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Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2024 @ 6:23pm by Commander Kyle Reece & Lieutenant Commander Rin

Mission: Back Home
Location: Galaxy Station, 2 & 4 OF 7's private quarters
Timeline: MD 5 / 0042 hours
555 words - 1.1 OF Standard Post Measure

After working well into the night, going over the raw data of the sensor scans of the last area that The Elysium was supposed to have either been in, 2 of 7 and her brother, 4 of 7, decided to take a break and get some sleep in their recharge alcoves.

During their recharge cycles, their minds began to go over the stored information that their memory banks contained. As the night went on, their thoughts kept going back to their godmother, Rin. There were flashes of her before the Borg took them all. In them, she was smiling at them and seemed happy.

But the memories were indistinct, a selection of feelings more than coherent moments. There was a sadness with that as well, knowing there should be happy memories where there were not. And there was James, a ever-present force in her memories, the anchor that kept her steady in relieving the past.

Having played through the memories several times, it was also obvious she was in love with him, although it was far less clear whether she admitted it. He was the ex, a friend, a figurative older brother.

There was also the joy of finding the twins: when Debra first mentioned them, when she asked James about them, when she looked up their files for the first time. She was confused and a bit scared about screwing it all up, but she also loved them.

As they continued to sleep, more memories of their godmother filled their dreams. They had never dreamed of their parents, couldn't even recall their faces, even after seeing their personnel files. Rin, however, had always been familiar. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that they had all been assimilated at the same time?

Whatever the reason, now that they were no longer part of the Collective, their godmother had filled to role of mother in their minds. And, as much as they could recall how she felt about them, it was an undeniable fact, that they truly loved her. They felt a loss with her missing, as powerful as when they were separated from the Collective. No...more powerful.

"Never forget how strong you are," they remembered Rin say. "You got yourselves this far. And don't let go of what you have in each other."

The words by themselves, were powerful. That they were spoken by Rin, to them, 2 and 4 felt energized by them. In their studies of humans, following their separation of the Colllective, the feeling that their godmother's words put in them, seemed to be on par with how little children were seen to react, when their own mother praised them. While they would hate letting down their crewmates, to let Rin down...that was a whole different level of anguish.

The next morning, they resumed their work, crunching the information that was coming in. Finally, almost two days after they began the search, they thought the had an answer.

The Elysium hadn't been destroyed...she has been hurled somewhere extremely far!

The twins continued to work diligently, until they thought they had finally found the location of where the missing ship had ended up. If they were correct, they may never see their godmother again. They sent a message to Captain Garrett and Ambassador Natsuko. They finally had something to tell them.



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