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Love and Honor

Posted on Fri Mar 29th, 2024 @ 2:04am by Commander Runyon ( Barclay de Tolly ) & Lieutenant Thor Magnus & Lieutenant JG Toshiro Yamaguchi & Ensign Francine Yamaguchi

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Starbase 44
Timeline: A Year Ago
649 words - 1.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Cadet Francine O’Hara was thrilled to be off the USS Scott. Now she would continued her cadet ship elsewhere. Sitting next to her on the shuttle was an elderly gentleman named Temporal Officer Commander Runyon.

“Hello Sir,” Francine said trying to pass the time, “Are you part of the crew of Starbase 44?”

Runyun could tell she was nervous so he replied softly, “I am a Starfleet Officer and I am just passing through at the moment. There is a young officer on the base whose grandfather I knew. The young lad’s name is Toshiro Yamaguchi. Maybe I might introduce you to him since like you, he is an Engineering Officer. He also teaches Self Defense.”

“That would be splendid,” Francine answered. “Private reasons. I do need to defend myself.”

“We all need to defend ourselves,” Runyun replied.

The two talked for another ten minutes before docking at the base. After they left the shuttle, she saw the one who was suppose to help with her onboarding but he said to her that he was being transferred off the ship and she had to find someone to help onboard orientation. Francine walked up to Commander Runyun asking him, “The one who was suppose to help me got transfer. Now what am I going to do?”

“I can help,” said the Japanese officer standing next to Runyun. “I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Toshiro Yamaguchi. It would be an honor to help.””

“Thank you Sir,” Francine said with a curtsey showing off her southern heritage. “You are the one who teaches self defense that the Commander told me about. I want to sign up.”

Toshiro grinned. “Seeing that my class has a vacancy since they kicked off Jones off the base. That was the guy who was suppose to be your mentor. I can also help you find a mentor.”

“That would be acceptable,” Francine replied with a slight smile. “What happened to Jones.”

“He brought dishonor upon himself by trying to sell some phasers to the black market,” Toshiro answered.

“Honor above all else,” Francine said honorably as she felt a tingle all over.

Runyon walked quietly away.

Two days later, Francine walked into the Holosuite which was transform to a dojo. She was dressed already in a martial arts outfit. She saw there were nine students, ten if you included helrself.

“Students,” Toshiro said announcing, “We have a new student. It is Cadet Francine O’Hara.”

All the other students gave her a warm welcome.

“Francine-San,” Toshiro asked with a bow, “Have you had any formal training before today.”

“Only what they taught at the Academy.” Francine said with a bow back. “My extracurricular activities at the Academy and growing up was ballet and dance.”

“Interesting,” Toshiro answered grinning, “That is something that could help me transform you into a martial artist.”

For the rest of her time on the base, Francine spent most of her time learning karate, judo as well as samurai sword fighting.

By the time her cadet ship was over with, Francine and Toshiro had become very close. The two felt honor, love and respect. On the last day, Toshiro proposed to Francine which she accepted but only after she explained what was done to her in the past.

Toshiro asked for a one month vacation so he could return to Earth to see Francine graduated. After the graduation, the two got married in a nice small chapel near Stone Mountain Georgia.

At the wedding, Runyun came up to them, “Congratulations, you two make a beautiful couple. If you both want to return to Starbase, you can go back but there are two positions that have opened up on the USS Elysium. Their Chief of Engineering is being transferred as well as a few other Engineers.”

Toshiro looked at Francine which she gave a nod yes. He answers Runyun, “Runyun-San, we will take it.”


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