline: Parallel’s Thor’s Meeting with the Commodore
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Athena had just finished nursing the baby. She place the babies Addison and Blaire in the crib. Smiling as she thought of her grandmother Captain Addison Blaire as she petted each one.

Three minutes later, her bells chimed. Sensing who it was, she went to the door. Opening it, she saw one of the new Engineers Acting Ensign Francine Yamaguchi who was an Engineer like herself, she said politely to Francine, “Come in please.”

“Thank you,” Francine said in her souther accent. Francine was from Birmingham, Alabama while her husband Toshiro was from Kyoto, Japan. Francine was going to receive her rank of full Ensign shortly. Seeing the two babies in the cribs and the older child reading, she said with a smile, “Many blessings. I am looking forward to when my baby is born”

“Your life will change tremendously, “ Athena said. “Do not worry, the engineers have many who are married. So how are you liking it here and how is your Hubble.”

“Oh he is practicing his sword fighting with his katana,” Francine replied. “It helps him keep center.”

“My husband uses sabres,” Athena replied. “Francine, I was viewing your resume and your previous assignment on the USS Scott. You must have seen a lot of techniques in Engineering.”

“Actually that was the one before Space Station 44,” Francine corrected Athena. “44 is where I met my husband. You can see it in the next paragraph.”

“My bad,” Athena said reading it. “So tell me about the Scott.” All of a sudden, Athena could sense frustration on mentioning the Scott.

Francine felt air caught in her throat for the moment. “It was okay and I did learned more on the ship than I did at the Academy but I had van issue with the Chief Engineer Commander Yana. It is personal, if you do not mind.”

Athena’s eyebrow went up. “Any relationship to Theo Yana?”

Francine was full blooded human and she sensed something in Athena’s voice. “Yes. His named is Theo Yana. Have you met him before?”

Before Athena said another word, she walked to her console and she asked the computer to bring up the file on Theo Yana. She clinched her fist and then smashed the palm on the desk as it startled the babies when it happened. “Sorry about that. Theo is a creep in my opinion. He uses his abilities to get what he wants. Did he do that on you?”

“He did,” Francine said startled. “He took advantage of me. Theo said if I ever reported it, he would report me. I felt very scared. Plus his daughter might get in trouble because She is his daughter. Sirena just graduated from the Academy. So she may be only eighteen, she is very gifted.”

“Sirena?” Athena replied with an eyebrow going up. “Does she have a brother named Zeus?”

“Yes but he is still at the Academy,” Francine answered. “He will be a Senior at the next semester or maybe he is Senior now. Do you know them?”

Athena always believed in honestly so she chose her words carefully. “Francine, when I was at the Academy, I went to a three week
Summer Camp. Theo Yana was one of the instructors. He drugged me after the camp was over with. I did know that he raped me until a few months when I found out I was pregnant. When I found out, I reported him. They told me he was killed in action. Long story short, I placed the twins I had with relatives of his.”

“Oh my,” Francine says as she did the math. “So you are their Mom but I was told you were dead.”

“Do I look dead to you,” Athena quipped back.

Thor’s timing was perfect. He messaged back to let Athena know he had finished the meeting with the commodore and he was on the way to see the counselor.

“Thor,” Athena asked, “Ask the counselor I need to make an appointment.” He replied sure.

Athena and Francine talked more to figure out how they were going to handle this especially since they were not in the Milky Way Galaxy anymore.


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